When Love Is Gone

The first thing you should remember is that being lovelorn is not something serious. It is a very normal thing in life. People around you like your friends, your colleagues, your close relatives or even your ex have been in this situation at least once.

Of course, you will be sad and broken-hearted when your lover leaves you. This cannot be avoided. However, an intelligent girl will not let it affect her so much, she knows what is good for her and will recover her balance quickly by:

1. Spending her time on new hobbies or coming back to old ones that she has forgotten so far like: photography, traveling, dancing, reading, etc. Those hobbies do not only help her to forget the ex but also make her become more attractive and she will easily find another man can bring happiness to her life.

2. Going shopping with her friends. Most of girls are interested in fashion, cosmetic, jewelry, etc. Go around and bring home stuffs that make you more attractive, she will realize that life has many wonderful things to enjoy. While doing the shopping together, you she can talk to and share her sadness with her friend, she will feel better. Be sure that a true friend will come to us whenever we need her.

3. Going with her friends who are still single. Those friends will make her laugh and forget all troubles. She knows that sitting alone at home to think about what have happened and being sunk in sadness just make the situation become worse.

4. Going on holiday to a city or a region that she has desired to visit so far. In a strange environment with new things and new people, there will be no memories that can remind her about the ex and she can quickly forget him.

When you are lovelorn, you can also go out with other guys to realize that besides your ex there are many other wonderful boys around you and he is not the only one you can fall in love with. However, do not get a new love in a hurry with the purpose to fill the gap, it may be a wrong decision and bring you more troubles.

Never think about calling him and begging him to come back to you, this is one of the most stupid action. He decided to leave you, it means that he has thought about that and does not love you anymore. When you beg him to come back to you, for some certain reasons, he may agree but that kind of relationship will not last long and even make you feel worse after that. Therefore, stop it right now and find a better man for you. That may be hard at first but then you will see it is the most useful solution.

In order to do that, you must control your emotion and win yourself. Whenever you miss him and want to send him a message, call him or chat with him, think about moments when he made you sad, surely you will leave that intention.
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