The Beautiful Officemate

I had always eyed her from the day I joined my new company just seeing her in her tight jeans and watching her ass move man I needed that ass we soon got close and were a lovely pair, We started of the regular petting sessions me kissing her lovely lips and she responded very well always opening her mouth wide to welcome my tongue. I would scoop out the saliva from her mouth with my tongue and taste it, and she loved to do the same, soon I was asking for more and so was she but had been fucked before it had been a long time and she just wasn't ready for it. Eventually we worked out a compromise. It was while we were petting over our clothes we were in my room, she had sex on her mind and needed my dick, "hey cant u fuck me someway, I need to feel something inside me" and that's what I had been waiting for. Priya, I know you are apprehensive about me fucking u in the pussy but hey u got a lovely ass and I would love to fuck you there!" I was sure she would say No but instead, "I think that is a great idea, u sure you won't mind me letting u only fuck my ass?" "hell no" is all I could say "you sure dear cause it can pain" Priya just plainly said, "please go ahead and fuck me in the ass. I need to get something inside me! Saying that stripped of her shirt and her bra. You like my nipples darling?" she asked teasingly holding her nipples in her hands and squeezing them. Like them... I just love them honey" said I as I moved across and put her nipples in my mouth and sucked the tight little rubbery buds.

It was like getting the best toffee you have ever tasted... a nice rubbery feeling... I chewed them roughly and she seemed to only moan with approval... "Hmmm Bite them... bite them hard fucker...", she said, On hearing these words I came to understand that pain gets her excited. I bit harder but just hard enough not to cause them to bleed. Oh and she moaned gracefully. I was mauling her tits with my hands as I kept licking and biting those lovely firm tits. Are you going to keep eating my tits or are u going to fuck my ass too? Come on get your clothes off" she said as she stripped her tight jeans off and stood on the bed only in her panties... pink colored Jockey's. I stripped off my jeans too and stood there naked, with my cock pointed straight at her, "hmm that's a nice cock you have..." she said as she held it in her hands, her hand could just about fir around the girth, she pulled and tugged on it, feeling its tightness and warmth, i just sighed with pleasure and kept playing with her tits, pressing them and feeling the flesh roll about in my palms, then without a word she just pushed me down and put her face close to it, staring at the cock with big open eyes, she kept pulling on the skin, pulling the foreskin down to reveal the big pink bulbous head. Then again she would pull the skin over, eventually my cock had a froth forming on the head with all the pulling and tugging, a white pool of bubbles and slimy pre cum, she took her finger and touched the frothy top and pulled her finger to her mouth and licked the precum on her finger, "mmm... tasty... salty..." she giggled and then closed her mouth around the head, oh was I in heaven. She sucked all the precum clean and made my cock wet with her saliva, I just held her head down and tried to push in deeper into her throat, I could hear breathing get heavier and her eyes fill up, "oh suck it Priya...", she just complied and used her other hand to cup my balls and pull and squeeze them, Heaven was here and now. Then slowly she lifted herself and stood again, and this time stripped her panties. Waved them in the air like some pole dancer and threw them aside, she was totally slutty as she lied down and opened her legs wide and touched her cunt, I didn't need an invitation! I crawled across like a dog, and put my tongue directly on her wet cunt, and slurped away like a thirsty dog, she just held my head in her hands and pushed me in deeper while my legs were on my back. She pulled my hands towards her and laid them on her tits, "squeeze them...", I obliged with a murmur as my mouth was buried in between her legs and I could taste her salty interiors. My nose was rubbing her clit, and my tongue probing in deeper, she moaned with pleasure, but not even close to an orgasm. It was after 5 minutes of lapping at her cunt that I went lower, the skin between her asshole and pussy and lick it with my wet tongue, her ass smelt of that musky odour, and added to the excitement, I licked lower and soon was licking her cute little puckered asshole. Damn her ass was so sexy I could eat her ass forever.

She lifted her legs higher and backwards so I could have even better access to her shithole, "lick my asshole you bastard..." she was really into it now and it was the first time I had heard her say such words, it just excited me further as I opened her butthole with my hands and put my tongue in deeper, tasting the "ummm" I could hear her breathing with a little apprehension, not knowing how to react to my tongue in her asshole, but she meekly let me go at her ass. After some time she seemed to be ready and like a good girl turned around and lied down on the bed. "I am ready, put it inside..." she said, I took a bottle of Vaseline oil that I had kept ready and poured some oil on her ass, and opened her ass cheeks and poured some directly onto her asshole, I oiled my cock as well and some on my finger, she just laid still. I sat down on her thighs and started to give her ass cheeks a nice message, the oil made her ass shine, then I slowly tried open her ass cheeks and took my finger inside her tight butthole, she tightened immediately on feeling and intruder in her ass, "just relax and breathe, relax you muscles I calmed her and she did as she was guided, my finger worked way inside with ease, and oiled the rectum walls, "yes that's nice". I could feel the tightness of her sphincter as it clamped around the base of my finger, But inside the walls were like a rubbery sheet. I withdrew my finger and lied down on top her, slowly pushing my oiled cock into her ass, it seemed difficult at first as my cock seemed to bounce of the tight entry, but then she caught hold of it and guided it inside, the head was the hardest part, my bulbous cock head was at least an inch wider than the rest of the cock, she just pushed her head inside the pillow as I slowly entered her, and then with one big push. I entered, I just saw her push her head deeper into the pillow, and give a loud moan. "Ahhhhh, its too fucking big, Oh my god, mamma" she cried out, I immediately stopped, letting her get used to my monster in her ass. It took at least 1 minute before she finally relaxed her muscles. Then I pushed in slowly, I could feel the walls trying open as my cock went in deeper, but since she was lying down I could only get in about 4 inches, her ass cheeks were coming in the way, but this was good enough, she seemed to be relaxed too and finally looked back at me and smiled, Is it all in dear?" I just smiled and replied, "Not fully dear but I guess you better get used to this a little, I hope its not paining?" She smiled back and said " Its a weird feeling, it feels as if I have got my shit stuck halfway, Hahaha", we both laughed. I moved slowly still lying on top of her and kissing her neck, my cock felt incredible, the anal muscles seemed to be tightening and loosening with her breath, "Damn Priya, your ass feels so good...

She just smiled and let me fuck her slowly in the ass, soon she was extremely comfortable and moaned with pleasure as I kept rocking on her, I put my hands around her and grabbed her tits that were now crushed under her combined weight, it was hard to squeeze in that position, I guess that was when she decided she needed her nipples to be pulled, "let me get onto my knees...", she said as she pulled herself up slowly. My cock still in her ass, I also pulled up slowly and voila, She was on her knees doggy style and I was feeling my cock go in at least 2 inches more with ease, "ahhhhhhh", she moaned. I took the opportunity and pushed in deeper, she didn't seem to mind, my cock was buried deep in her ass now, and she loved every moment of it. "Fuck me hard, you ass fucker, come on fuck my ass like its my cunt..." what could I say as I started pulling out and in with long strokes, My other hand was on her cunt rubbing her clit and she was letting out little yelps of pleasure, after a few stroke I grabbed her waist from the sides and started fucking her cow boy style, Hard deep strokes, and boy this was heaven seeing your woman love taking it in the ass, I fucked her harder and could see the ass cheeks shake with every thrust, i pulled open her ass cheeks so I could go in even deeper, she just put her face back onto the pillow and raised her ass up even further, god I could now see my cock go in and the entire 7 inches, and her asshole seemed to swallow it all up, I could feel my load building up and felt the need to release, I am about to cum, i panted", she only whimpered and said, "cum in my ass", that was all I needed to hear as I thrust in one last time and exploded deep in her ass. Spurts of thick gooey cum went flying into her ass and coated the walls, my cock twitched with every spurt, Priya just lay on the bed letting the cum flow into her ass, "Ahhhh", I moaned as I pulled out, my cock was totally wet with a mixture of oil and Cum and ass fluids, as I pulled out the cum spilled out as the ass muscles worked to throw out the deposits, it was one nasty sight. This was just the beginning of our wild sessions together; eventually we moved on to having sex in both her holes, she would never refuse me, i used her body for 3 years, and that will follow, hope u all had a great time reading this story.

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