Women Like To Cuddle After Sex

If you want a repeat performance from your lady friend, it might be a good idea to tap into your sensitive side and step your cuddle game up. Psychologist Susan Hughes said:

“Females placed an overall great importance than did males on all five items measured: intimate talking, kissing, cuddling and caressing, professing their love for their partner and talking about the relationship after sex. In contrast, men placed more importance on gaining extrinsic rewards after sex.”

And these extrinsic rewards include cigarettes, booze, etc.

So what is to be gained from this study (that surveyed 170 adults)? Women are sappy and sensitive; men not so much. But either way if you want to not thoroughly frustrate her or end up fondling a couch pillow the next night, you might want to stick around, hold her and not run straight to a post-sex smoke.
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3 years ago
True for the women, but all men don't smoke and drink....so....