New Town, pt.1-Wrong Club

Mistakes can sometimes lead to the biggest changes. I know that my life would be far different if I had gone to the right club, that first weekend in town.

I had just moved to the Boston area, and the only people I'd met so far were my coworkers. It was one of those coworkers who told me about a concert that sounded like a good time. We made plans to meet at the club, so there was something fun to look forward to.

It was a funk show, so I thought I'd wear my tight jeans and a button-up shirt. I was wearing a silk thong underwear that wouldn't show through the jeans. I was freshly shaved (all over), and looking my best. Had a quick bong hit, and ran out to catch a cab.

Told the cabbie where I was going. He gave me a strange look, but knew exactly where to go. It was actually closer to my apartment than I had thought, which certainly explained the look. I gave him a big tip, and walked over to the club. A bouncer checked my ID, and let me in...

The club was darker than I'd thought, and had dance music playing. There were stairs towards the back, so I figured I was just the lounge. I thought it would be the best place to look out for my new friends.

Walking over to the bar, I noticed that there were mostly men, but there was a really hot show going on at the other end of the bar that attracted their attention. There was a guy and girl, 'dancing' on a small stage with a stripper pole in the middle. They were both so tall, thin, and muscular, and writhing all over each other. They were twisting together, and looking as if they were going to kiss, but never did. The man kept running his hands all over her body, pressing her to him, and she wound herself around him, as if she wanted him inside her. It was so hypnotic that I didn't even notice the bartender trying to get my attention.

A big guy next to me tapped my shoulder, snapping me out of my trance. He asked me if I wanted a drink...Even though I had missed my chance, he knew the bartender. I told him what I like, and he had it for me in seconds. When I tried to pay, he told me that I was too cute to pay.

That really caught me off guard. I have always lived in cities, and knew plenty of gay people, but had never had another guy flirt with me so obviously. I said thanks for the drink, and joked that I thought he looked pretty good too. He just smiled, and I took a quick pull on my drink to stop myself from talking.

I don't know what made me say that...I'd never complimented another man like that, but after I said it I realized how true it was. He was a few inches taller than my six feet, and built like a model...big arms and chest, but not overdeveloped. What really struck me was his perfect ebony skin. It almost glowed. I could have sworn that he had stepped out of my favorite interracial bi porn.

I was always into bisexual porn, but had never actually been with another man. In fact, I'd always had a girlfriend, for as long as I could remember, and always faithful. Some were kind of kinky, maybe the type that would finger my butt, but aside from one ex who had a very adventurous tongue, my real sex life was pretty vanilla. I wasn’t really thinking about doing anything with this guy, but I had a strong reaction that I just couldn’t explain.

Anyway, he told me his name was Keon, and I found out quickly that he was very talkative. Apparently, we were into a lot of the same music, and he was happy to tell me about all the great places around the neighborhood that I'd want to check out. Keon seemed like the kind of person I'd want to hang out with, so it was inordinately important to me that he think I was cool...At the same time, I was trying to figure out how to gracefully get out of the situation without him thinking I didn’t like him.

He was a regular at the club, and thought it was weird to see a new guy on a Friday night. He said that some other place was best for Fridays, but he lived almost next door to this one. I told him that I was there for the concert downstairs. He started laughing, and told me that I must have the wrong place...The only thing going on downstairs was dancing, but they had the same DJ every Friday night.

I was confused...Between the near-'sex act' on stage, and some of the outfits people were wearing, I realized that I must be at some sort of kink club. Not the sort of place anyone would be a regular at. Suddenly it hit me that the two women there didn't really seem ‘into’ the guys they were with. A closer look at the couple on stage revealed that what I thought was a woman was simply a very androgynous boy. The pieces all fell into place, penetrating my slightly stoned haze, and I finally realized it was a gay club!?

How could I have made this mistake...and how can I explain to Keon without sounding like an idiot? Was a new friend worth the potential embarrassment? Should I just hang out, and play it off with some conversation?

Keon was cool with my being straight, and seemed to be having as good a time as I was. I had already missed my coworkers going to the show, so I was on my own anyway. He promised to make sure that I had a great time without them. I figured I'd have a drink or two, and then just go home to puff and Skype some friends from back home.

Keon talked about partying, and asked if I liked to roll...I figured he meant 'joints', so of course I said yes. He told me about some excellent stuff that he wanted to share, and I eagerly agreed, figuring we'd get stoned after a few drinks. Speaking of, he got my order for another, and went to grab it...I got distracted by the stage show again while I waited, but it seemed much different now that I knew what was actually going on.

He came back with our drinks, and told me he wanted to give me the tour of the place. He joked that he’d have to tear me away from the show so I could see what else might intrigue me.

I noticed that my drink was much more bitter than the last one, but figured it was just cheaper vodka. I couldn't ask because Keon was already walking down the stairs. I could only rush to follow so I wouldn’t lose him.

Downstairs was way more crowded, and there were a lot more half-naked guys dancing...of course, there were no tables down there to get in the way. It was kinda steamy, but I didn’t want to lose Keon, and genuinely interested enough to follow. I had been to a gay club a few times before...My ex and I used to go dancing together at one back home. They always had the best music, and since I was with a girl, not many people approached us, so I didn’t get to have the ‘full experience’. This was very different. The dance floor was much darker, and more of the guys were stripped down to underwear. The floor was so crowded, you could feel the pulse all over.

Keon tried to talk to me, but I couldn't hear a thing. I guess he wanted to dance, because he turned towards the floor, and beckoned me to follow. I downed the last of my drink, and followed while swaying to the music. I wasn't much of a dancer without girls, but didn’t want to lose Keon in the pulsing crowd.

After a few awkward steps, he sensed that I wasn't quite ready for dancing, so he grabbed a couple more drinks at the bar. We walked over to the back of the room, and stood apart from the crowd. At least we could hear each other when we leaned in closely enough. I thought about going back upstairs, but Keon looked set for a while, so we sipped our drinks and kept talking.

The music started getting better, and so did my buzz. Both were making me want to move after all. I started swaying a bit, and Keon started dancing with me. It was a little weird to be dancing with a guy, but it just felt so great to be moving to the music. The beat was so infectious that I just couldn't stop myself. We were off on the side, but soon were dancing our way into the crowd of bodies.

It was so hot in there, that I took off my shirt without even thinking...Keon smiled big and did the same. I kept forgetting where we were, and that I was shamelessly flirting with a man who was obviously attracted to me. Even though I couldn’t explain it, I was definitely starting to feel attracted too.

I had been curious enough to watch bi porn, but never thought of a guy as attractive. Keon definitely changed that. His torso was perfect...He had hard abs with a really defined chest. His arms were very well muscled, but I couldn’t see any big veins. I was transfixed with the way his muscles moved under his skin. He just danced with me...smiling, but never touching. I found myself staring, and wishing that he would.

Confused, I leaned in, and asked if we could go back upstairs for a bit. I was suddenly feeling very hot, and needed to cool off. He saw me swaying, and brought me back up to the main bar.

He asked if I was 'rollin', and I thought that a quick joint would be perfect to settle my nerves. I said sure, and suggested we step out for our smoke.

We got dressed on the way upstairs, and went outside. Since neither of us took our car, I spun one up so quickly, that I forgot to even ask Keon about that weed he’d mentioned. Not that it mattered, because it definitely had a noticeable effect. We quickly powered it down, and finished just as we were completing our lap. We walked right back in, and Keon grabbed another couple of drinks.

By now, I was feeling more d***k than I could remember, but thought that this would be my last drink. I'd just switch to water afterwards.

Keon came back, handed me my drink, and toasted to first times. Even though I had already told him about my previous gay bar experience, I didn't feel like correcting him. It was close enough.

This drink was another very bitter one, but I drank it pretty quickly. I didn't like the taste as much, so I wanted to move on to my waters. Keon noticed my eager drinking, and laughed about my looking like I was ready. I don't know what came over me, but I told him I was definitely ready for some more dancing.

I took my shirt back off, and led Keon back down the stairs, and into the mass of bodies. Walking down the stairs made my head go light, and I thought that I was way more stoned than I should be. It must have been all the drinks, but I almost felt like I was tripping...Usually, I have one or two, and I had already had four, quickly downing the strongest two of those.

I started thinking that going back downstairs may not have been my best idea. I should have been going home, and jerking off before passing out. Jerking off, thinking about a man for the first time. I was definitely going to watch that bi porn with Keon's lookalike. Watching Keon dance was really turning me on! I realized that I wasn't going to leave until he did...

He grabbed my hand, and led me into the dancing crowd. I just let him take me where he wanted. All of the bodies dancing against me were making my skin tingle all over. I had never felt so high...or so horny!! There wasn't a woman in sight, but my cock was pressing out the top of my thong...Anyone looking would have seen. I should have been embarrassed, but it just turned me on even more.

Keon was dancing much better than I could, but he made sure to stay close. His hands kept grazing my sides, and I kept thinking about how much I wanted him to keep doing it. I really shouldn't have smoked that joint...or at least waited until I was ready to leave. I was so high! I didn't even know what's going on, but with my body inches from Keon's, I found myself staring down his body in front of me.

"You can touch if you want...It's obvious that you can't stop looking." Keon joked as he playfully grabbed at my ass.

That was all the invitation I needed. I had to touch those rock hard abs...the way they were moving as he danced amazed me. I put my hands on his body, feeling his skin, and the muscles moving just beneath. He just kept smiling and dancing for me...Flexing and putting on a little show.

I ran my hands all over his torso...feeling the muscles of his back (even more incredible than his abs!) and sliding over his well-defined pecs. Once I had started, it was all I could think about. It was obvious that Keon knew what he was doing to me, and really enjoyed the effect. He just continued to dance, pulling me closer to him, and feeling my ass. It felt so lewd to have him groping my ass like that on the floor, but not only did no one notice, I was beyond caring if they did.

I started to grind my crotch against his, feeling my head spin as he held me against him. I could feel his cock, hard in his leather pants, rubbing against mine through the jeans and silky thong.

How did I get so high?! Smoking pot never had that kind of effect, even with drinks. I wasn't sl**py at all, and was REALLY into dancing with Keon. I had read enough that I should have known, but I was way too high to put it together.

The men rubbing against us from every angle, most of them shirtless, was driving me crazy. Keon kept kneading my ass cheeks, and grinding his cock against mine, as he took the lead in our dance.

His hands were relaxing me at the same time they were turning me on. I leaned more fully against him, so that I could feel his chest against mine. He still towered over me, so I nestled into his neck as I enjoyed the attention.

He leaned in toward my ear and said something about the d**gs being stronger than he had thought. He said that the first was really kicking in, and we probably shouldn't have gone for two...I just figured he was confused. He had probably smoked before I got there, and was regretting our joint. I can't say that I blamed him, but I was way too into feeling his body (and everybody else's) against mine.

I can’t remember ever being so horny, but couldn’t believe that it was all these guys who were turning me on. Keon was feeling me up all over, pressing my body against his. All I could do was submit to his attentions and breathe in his scent.

I felt compelled to kiss his neck while he was running his arms up and down my back, squeezing me tighter to him. The heat from his body, and the feel of his heart thumping against mine was too much. I couldn’t stop kissing his neck and grinding my crotch against his. His cock felt just as hard as mine, and I thought that it might burst through his pants at any time. Maybe that’s why he was wearing leather...It felt hard enough to rip right through denim!

I looked up to see him watching me nuzzle his neck. I thought he was going to say something, so I strained my head toward him. He lightly grabbed the back of my head, and used the opportunity to kiss me. With his other hand, he grabbed my ass hard...then pressed his lips harder against mine.

Before I could even think, his tongue was in my mouth. I started playing with it, like an oversized nipple...teasing the tip with my tongue as I nipped at it. Keon moaned into my mouth, and slid his hand into my pants, grabbing a cheek in his big hand.

He was driving me so crazy...His cock rubbing against mine had me so fucking hard! I reached between us, and slid my hand into his waistband, which was pushed out by his hardness. I don’t know what came over me, but I NEEDED to feel that cock. Not sure what I expected to feel, but it felt amazing!! It was so hard, throbbing, and I could feel precum all over as I slid my hand down the thick shaft.

I had never touched another man’s cock, but now I found myself thinking about much more with the one I had in my hand.

I don’t know how we were even still dancing...He was still kissing me, and we each had a hand in each other’s pants. He was squeezing my ass, and I was stroking that cock. It was so much bigger than it felt when we started dancing. It was definitely longer than mine, and at least as thick. I sucked on his tongue hard, thinking about getting his cock into my mouth.

I don’t even know where that thought came from...I’d never thought of sucking on a cock before. Even when I watch bi porn or fantasize about threesomes, I never imagined that I might want to take another man into my mouth. But here I was, with my hand wrapped around the top of his cock, feeling his precum smearing on my wrist, and letting him fuck my mouth with his tongue, and it was all I could think about.

Keon must have read my mind, because he had somehow gotten us into a dark corner of the room. After what seemed like hours, he broke our kiss and pushed me back, so that I could have better access to his cock. I reached into his open(?!) pants with both hands. With both hands together, it was still too big for me to hold.

Without any prompting, I slid to my haunches...holding his giant cock only inches from my face. I had to see it up close. Every thought of getting out of there were completely overridden with curiosity. I started to lick the precum off my wrist, and then leaned forward to get some that had gathered on his cock. It didn’t taste much different from my own when I jerked off, but suddenly I couldn’t get enough of it!

The feel of it on my tongue, and the throbbing in my hands was driving me crazy. I had trouble fitting the head in my mouth, but I was determined to do it. I reached around with one hand to grab his ass, using the other to guide his cock to my mouth.

I looked up to see Keon’s head thrown back as he was obviously loving everything I was doing. I suddenly realized that I was on the floor with a man’s cock against my a VERY crowded room. Even though the dancing was intense, we hadn’t gone unnoticed. I was so fucking horny, but not sure that I wanted an audience, so I gave the head another quick lick, gathering the huge drop of precum that had formed, slid back up Keon’s body, and started kissing him again as if nothing had happened.

Keon stuck his hand down the back of my pants, and started pushing me towards the bathrooms. On the way over, I saw that androgynous guy from the show upstairs watching us approach.

He slid aside, to allow us to squeeze past, but said something to Keon on our way by. The next thing I know, we are walking upstairs behind the androgynous ‘Alix’, and across the main bar, into the small dressing room. I don’t think that our hands left each other’s pants. Keon and I must have looked pretty interesting to anyone who saw us on our way through.

The dimly lit room had two chairs in front of makeup mirrors on one side, and a couple of couches in the corner. Alix locked the door, and led us to one of the couches. I realized that he must have been as horny as I was, because Keon was all over me...One hand tweaking my nipple while his other continued to rub my ass. I was grinding my cock over his leather covered bulge.

I didn’t see Alix, but he soon started running his hands over both of us. I groped wildly, grabbing a handful of Alix’s ass, and pulling him closer.

I turned from Keon to kiss our new friend. Before tonight, I had never kissed a man, and I was already making out with my second. It was different from kissing Keon...His lips felt more like girls I’d kissed. His lithe body pressing against us even felt like a girl’s. He had a tight waist and long slim legs, and not a hair that I could find...and my hands were roaming...

Keon didn’t get mad that I wasn’t paying as much attention to him...In fact, he pushed us together. He was grinding into me from behind as he pulled Alix to me. My hands were in Alix’s pants, and feeling his ass, just like Keon had done to tongue drilling into his mouth. I could not remember ever being so horny in my life, and my cock felt like it was going to explode. My thong was covered in precum, and I could feel it sliding over my cock as I rubbed my body against Alix.

I couldn’t focus on anything but the physical sensations all over my body...but suddenly, a loud knock shocked me to attention. Alix quickly extricated himself, and stepped across to the door, unlocking it without even asking. He opened the door, and waved in his ‘friend’ from the earlier show. I was definitely wary, but Keon was still rubbing my body, and making me feel incredible sensations that I did not want to stop.

I overheard Alix tell his partner, Jay that he had been watching us downstairs, and wanted to play. He had already told Keon that Jay would be coming, and would have to be included. I didn’t know about any of that, but I was starting to think that I should ask. Jay relocked the door, and followed Alix back to the couch. I just wanted to keep doing what we were doing, but was still apprehensive.

Keon must have sensed that, because he stopped Jay and Alix before they joined us. He explained that before things started happening, I considered myself straight, and that we had taken a lot more “molly” than we should have, so we should slow things down a bit.

I didn’t know what he was talking about, since we had only had the drinks and that joint. When I said that, Keon said that he had put it in two of the drinks. I instantly knew which two, but was more than a little scared of what I was hearing.

Keon explained that he had asked me before adding both doses to the drinks, and that I eagerly agreed. He asked me what I thought ‘rolling’ meant, and I said something about making the joint. Everyone in the room suddenly knew what happened except me.

Keon asked me if I ever took e or molly, or even viagra...When I told him that I never had taken any of those, he said that tonight was definitely a night of firsts then. He had some stuff that he had custom-made, with molly and viagra mixed together. When we were talking about it earlier, he thought I’d seemed to know exactly what he was talking about, and I even asked the right questions. To tell the truth, I was half-distracted by the stage show! He apologized, and said that he meant no harm, and should have known something was up when he thought I asked for a second dose before the joint, since the first hadn’t really kicked in yet.

He let me go, and said that he would get me home if that’s what I wanted, or I could stay, and he would make sure that nothing bad happened to me. I didn’t know what I wanted, because I thought that it was all the d**g’s fault that I was doing the things I was doing, but I knew that I could trust him. Then I realized that if it was things that I didn’t really want, I wouldn’t be having such an incredible time. If having fun with these three guys was part of my d**g trip, it certainly seemed worth it to me!

To answer, I kissed Keon hard and grabbed his cock. I was not going to leave now that I had discovered this whole new side to my sexuality. I could blame it on the d**gs, but I felt like a man unleashed.

Jay and Alix saw my response, and joined us on the couch. I turned to make out with Alix, and grabbed at Jay’s crotch. He laughed about my being straight, and said that I looked like a cock-crazed slut! He wasn’t wrong. I took off his tight pants, and was pleased to find that he wasn’t wearing any underwear...and that his cock was already as hard as the rest of ours. Alix pulled down mine, and I saw that Keon was already naked.

He looked like something out of a magazine, but with a huge cock, obscenely hanging between his legs. My mouth watered at the site of it, but I was being distracted by four hands and two tongues. I turned to kiss Jay, and felt Alix sliding down my body. The most incredible feeling came over me as Alix sucked my whole seven inches, and flicked the tip of his tongue at my balls. I thought I had gone to heaven, and let myself lean on Jay as I blissed out.

Keon didn’t want to miss out, and stood next to us, stroking his huge cock. It looked like it was almost a foot long, and as wide around as an energy-drink can. It wasn’t hanging down at all, and stood proudly, even when Keon wasn’t touching it. I could feel it before it touched my lips, and I instinctively reached up to grab it with both hands, guiding it to my mouth. Opening as wide as I could, I sucked all over the head of that magnificent cock, jerking the shaft with both hands.

It was a good thing I was holding on to something, because what Alix was doing to me paled in comparison to the new sensation from behind. Jay had positioned himself behind me so that he could lick my asscrack. His tongue was tracing slow lines up and down my ass, and I moaned around Keon’s cock in encouragement. A girl had done it to me before, but like everything else, it was so much more intense than ever!

His tongue teased all around the rim of my anus, alternating between licking and flicking across the hole. I eagerly pushed back to get more of that feeling. It was distracting me enough that I didn’t even notice that I had finally been able to take in all of Keon’s cockhead, and I was sucking like it was the most natural thing in the world. I loved running my tongue all over the ridge of the head, tasting the precum that seemed to be flowing in a steady stream. Keon just lay back against the top of the couch, angled so that I could keep sucking as the other guys worked me from below.

It was definitely Jay that had me moaning hardest, but Alix seemed desparate to compete. He had sucked my cock into his throat, and was licking my balls. I moved one hand to the back of his head, and held it there, as I tried to concentrate on his amazing technique and continue my nursing of Keon’s cockhead.

I was shocked out of my blissed state when I felt Jay slide two fingers easily into my asshole. Shocked mostly, at how easily they slid in, and how great they were making me feel. Keon used my shock to slide another inch or two of his cock into my gaping mouth. It still felt so good to have that huge warm cock sliding past my lips. Jay continued to tease my ass with his tongue while he fingered my hole...easily adding a third.

I humped back onto Jay’s fingers and started pushing Alix up and down on my cock. I was definitely in another world, but could hear Alix gagging on the end of my cock. He swallowed against the head, which felt even more incredible than his tongue. It was as if he were massaging my head with his throat.

Seeing how eagerly I was humping his fingers and sucking on Keon’s cock, Jay slid them out. I was about to complain when I felt his cock replace them at the entrance to my ass. He slid it up and down my crack, teasing my grasping asshole. I wanted to stop him. This was definitely getting WAY too carried away. I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do it. In fact, if anything, I just sucked harder on Keon’s cock, and tried my best to relax my hole for his entry...

I had started out on my way to a show, and now I was in the back room of a gay bar, with the biggest cock I’d ever seen sliding in and out of my mouth, driving me crazy. Not only that, but an incredibly hot androgynous boy was giving me the most incredible blowjob of my life as I started to slide my ass over my first cock. It was no wonder I just let them continue to have their way with me. I didn’t want to stop them even if I could.

I found it really easy to take Jay’s cock as I slid down on it. It must have been lubed with something because it just slid right in. It wasn’t as thick as his fingers together, but it was MUCH longer. As I slid further, I wondered when I would bottom out on that hot pole. I could feel it stretching my insides around it...every vein felt like another ridge, spreading me just a little bit further.

I had to slide up a bit, to readjust before continuing, and could feel my sphincter sliding over his cock. I tried to tighten it a bit, to keep him from trying to shove back in too quickly. The d**gs and alcohol had me totally over the top, but it was still my first time.

I had expected more pain, but the molly and weed took care of that, because all I could feel was that incredible pressure against my insides. Once I had gotten used to it again, I started sliding further down, giving a little wiggle as I consumed Jay’s cock.

Keon must have gotten really turned on, watching me slide down onto that cock, because he started to try to f***e more of his into my mouth. I gagged a little, and he eased up, but still managed to slide another inch or two into my mouth. Alix tried his best to distract me.

I was already more than a little distracted from Keon’s cock by the time I felt Jay’s balls against my own. I just stayed in his lap, feeling his hot, hard cock fill me up so perfectly. I wiggled my ass to stir it around, feeling it rub against so many new spots deep inside my ass. I don’t know why I had never thought of this before...Even the previous fingers and tongues didn’t make my ass feel like his cock was right then.

I quickly found what must have been my prostate, because every time I rubbed against it, my cock throbbed, and Alix gave a little moan of approval. I knew that he must have been swallowing all of my precum because it felt like it was pouring out of me as I pumped back onto Jay’s cock.

Jay was concentrating on not cumming too quickly. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass as I massaged it with my muscles. I found that I could stroke it if I moved my muscles in the right way. That really seemed to drive him crazy. He told me I was a natural, and that if I didn’t watch out, he’d be filling my ass with more than his cock.

The thought of that just made me even crazier. I started really pumping Keon’s cock with my hands while I licked all over the head, and took as much as I could into my mouth. I couldn’t deep throat as well as Alix was doing for me, but I was definitely trying. Keon certainly seemed to appreciate the effort. He was moaning non-stop as his precum kept pouring out of his slit. I kept going back to lick off the dollops as they got too big and heavy to cling to the head, savoring the taste before swallowing it down.

Keon said that Jay was right about my being a natural, and that I was going to make him cum soon, too. I could definitely feel that something was coming, because his cock was throbbing even harder, and the precum just wouldn’t stop. I slobbered all over that cock as I swallowed as fast I could. I reached around with one hand to grab and caress his muscular ass, feeling it as he thrust into my mouth.

Jay’s was having trouble letting me handle all the work, because he grabbed my hips, and started pulling me down harder onto his cock. I could feel the head bumping against something deeper inside, and it felt out of this world!

I wasn’t far behind the others with the taste of Keon in my mouth, the feel of Jay filling me from behind, and Alix desperate for me to finish in his mouth. I was having trouble keeping up my rhythmic squeezing of Jay’s cock, but I don’t think he really minded anymore. His thrusts were getting more erratic, and I could feel his cock begin to expand even more. Since I had gotten so accustomed to his size, this extra expansion was too much for me to handle.

I started to take Keon’s cock out of my mouth to announce my impending orgasm, but he chose that moment to shove my face as hard as he could onto his thrusting cock. I felt the gush just before his roar filled the room. Keon pulled his cock almost all the way out of my mouth, so I just had the head. I was so ready to cum that I sucked even more desperately. He filled my mouth, which distracted me from my orgasm as I tried to swallow it all down. I kept swallowing, and he kept cumming. It was like he was just pouring it into my mouth, and I gulped it down as if it were the nectar of the gods. It certainly tasted like it just then!

It didn’t distract Jay though, because he pulled my ass down hard, and pushed up into my ass as hard as he could. I felt his cock twitch against my insides, and then a gush, as it exploded deep inside me. After the first incredible explosion, there were four more strong jets of cum before I could feel it pulsing weaker and weaker. It was the most amazing feeling to have his seed filling my ass, and I ground hard against him to try to feel more pulses deep inside me.

That must have been what pushed me over, because I started shooting my load into Alix’s mouth. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had...feeling the cum running out around Jay’s pole, as my entire ass spasmed all over that incredible cock. Alix was playing with my balls as he pulled his mouth back, so that he could continue to catch my cum.

I thought that he would swallow it, as I had done with Keon’s, but he kissed me hard, feeding me my own cum. I eagerly accepted, as I sucked on his tongue to make sure I got it all. We started making out again, and I loved the way his tongue played with mine, toying with our shared cum. I felt my cock start to throb again, and gave me some heavy aftershocks. It dribbled over my stomach, as Alix played with my balls.

It occurred to me that Alix hadn’t cum yet...and that I still wanted more to eat! I grabbed his cock, and dove down onto it, sliding my ass up Jay’s body, as I leaned over Alix’s smaller one. His cock was not very big, but it was very hard, and already leaking a steady stream of precum.

He was transfixed by my pulling his cock into my mouth. It was so much smaller than Keon’s that I easily swallowed it down to his shaved crotch. Rubbing my chin against his balls, as I licked his shaft, buried inside my hot mouth. My tongue was still coated with our cum, and I used it to help lube him up.

Jay took advantage of his position by sliding his three fingers back inside my cum-filled ass. It felt so sloppy, that it was hard to imagine my being a virgin only a short time earlier.

All of the previous action must have really heated him up because Alix suddenly shot the biggest load of the night into my sucking mouth. I wasn’t expecting it at that exact moment, but once he started, I didn’t know if he’d ever stop. It was even thicker than Keon’s amazing load, and almost as delicious. If he didn’t stop, I don’t think I would have minded...I could have stayed there with Jay’s fingers and Alix’s leaking cock inside me all night.

I think that Alix felt the same, because as we rested on top of each other, he asked Jay if they could take me home. Keon must have felt a bit left out, because he said that he should really make sure I got home on my own. He wanted to take responsibility for me since he was the one who started this whole so many ways.

Keon picked out my pants, shirt and shoes from the floor. I didn’t even bother with socks, and my thong was long gone. As I pulled them up, I just hoped that the cum leaking from my ass wouldn’t show through my pants.

Keon didn’t even bother with his shirt. He pulled on his pants and boots, and told our new friends that he wanted to make sure I got home OK. Alix seemed upset, but quickly wrote down his number, asking me to call him. He said that they wanted to make sure I got home OK too, and that we should all get together again sometime. I knew that no matter what happened, that I would be eager for that to happen.

We must have been at it for even longer than I had thought, because the club was already closing when we stumbled out of the small room.

The bartender looked up, and raised a glass to us with a smile. On our way past the bar on the way out, I saw why. In high resolution video, I could see the feed from our little room. He had watched the whole thing.

When he saw that I noticed, he flipped a switch, and all the televisions in the room were showing that same feed. The people left in the room all turned to see why the bartender had changed the video, and noticed Keon and I walking out. Then the applause started, and I could feel myself redden. Not only had I had the most incredible first homosexual experience that i could possibly imagine, but a room full of horny men watched it happen! I would have been humiliated if it didn’t turn me on even more.

I grabbed at Keon’s arm, and he pulled me closer. Sliding his hand down into the back of my pants, he grabbed an asscheek and said, “Let’s get this ass home so I can clean you up!”

Guess that means that I wasn’t going back to my place after all...

To be continued?
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One of the hottest stories on here
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So damn hot.
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