My submissive fuck slut Donna

DonnaMadonna is my personal submissive slut MILF. She makes herself available to me on a regular basis for mutual sexual enjoyment.

As requested, Donna met me at her door in a very sexy red low cut, short hemline dress (no panties, of course) that is one of my favorites. It not only displays her tight little body, manmade 34D's and protruding nipples to perfection, but also provides easy access to any part of her body that I want to explore. Whoever did her boobs was a master - they are the best I've ever seen.

I started DFK'ing her as I groped her ass, quickly getting me to attention. I slid my hand around front and my fingers found the wettest pussy you can imagine, with a fully aroused clit. All the while, Donna had been groping my cock through my pants. As I alternately finger fucked her and stroked her clit, she somehow managed to unzip my pants and pull my hard cock out.

Donna has a serious cocksucking and cum fetish. She dropped to her knees and begged me to let her suck my cock. After cock-slapping her lips and face a few times to tease her, I told her she could worship my cock with her mouth. She started licking and teasing the tip of my cock. I let her play with the head for a few minutes before commanding her to deep throat me. She didn't respond quickly enough, so I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. After mouthfucking her for a few moments (which Donna loves), she was moaning heavily and near orgasm (Donna has actually orgasmed just from sucking my cock).

I decided I needed to sample her wet pussy so I guided Donna to the back of her couch, bent her over, and guided my rock hard cock into her pussy. I grabbed her tits and drove my cock as deeply into her as I could as she moaned and begged me to fuck her harder. I reached my hand around to her clit and fingered her to orgasm, drenching my hand with her juices (Donna is a true squirter). We then moved to the front of the couch, where I sat down and Donna mounted me. We fucked in a variety of positions for the next 15+ minutes as Donna had at least 4 orgasms, drenching me 3 different times.

I couldn't hold back much longer, so I told Donna it was time for her cum dessert. I pulled her off my cock and pushed her head down to my cock, then starting fucking her face (being my sub, she loves this and begs me to cum in her mouth). I warned her not spill any as I filled her mouth with my hot cum. She remembered her sub rules and held my cum in her mouth, showing it to me and waitng for me to tell her she could swallow. I gave her the command and watched her swallow every drop.

I was completely drained. Donna wanted to try to revive me so I could fuck her ass, but I was spent and told her to bring me her biggest dildo (she has a good toy selection). I lubed up the dildo, which was 10 inches long and very thick, and attacked her ass. Donna begged me to fuck her ass harder and spank her, so I obliged. As her ass cheeks turned red, Donna orgasmed hard, squirting a stream of juices from her pussy. Donna laid there, totally spent, with the dildo still in her ass as I got dressed and left.

Donna may be over 50, but her body does not show it. She is the BEST fuck slut a man could have, and I have her as often as I can!

95% (10/1)
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