Seducing & Fucking My Maid

I was with my cousin b*****r who just passed a comment that if he was in my place he would have had her by now. It was then I looked at her in that sense, she was mopping the floor facing us kneeling down. Her saree across her bosom was a little down revealing her cleavage. I looked at her but didn't have any thoughts about the issue. After a few days everybody left and only our f****y was remaining. The next few days were nice as we had our first s****r-in-law (bhabhi) and talked about a lot of things.

But in these days every time Kavitha was mopping the floor I used to peep at her cleavage and it started to have some effect on me. Seeing the upper part of her boobs protruding out from her blouse clasped in the bra. At one night I was asked to help her make rotis in the kitchen. She was doing all the making, I was only putting it on the tawa (pan) and cooking it. Once I touched her bare shoulders with the slightly hot tongs (used for turning the rotis) I was using in making the rotis, and she looked at me and said in a sadish tone - that it is hot and burning her.

I said sorry (all this in Hindi though) and touched her skin where I had touched her with the tongs and rubbed it a bit. But still nothing much, it was just normal. After that night, the other night also I helped her make rotis, but didn't do anything of that sort as the previous night. We were just talking when she made a statement - that I am very naughty that I touched her with a hot tongs the other night. She said giggling and in a different tone - somewhat sexy tone which had some kind of effect on me. I was standing very close to her while making the rotis and at times we would touch each other sideways and

I would remain there. She also remained there not making any attempt to move away. Anyway we finished, and it was later in the night that I decided lets see how far she will go. Four days after the first kitchen incidence, me along with my friend were going somewhere when we saw her alongside the road (she was walking ) and I asked my friend to stop the bike near her. Kavitha greeted me and my friend. I asked her where she is going, to which she replied that she is going to watch a movie. My friend looked at me and said in a low tone so that she cannot her him ) that why don't

I also go along with her and winked at me. Without thinking what may happen or what would happen, I told her that I am also coming to watch the movie with her. She asked is also my friend ( don't want to mention his name here- even changed, Kavitha knew him also, we like in the same locality ) coming, to which he replied before I could that - yes. Though both of us knew that he will not watch the movie, but had to reply that so that she may think that both are coming so it is ok to go along.

I then asked her which movie, and she told the movie and we knew which theater it was, so I asked her to take a auto to the theater and will meet her there. Me and my friend went on his bike. Along the way he was telling me that this is your opportunity, don't miss it (I had already narrated the above incidences to him, so he knew about everything).We reached the theater, and it was before Kavitha as we were on a bike, and after about 15 minutes she also came.

My friend told her that he cannot watch the movie as he has to go for some work ( which he lied of course ) to which she said that but earlier you said you will also be watching the film with your friend. He replied that he also wanted to watch the movie but has to go somewhere for some work. Anyway he departed and me together with Kavitha walked towards the counter to purchase the tickets. The movie was the 6-9 pm show and we were there at around 4:45 pm.

I gave her the money for balcony tickets and she queued up. Though we were early there already was a long queue for tickets, but not much in the female queue. She was I think no. 6 in line. So her turn came, and got the tickets and we went into the theatre. Since I had set up my mind that I am going to do something in this movie with her, so was anxious to get in first into the theater ( which will tell u later why ). At that time there was no seat numbering for seating.

It took ages for 6 pm to reach and 10 minutes prior to 6 they opened the door. Though I wasn't the first to enter, about 10-15 people entered, they were pushing along the way, I was lucky that they took the front seats and some the middle one in the balcony seating. I took the stair along the side wall and reached the top row and sat on the last but one seat towards the end and told Kavitha to take the last seat. This is why I was in a hurry to enter the theater first. As I had decided about the happening to be, this seat would be the best place to be seated.

The theatre begin filling up and in no time it was completely filled up and also below I could see that the theater was completely full. I looked around to see who were seated beside, and noticed it was a couple with a c***d, the man was sitting beside me with wife and then his c***d and seems they had come with other relatives as the c***d was talking to the person after him then his wife. So I thought that this is perfect as he would be least bothered about us. If it was a single guy or even some guys together, they would have noticed our later rendezvous and may be commented or whatever, never know.

Even if this man saw anything, which I think he didn't he may think that we are a couple fooling around. Neither did he know me or Kavitha. The movie began and the lights were switched off. My eyes were on the screen and when I looked around, had to adjust as then I noticed that the theater is completely dark. Couldn't even see more than two to tow-n-half feet. The theater was the olden types, where there was no lights along the stairs that light up the theater a bit like in the multiplexes we have these days.

Anyway as we were watching the movie, I was thinking about my next move, but about 20 minutes passed and then the ticket checker walked in and started to check. It took them complete 20-25 minutes before they reached us. I showed him the tickets and he finished and went. After a few minutes I looked towards Kavitha at which she glanced towards me and in the faint light from the screen I noticed her giving a bit of smile.

All this time my hand was on the arm rest and she had hers on her thighs but yet my hand was slightly touching her arm at times. I twitched my legs at times and it rested along hers, and she just left it there. Thinking about how to start, I looked at her again and this time took my left hand and placed in on top of her which was rested on her thighs. I just placed it there leaving it for some time anticipating any kind of reaction from her, whatever it may be, either she doesn't do anything, or may be hold mine or may be withdraw it altogether.

She didn't do anything just my palm resting on hers. I still didn't do anything anticipating something from her, and after a few minutes brought my other hand and held her palm in between both my own, at which she looked at me with a slight smile only. She didn't remove her palm from mine, then I started to caress hers with my fingers, just with my fingertips on the open palm. this continued for sometime after which I thought that doing this will take me nowhere as she is not doing anything at all just allowing me to caress her hands so

I left her palm in my right hand and placed my left hand above across her shoulders and my elbow reached her neck on the other side and my hand downwards her bosom with my palms resting on her boobs. Although my hand was on top of her clothes that is on top of the saree with blouse and bra the feeling was sensational. A chill of excitement ran through my spine and my member was getting more erect. I ran my fingers feeling the boobs outline and then gently started to caress her left boob occasionally squeezing it gently at times.

Wow the feeling was really exciting and thought how will the bare flesh feel so I then raised my hand a bit and slid it between her saree though the blouse and through her bra which brought my hand in direct contact with boobs n her nipples. Wow the feeling was great n my cock had become by now hard and was paining being encased in my underwear and trousers. Then I took the nipple between my fingers and pinched it a bit and also fondled the boob. I looked towards Kavitha and she just smiled at me.

I fondled with her boob and nipple for some time and then removed my hand and over the armrest took it under her saree to her navel area. Her skin felt so smooth and I don't know what got into me and tried to push my hand from there downwards. Kavitha came near my ear as I was leaning towards her and whispered that the saree will open if I do that. I realized that and then placed my hand on her thighs and felt it from above the petticoat and saree. I took my left arm towards her leg and touched her bare leg and started coming upwards feeling her all the way.

As my hand was going upwards so was the saree n her petticoat. Soon my hands reached her bare thighs and aahhh what a feeling it was soft and fleshy, but I did not stop there, went further till my hands reached the golden triangle. As my palms rested there I felt her pubic hair pinching me, seems she had shaved just a few days back and it had begun to grow back. I took my fingers and caress her mound all over and then with one finger traced her pussy outline from the top to bottom and back again.

You can understand that it was not that easy because of the armrest and also the guy next to me so that he should not know anything. I just ran my fingers up and down her pussy slit which was still with her pussy lips together as her legs were not apart. So I took my hand a bit lower just at the pussy end and twitched my hand so as to make her thighs apart, she understood what I want and widened her legs which then made my access to her pussy a bit easier. I traced her pussy again but this time my fingers went a bit inside as her legs were apart and felt her inner lips.

I took one finger and put it inside her pussy. Though the outer part was not that wet but when my fingers went in completely the tips feel some wetness. I placed my palm resting on her mould with my finger inside and started fingering her. I could see a sense of getting horny on her face through the faint light coming from the screen in front. I continued fingering her and in no time her pussy started to secrete her juices coating my finger. I knew she is getting hot, I then inserted another finger inside her pussy. She held my hand and said that it will pain.

I was dumb folded. Just two fingers and will pain. I came closer and whispered in her ears, what when a cock goes inside which u have had a lot. And then continued my fingering. At that she looked at me and smiled and I knew she was just acting innocent. Stupid woman. Telling me that my fingering will pain her, on the contrary she was enjoying all this. Her pussy was all wet now and my cock was throbbing in my trousers. So I used my other hand and unzipped myself, pulled my shirt over and took her right hand and placed in inside my open zipper on top of my erect and hot cock.

Hmmm the feeling was just sensational. She just kept it there, and I had to initially hold her from top and squeeze her hand so as her hand would squeeze my cock. But after sometime she started to fondle with my cock. She took her fingers and encased my cock and started to make up and down movements. I was enjoying what she was doing, it was a real nice feeling all the while was fingering her also. From the corner of my eye I glanced to my right to see the other fellow and saw he was engrossed in watching the movie.

This continued till the intermission at which before the lights came on we got back properly and seated ourselves nicely. During the intermission I went to get some snacks. I got some popcorn, sweet rolls and juice and came back. The lights were still on though they were dim. I had a look at the other man sitting beside me and found out that he was a middle aged man and was least bothered about who is sitting next to him. Anyway I gave the popcorn, sweet roll and drink to Kavitha and sat on my seat. We had hardly begun to eat and the lights were switched off and the movie continued.

I finished my eating and drinking fast as wanted to continue my movie as I was least bothered with the actual movie going on. When I glanced towards Kavitha she had finished her snacks and was finishing the juice. As soon as she finished I put my hand on her right thigh and started to caress it from above the saree n petticoat.

But I wanted more so without wasting any time I again lowered my hand and pulled her saree along with the petticoat up and placed my hand on her pussy. This time she herself parted her legs so that I can feel her. She was already moist and wet. I opened my zip, took her hand and placed it inside my trousers again. This time she was more bold. My shirt was already covering the zip area so she held my already hard cock and removed it from the space in-between the opened zip. And circled her fingers around it. The feeling was so nice. I had also inserted my middle finger in her wet and hot pussy.

I was now fingering her as she was stroking my cock up and down. As my fingers were coming out I traced her clit which was completely erect by now. My fingers brushed her clit and she let out a slight moan ahhh.... sssss. I still remember the sexy moan of hers and even now it entices me. I felt that she is liking that so I applied more pressure there and was rubbing it also. Now she had started squirming in her seat as I was fingering her faster. Seems she wanted the finger to brush other parts of her pussy inside. I had already put in two fingers and was moving it in and out at a faster pace.

She was also jerking my cock now with enthusiasm. My fingers were coated with her warm juices and were moving inside out. She had spread her thighs to the maximum that was possible in the seat. My fingers were going inside up to the knuckle. This continued for about 20-30 mins. Then suddenly she stared to move her hips more forwards and then she jerked her hips forward like to take more of my fingers inside her. And then relaxed.

She had her climax. I could feel more warm juices flowing over my fingers. She had also stopped jerking my cock though had held it on. I removed my fingers and then felt the coolness over it as it was exposed to air. The same coolness u feel when ur skin is wet and air blows over it. My fingers were completely coated with her pussy juices. I brought it to my nose and smelled it. It was intoxicating. Though I did not lick or suck it at that time, but now feel it would have tasted very nice had I licked them, sucked them.

Then I felt her fingers gripping my cock again and I also placed my hand back on to her pussy. Then I traced her pussy lips with my fingers which were slightly parted. Her pussy outer lips were also wet, drenched in her pussy juices which had flowed out. After tracing her pussy lips up and down a few times I again put two fingers inside. Kavitha had now already started to jerk me. She said that I have a thick cock ( my cock is 6.5 inches long n a bit more that 2 inched thick

To that I said that she will like it more when it is inside her pussy to which she just smiled at me and nudged me with her shoulders. At that time I wished I could take her somewhere and fuck her but didn't have a place to go. Even though of going to the theatre toilet to do it but then thought against it. Kavitha used some of the pre cum that had come out to lubricate my cock and was now jerking me hard. I had also put in two fingers in her pussy and was fingering her hard. She was also pushing her hips forwards as I thrust my fingers inwards and also moaning but very mildly as was aware that other people should not hear.

As her jerking me had increased I felt that I could not hold on much longer and I told her that I was about to cum. She reached her purse and brought out a hanky, put it on top of my cock and continued jerking me. Then I felt the cum coming out from my balls moving up my cock and then erupted. Ahhhh........ he feeling was so nice. If not for the hanky placed on top of my cock, my cum would had spluttered on the seat ahead, who knows may have even landed on the person in front. But was not so. She continued to jerk me milking me of all the cum. Some of the cum had also dribbled on her fingers which she wiped on her petticoat.

But my fingering had aroused her again. And she was moving her hips so I continued fingering her and more harder. She was also bucking her hips harder. I continued to finger her for about 15 mins more. My hand had started to pain a bit (because of the position). Then she released again. I felt the warm fluid cover my fingers again. I continued to finger her till she relaxed. I then removed my fingers and cleaned it on her petticoat. Then sat down and watched the movie till it finished. After that we took an auto and came back, she went to her home and me to mine.

The next day I slept late in the morning. I was awoken by her caressing my legs when she was sweeping and mopping my room. I felt her cold hand on my legs and woke up. She was kneeling down and mopping with one hand and caressing my legs with the other. Her saree pallu was down and cleavage visible. After sometime she left the room. Since it was in the morning we didn't do anything with the fear that someone might just come.

Then later in the afternoon just after around 12 noon, she had finished washing the clothes and was going upstairs to hang them to dry. I saw her going so waited for some time and then I also went upstairs. On our roof we have rooms that was rented to some boys but they were not there at the moment. There is also a small room like a store for keeping stuff. When I reached the roof I saw she was still hanging the clothes. So I waited for her to finish. I went and stood near the door of the small store room. After she finished hanging the clothes, I signaled her to come there.

She came near me and I pulled her inside the room and locked the door. She was saying that somebody might come, to which I told her that only mom, dad and bhabhi are there in the house and nobody will come upstairs. Then I put my arms around her and held her tight and put my lips onto her lips. Her back was against the wall. I kissed her very hard on her lips but she had kept her lips closed, maybe she didn't know how to French kiss. But she was getting hot. As I was kissing her I brought one hand to her boobs and squeezed then from above the blouse, she was not wearing bra.

I lifted the blouse upwards and her boobs came out. Her lovely boobs. I held on to one and started to fondle it pinching the nipples at times. Then I lowered my mouth and took one nipple and sucked it. It had already started to go hard. I licked and sucked the boob n nipple for some time. By then both her nipples had become very hard. After sucking one then went on the other boob and sucked it also. After that again I kissed her and while kissing I had opened my trousers and lowered them and was lifting her saree together with the petticoat up.

She brought her hand down and lowered my underwear and held my cock in her hand and pressed it. Then she lifted her one leg and tiptoed the other as she was a bit shorter then me trying to make her pussy come in contact with my cock which was very hard and erect by now. I also lowered my hand tracing her pussy lips with my fingers and one finger slipped a bit in and saw that she was already wet. I bent my knees slightly to position my cock at her pussy and put it in but found it difficult.

I told her to then lie down on the floor and she lied down with her legs wide apart. It was then I had my first look at her pussy. Wo....w shaved but the pubic hairs growing back. I sat in between her legs and held my cock and positioned it at her pussy lips. Then told her that yesterday you were saying that my cock is thick na so now feel it inside you. She was already very aroused as she put her hands on my ass and pressed it like wanting to have my cock inside her fast.

As the tip of my cock head touched her pussy lips ahhhhh.. I could feel the heat coming out of there. Then I slowly thrust forward. My cock head entered her pussy. She was still applying pressure on my ass towards her. Then I pushed forward again and more than half of my cock entered her. I could feel the heat of Kavitha's pussy together with the wetness. Then I pulled back slight and thrust forward and buried my complete cock inside her warm pussy. She let out a soft moan aaahhhh... as my cock entered her completely.

She now moved her hand to my back embracing me. Slowly I began to move my dick inside out and she was holding me in her thigh embrace. By now she also started to reciprocate by raising her hips as I pushed inside her. With one hand supporting my weight and the other fondling and squeezing her boobs I started to move my cock inside her faster. She was moaning but lightly. But was pushing her hips with every thrust of mine as to take me deeper inside her

I lowered my lips onto hers and kissed her again and this time f***ed her mouth open with my tongue and put it inside her mouth. Looks like she didn't know what to do so I took her tongue in between mine and sucked on it as I was fucking her at the same time. I continued to fuck her for about 15 mins and then felt that was going to cum so I increased my pace and then thrust hard and deep in her one final time and my cum started to spurt out. My eyes closed for sometime as my cum was coming out and the feeling was so nice.

After I was drained I still saw her thrusting her hips upwards and knew she had not orgasm yet so I continued to move my cock inside out. My lund doesn't go completely limp after coming for the first time, just softens slightly but still hard. In fact I can go two times at a go if my partner is willing to. So I continued to fuck her and after about five mins she also held me tight and thrust her hips harder upwards and climaxed. Her head went to one side and her embrace also loosened and her hands dropped to the sides.

She was panting. I lay on top of her for sometime then removed my cock from her pussy. There was a slight pool of our mixed cum that had dropped from her pussy on the floor. I got up and wore my clothes and told her to come down after sometime so as nobody should see us coming down together or just immediately after each other. After a few days I left back to my town. Though I didn't have sex with Kavitha again, can't say why but every day in the morning till I was there she used to caress my legs and at

Times my cock which is erect in the morning. Though it was not the best sex I have had, as we didn't do any oral sex, the pleasures of which I discovered later. In fact I now love oral sex. I love licking a woman's pussy and dream to lick a pussy till the woman orgasms so that I can taste and lick all the nectar that comes out. Hope so someday it will happen.

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