A Night With My Sexy Mam

This is all a part of imaginary work. I used to always fantasize about my teachers in my school days and now also I'm fantasizing about my college mam. Let me introduce myself to all PW readers. My name is Ayush. I'm a mechanical engineering student, having a athletic body and I'm 5 ft 11 inches tall. Till my school days I never used to think about love and all. I always believed in flirting. But things have changed now.

This story is about my computer mam, Pooja, who is the sexiest in my college. Let me introduce her. She is 5 ft 6 inches tall with long brown hairs. She has a very beautiful face. Everyone who sees her suddenly grabs a second look on her. Let's talk about her assets. She is very beautiful as I mentioned earlier, she has a perfect figure of 34-28-36. Every young and old professor always keeps a bad eye on her. She used to take our lecture on programming language C++. AS I being a mechanical student was not that much interested in that subject,

But to do her sexy figure only I used to attend her lectures. I would never miss her lectures. I used to always watch her curves. She has the right curves at right areas. She has a very little fat deposits on her body which gives her sexy look. Which makes me stare more at her body. Many times she used to notice me from corner of her eyes. I think she liked it being watched that way. Days passed and i was a bit weak in that subject. so she used to take a brief notice on my activities in her class.

As i was weak in her subject, I used to grab every moment to talk with her by taking doubts to her cabin now and then when she used to be free. I think so she also got idea about my intentions. But she never used to refuse me regarding my doubts. She was always there to help me. Time passed and I became her favorite student. We used to talk on phone long time and chat till late night. We became very close to each other, as we enjoyed each other's company. We used to talk about our routine activities and all the things around the world.

One day by mistake, I sent her a naughty sms. I immediately sent her a sms for apology. She didn't reply for few hours. After some time she replied, " Sorry, i was busy with some college work. It's okay. You don't need to apologize for that sms." I replied her back, " Do you like such kind of sms?" She said " ya, but up to a certain limit." I understood what she meant by that. After that day i used to send her daily that kind of naughty sms's. She used comment on my every sms. After that we moved on to sexy talks. One day after gathering some courage I asked about the size of her melons.

She naughtily replied "its 34" I was mad by listening it. I said that are very big melons and they driving me crazy. To which she said not only me but everyone in college is mad after big melons. This happened one day when I came from college one day and dreamt about our computer madam. Next day it was as if my dream came true. She called me after class and told me she needs my help. She has got some work for me at her home. She said that no one is there at home as all are out of station and she needs my help very badly.

I grabbed this opportunity to help her. I went to her place after college time. She told me she needs to shift some boxes from ground floor to 1st floor. I helped her. She also needed to put some books in a shelf which was at a height of more than 14 fts. She stood up on a small table to keep that books in shelf. Oh god, what a scene was that to watch. She was on the table in a night gown and all curves just visible. I was watching her assets. Suddenly she looked at me and asked " what are you watching? "
I said "nothing."

No, you were watching my breasts. No, mam. I was just looking at the shelf okay, give me the books and hold the table tightly."I was holding the table tightly. Suddenly sue to some movement the table got unbalanced and she was about to fall. I grabbed her in my arms. Her one breast was in my hand. She was all on me. She was a bit shy. I said I was always looking florish moment. She said " you naughty boy "Than we both kissed for the 1st time. It was a long kiss with passion for about 15 mins. After that I adjusted her and took both her melons in my hand.

Oh god, what big they were. I was crushing them very hard to which she said, boy hold on, they after not going to run anywhere. I undressed her. Now she was only her red bra and panty. She was looking like a sex goddess. We then kissed passionately for about 20 mins. I unhooked her bra n removed her panty. She was now totally nude. I was wondering, the sexiest female in our college was standing nude in front of me. I was in 7th heaven. Feeling myself lucky enough to watch this beauty in this way.

She then removed my t-shirt and jeans. I was just in my undies. My cock was erect since the moment we kissed. She said after watching it " oh, the tiger is ready to get released from the cage." She then removed my undies too. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke my manhood. My cock was about 7.5 inches long at that time. After some time she took my cook in her mouth. Rather she swallowed it. She was sucking it like a lollypop being sucked by a small k**. I enjoyed it very much. She stroked it for about 20 mins and than i dropped all my juice in her mouth only.

She drank all of it. She than cleaned my cock. We then came back to kissing. I was crushing her breasts very badly. She was also enjoying it. I than told her lay on sofa. I came between her legs 2 the heaven. I started licking her pussy. She moaning very loudly. oh ya, suck it boy.. its alls yours.. suck it.. suck it.. ya.. that way.. oh.. i needed to get it the day i started liking you. ya.. oh god.. She than ejaculated all the juice on my face. I cleaned it with my tongue. It was a bit salty in taste. I enjoyed the taste of her juices. I was mad at that moment.

She then said come on now fuck my pussy it's all yours fuck it hard, I than kept the head of any cock on her pussy was much tight than what I was expecting. I had stroked for some time, made the area wet with juice then entered her. She shouted a bit but I didn't care for that. Only 3 inch of my cock was inside her hole. After few more strokes my whole cock was inside her. She was shouting very loudly. I started stroking it at a low speed. Then she also responded me very well after sometime.

She was moaning. I am all yours baby you can fuck me whenever you want make me a bitch fuck me hard tear my pussy. I than increased my speed. Till than she had released her juice for 2 times. I was in no mood of releasing that early. I fucked her very hard. After about 20 mins, I felt like I was going to cum. I increased my speed. I released my cum in her pussy only and lay on her for some time. After that I started playing with her melons. I like playing with it. She started kissing me. I also kissed her.

We talked for some time. Then I fucked her in doggy style. In that session I made her feel d orgasm for about 3 times. Now also, whenever I feel to fuck her, I tell her my feelings and satisfy our needs. She is going to get married in short time.
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