Ski Weekend Surprise

Before I get into the meat of those details, let me tell you
about my relationship with Kelly. We have been living together for almost
two years. We are both in our mid twenties. I have my own consulting firm
that I started and it is beginning to do well. I met Kelly when planning a
vacation. She is a travel agent and works at a small agency. I have to
admit that my sex life has really taken off since we met. Before Kelly, I
had done very little and was by no means a stud. Kelly on the other hand
was experienced, wild, adventurous and outgoing. She taught me many things
and I have always been an apt pupil. My first clue was that her porno
collection was bigger than mine and hers included some homemade videos.
Some were of her and other girls while in college; I loved watching her eat
pussy. One tape was Kelly giving blowjobs to a line up of guys with dicks
of all sizes and colours. That was hotter than hell! She loved giving me
head, which was great because no girlfriends had ever done that for me
before. She could easily deep-throat my entire cock, which at six inches
was still a task. She could even lick my balls with the whole shaft buried
in her throat. One thing she always likes to do is finger my asshole while
she sucks me. Sometimes she really gets into it, finger fucking me savagely
with two or even three fingers. Sometimes she will even use a small
vibrator in me during a BJ. I never complain as I always get off anyway.
It wouldn't do me any good if I did because it was her way or no way, that
was made very clear to me. Kelly was definitely in charge. Often when I
came in her mouth she would return it to me by kissing me after and demand
that I swallow it. Commonly, when Kelly got home from work she would push
me down on the couch or floor, hike up her skirt, pull off her panties and
plant her well groomed snatch right on my face. I had never eaten pussy
before Kelly, but she has taught me to be an expert. She is beautiful too,
with long chestnut hair, green eyes, and a killer figure. I have often
wondered what she sees in me, a 5' 10" slim blond haired, hazel eyes
engineer who is a relatively meek and unassuming guy. Maybe she likes the
shy and easy type who she can control completely. She has been happy and
never once complained in the time we have been together.

It was this travel agency that Kelly works at that was hosting
this ski trip. The owner, Ken Phillips and his wife Carol owned a chalet in
the mountains and because of the successful year the company had was
treating all the employees and their significant others to a ski weekend at
the chalet, all expenses paid. Kelly was youngest of the four female
agents. The others Diane, Charlene, and Debbie were all in their late
thirties or early forties. Their husbands, Randy, David and Wes respective
were of similar ages. I had met the women from the office before and they
were nothing to write home about. This ski trip was my first opportunity to
meet their husbands and although they were all a bit older, they were all
in good shape. The real prize this weekend was however; Sydney and Kyle.
Sydney was the new receptionist at the agency, nineteen, cute and sexy,
kind of like Katie Holmes. She brought her fiancee Kyle, a curly haired
blond, blue eyed, twenty year old Nordic prince. They were like "Ken and
Barbie". As well as being the youngest they were also the most public with
their displays of affection. From the moment they arrived the two of them
were playing kissy face.

A problem arose early upon arrival. Kelly and I had been
planning a good hardcore weekend of sex. We talked about it all the way
there, teasing ourselves. We couldn't wait to be alone in bed and shagging
each other silly. Things were not as planned however as Ken was to explain.
There were only two bedrooms at the chalet. Each room consisted of two sets
of bunk beds and one double bed. This was normally fine for two couples or
families but since there was six couples Ken and Carol decided that the
women would take one room and the men take the other. Beds would be first
come, first serve. Kelly and I were definitely disappointed at the time and
hit the hills for a day of skiing. Events later that night would alter our
opinion the next day.

"Tell me everything," Kelly insisted. I had to tell her. Her
grip on my cock while riding up the ski lift was intense. I proceeded to
inform her of all the details of the previous night.

"You know we stayed up pretty late in front of the fire."
Indeed all the older people had knocked off earlier from exhaustion and
fresh air. Only Kelly and I as well as Sydney and Kyle had lasted past
midnight. We had a few bottles of wine and smoked a couple of joints. The
two lovebirds headed to bed just before us. I stayed up to douse the fire.
We were probably all equally frustrated about not getting any privacy to
have sex.

"After brushing my teeth, I went alone into the dark men's
bedroom. I realized that the bunk beds had been taken and that left the
double bed, which was occupied by young Kyle. I stripped down to my
underwear. Normally I sl**p nude but under the circumstances I decided to
leave my boxer briefs on. The bed was small and Kyle was already sprawled
out in the middle. I didn't want to wake him so I lifted the sheet and
crawled in at the edge. I couldn't help but notice that Kyle was completely

"What did he look like?" Kelly inquired.

"Nice body, firm, muscular, you know..." I felt Kelly's hand
squeezed me tighter. "Alright! He was about seven inches long, uncut, thick
and hanging to the left." Kelly smiled and eased her grip, starting a
stroking motion.

I continued, " No sooner had I lay down I felt Kyle roll over
closer to me. I was already on the edge of the bed. I considered waking him
and asking him to give me more room but then felt his warm naked chest
pressing against my back. I was in a panic and didn't know what to do. I
just kept quiet hoping that he would turn over. I froze like this for a
while and then next thing I know I feel his head nuzzling against my neck
and he was breathing heavy. I checked to make sure he was really asl**p. He
was. Next, Kyle's hand flopped over me and was wrapped around my waist. He
must have thought that he was sl**ping with Sydney. I was sure of it
because he was mumbling words like `Baby' and `Muffin'. I was frozen and
now afraid to wake him. It was hot in the room and the sheet was itself
uncomfortable. Kyle started getting restless and kicking the sheet off. I
had nowhere to move and Kyle somehow kept finding a way to nuzzle up closer
to my back. Then I felt it. It was red hot. Kyle was mistaken me for Sydney
in his slumber and he now had a hard on which was growing more each second.
I was touching the back of my thigh. It was rubbing against my leg. It felt

Kelly began rubbing herself through her ski pants with her
other hand as we rode the ski lift while still maintaining the rhythm on me
with her other. "Yes! This is so fucking hot! God, don't stop, more!" Kelly

"Well," I continued, taking a big gulp first, " Kyle began
nocturnally moving his hips and I could feel his burning erection sliding
along my thigh. I was in shock and thought again about waking him but
panicked wondering what his reaction would be when he woke. I also didn't
want to wake the others for fear of what they would think. I moved slightly
and I felt Kyle's cock slip between my thighs and he let out a low moan. He
then began moving his hips back and forth, almost sl**p fucking me. I tried
separating my legs hoping that he would slip back out from between my
thighs but instead it slipped up higher to almost my balls. His arm gripped
tighter around me and he began moving faster. I thought that he had to be
awake, but I checked again and he was half snoring. I decided not to move
any more and just see what happens. His hips kept moving faster and faster
and his grip tightened until splat! He came all over my legs. His semen
sprayed between my thighs and was running down my leg. Kyle barely let out
a grunt. About five minutes later he went soft and rolled away from me
giving me more space to sl**p. That's it."

Kelly's eyes were riveted to mine, her mouth open and almost
drooling. She was going to orgasm just from my story. " The cum, what did
you do about the cum? Did it soak the sheets?" she asked. She anticipated
my answer, rubbing me harder.

I took a deep breath and told her, " I was afraid of the sheets
getting stained and it getting blamed on me so I scooped it off of my legs
with my fingers and licked them clean. I figured it couldn't taste much
different than my own." Kelly was over the top, frustrated with lust. I had
no idea that my story would drive her this crazy. She almost climbed on top
of me in the ski lift kissing me hard and sucking on my tongue. She was
wild with lust and I thought she might just **** me right there on the

"Oh honey, that is so sexy!" she said. "Do you know how horny
that makes me?" I know guys get off about two women together but I had no
idea that any women got this excited about two guys together even if it was
just sl**p rubbing. Kelly was all over me. Just when I thought her
manipulations were about to make me cum in my ski pants she let off. She
had a knack for knowing when I am about to come. Her inquisition continued,
"Now tell me the truth honey. Don't lie to me; I'll know if you do. Tell
me, during all this, did you get a hard on?" I paused. Kelly's glare dug
into me. I couldn't lie.

"Yes," I answered. I hung my head in shame. It was true; I was
hard as a rock myself as Kyle's member touched me. Kelly was very happy
with that answer. She again kissed me hard.

"Wow!" was the only word she could muster. She panted heavily
and snuggled close to me. I could tell her wheels were spinning probably
taking it all in. It was my silence and awkwardness all morning that had
her suspecting something was up. She waited until we were alone on the ski
lift to confront me about it. Now she had made me confess every detail of
the ordeal including the fact that it had turned me on.

We reached the top of the hill and jumped off the lift. We
managed to regain some composure before descending so as not to kill
ourselves. Before we headed down Kelly asked me one more thing, "Do you
think he will do it again?" She was clearly obsessed with this whole thing
now and she intended to witness a re-enactment of it.

I tried to talk her out of it. There were so many variables.
There was no telling if Kyle would pick the same bed, sl**p naked again, or
if the others would stay up later or a million other things but it didn't
matter to Kelly. Her mind was made up.

For the rest of the day we kept a close eye on Sydney and Kyle.
They were so self -absorbed they ignored everything else around them. They
spent the entire day fondling each other and sneaking kisses. We barely
spoke a word to each other than the occasional "hello" or ski talk and
"pass the potatoes" during supper. It seemed very likely that Kyle had no
idea what happened the previous night.

As things got late, all events fell into place much to Kelly's
delight. The older folks went to bed reasonably early. Kyle and Sydney
stayed up later, snuggling together on the bearskin rug. Kelly and I
watched them intently getting more and more excited as the evening wore
on. Much like the night before we drank some wine and smoked some weed
together. Sure enough after a long, drawn out kiss they went to their
separate rooms. Kelly smiled at me whispering, "Excellent! She sent him to
bed good and horny."

We waited a few minutes then peeped in the men's bedroom to see
where Kyle had lay down. Sure enough he was alone in the double bed again
with the sheet half d****d across his body. It was Kelly's intention to
wait until he fell asl**p then sneak in with me and kneel down beside the
bed where she couldn't be seen and wait for Kyle's nocturnal actions to
start and watch the whole thing. I have to admit that I was getting pretty
worked up about it too.

Kelly told me she was going to get ready and to wait for her. I
brushed my teeth and waited about fifteen minutes for my girlfriend. She
was dressed in just a tiny black see thru nightie with a black shorty
robe. Her hair and makeup were flawless and she had put on some fresh
perfume. The anticipation had me very excited. This was evident as Kelly
instructed me to undress. As the night before I removed all my clothes
except my underwear. We silently entered the room that was filled with
snoring. The bed cover was already down to Kyle's hips. I lifted them
enough for Kelly to see his naked tool. She was very pleased. I started to
slip into bed but my girlfriend stopped me. She grabbed hold of my
waistband and in one smooth motion yanked my underwear down to my ankles.
My erection bobbed up and almost hit her chin. There was no hiding the fact
that I was turned on by all this now. One more thing she did was take a
small spray bottle from her robe pocket and give me a squirt on my neck and
on my ass. It was perfume but not Kelly's. It smelled a little familiar and
I guessed that it was Sydney's and Kelly stole it for this occasion. She
must have wanted to help speed things up or at least guarantee that they

I was a little uncomfortable about lying down with my naked ass
against this guy's groin but it was too late to back out now. Just as the
night before, Kyle rolled a bit closer to me and his arm fell across my
body. He inched closer and closer until his hot breath was burning against
my neck. I began to feel his cock stir again as it brushed against my
thigh. Kelly was very eager to see the action and crawled up closer. I
could feel her hot breath close to my crotch and her long hair brushed my
leg turning me on even more. She slowly inched the sheet down to reveal the
action. Kyle's smooth cock had become stiff and was pressed upward against
my ass cheek. Kelly reached to it and very gently touched it. I was trying
to make faces at her to stop but she was paying no attention to me. Her
hand was around it and pulling it to full hardness. She then placed the
throbbing member down between my bum cheeks so that was right in the crack.
I tried to protest quietly but I didn't want to wake Kyle. He was still
fast asl**p but his hips began moving again on their own making his big
cock slide up and down my butt crack. It was beginning to feel hot too.

I looked back at Kelly who pulled another bottle from her other
robe pocket. I recognized the lubricant that we often used for anal sex.
She spread some on her fingers and carefully placed them between my cheeks.
She rubbed up and down my crack and was getting some on Kyle's cock too. I
was afraid the cold feel would wake him but he made no changes to his slow
hip motion. I was hoping that he would cum soon and blow his load on my
back so this would be over but Kelly had more planned. She pressed her
greasy fingers against my asshole and they popped right in. My flinching
reaction almost woke the sl**py prince but it didn't. Kelly was smiling at
me almost laughing at my silent protests. Her fingers soon left my bottom
to my relief only to be replaced a second later by something else to my

Kelly had taken hold of Kyle's cock again and was pressing the
head against my sphincter muscle. I tried to roll away but Kelly blocked
me, and Kyle's grip on my arm pulled me back. He let out a low moan as the
tip of his dick opened my asshole. The grease helped him slip the full
length of his erection deep into my colon. I could not believe he was still
asl**p. His cock painfully stretched me open. I never had anything that big
inside me before. It was an amazingly full feeling, weird yet somewhat
wonderful. Kelly began helping me out by sucking on my fully erect member.
That helped me take my mind off the pain and before long I had barely
noticed that Kyle had a fairly steady fucking motion going. I shocked
myself thinking, "Oh my god! I am actually getting fucked in my ass by a

I just closed my eyes and started to enjoy the feelings. Kyle
rustled a little behind me and Kelly let my cock fall from her mouth. Kyle
rolled me over onto my front and placed himself on my back. I looked back
and saw his eyes half open with a glazed expression. He was partially awake
but didn't seem to care that he was fucking a man in the ass. He grunted
and moaned some more as he started waking up. I could hear Kelly, quietly
whispering to him, "That's it...fuck him dude. Fuck his ass! You are so
fucking hot."

My head was buried in my pillow now as Kyle became more
aggressive. He was taking long, full stokes in and out of me. He would pull
back so that the head of his cock stretched my ring then he would plunge
back in until his big balls slapped hard against mine. He was definitely
awake now as his anal assault intensified. Kyle pounding on my asshole was
relentless and my mind wondered off into space while I enjoyed the
sensations coming from the base of my spine. Kyle grunted unintelligible
words as well as a constant, "Fuck! Fuck! Ya!"

Kyle's battering became intense and louder until finally he
drove his massive meat balls deep inside me and held it there while huge
jets of hot cum flooded my bowels. He came for several minutes; filling me
up. He held me tight while he enjoyed the bliss of orgasm. After a few
minutes he went softer and pulled out of my ass. I pressed myself up,
trying not to let any cum run out of me onto the sheets. When I looked up I
was shocked. Staring me in the face was another erect cock. It was Ken, our
host. We must have awaked the others with our noise. He pressed it against
my lips. At first I hesitated but he grabbed my hair and f***ed it into my
mouth. For a fifty something guy, Ken had a nice hard cock that filled my
whole mouth. I figured I might as well just go with it and started sucking
him. I surveyed around me and was shocked even more at the other events

Kelly was laying on her back with Randy on top of her and her
legs high in the air. He just started fucking her. Kyle was busy making out
with her sharing an intense kiss. David and Wes were standing next to Ken
with their cocks in their hands taking in all of the action. David moved
over to Kelly who took a break from kissing Kyle to have a taste of David's
meat. Wes came over to me and Ken took a break so that Wes could sample my
mouth. Ken jumped up on the bed and immediately commenced sliding his fat
cock into my wet, gaping asshole. It went in easily with almost no pain. He
wasted no time plunging in and fucking me. Wes also had a sense of urgency
as he took hold of my head and started tonsil fucking me. Wes's big hairy
sac bounced off my chin with a blistering pace.

Meanwhile, Kelly had rolled over on top of Randy, straddling
his cock. She had removed the last of her skimpy outfit. David then removed
his dick from Kelly's mouth and went behind her. She guided his staff to
her backdoor and he pushed it in. He and Randy were now sharing space
inside my girlfriend as the fucked her respective holes. She handled them
like a pro and obviously loved it. Kyle was half hard again and Kelly
grabbed hold of his huge python and pulled it to her mouth. Knowing that
his cock was fresh out of my ass while she sucked him was a huge turn on
for me. Kelly handled her triple fucking like it was a walk in the park.

Wes and Ken were merciless as the hammered away at my mouth and
butt. I was in a zone and it was feeling real good having two cocks inside
me. The fast pace that Ken and Wes had on me made them both reach orgasm
quickly and I eagerly took their loads. Kelly had done a number on Randy
and David too as they both had dumped their seed into Kelly. I could see it
running out both her holes after her fuckers pulled out. She then saw that
I was watching and quickly came over and sat down on my face. I slurped at
her pussy and asshole, drinking all the fresh cum flowing out. I darted my
tongue deep into her anus and cunt to ensure they were both licked clean.
She rode my face a bit longer making me suck on her clit. Soon she was
having an orgasm of her own that left my face soaking wet.

Kyle then grabbed Kelly and mounted her. We all watched as he
gave her an expert fucking. At one point he turned her over and went at her
doggie style. The glazed look in her eyes was evidence that she was in her
own personal heaven. Kyle kept slamming into her damp crease. Kelly soon
noticed my hard on. I was the only one who hadn't cum yet. She motioned me
over to her. I sat in front of her and she took me into her throat without
blinking an eye. She barely had to move as Kyle's pounding made her bob up
and down on me. Kelly, true to form inserted two fingers into my
well-stretched bum. The ease of the penetration motivated her to inset a
third and then a forth finger. I was so loose that she tucked her thumb
into her palm and slowly pushed her entire hand up into my rectum. I was
amazed to look down and see Kelly grinning around my cock with her arm
buried past the wrist inside me. Kyle was on the verge and took one last
plunge into Kelly, pumping her with his seed. On queue she deep throated
me, which made me launch my own orgasm into her stomach.

Kyle rolled off of Kelly completely exhausted. Kelly removed
her fist from my ass and kissed me. Naturally, she had saved some of my
cum in her mouth for me. Although Kyle was finally spent, the
other four guys were ready to go again. Kelly would take on Ken and Wes
this time and David and Randy made me their pincushion. We fucked well into
the night until no one could fuck any more.

The next day, no one said a word about the evening and none of
the women suspected anything. As far as I know, no one ever told their
wife. Kelly must have done some talking to Sydney however; she has invited
the young couple over to our place for dinner next weekend. I can't wait to
find out what else she has planned.
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9 months ago
so hot I am going to reread this and jerkoff.
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great stuff
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Hard as fuck!!
2 years ago
DAMN! That was one mind-blowing eruption of hot fucking sex! Definitely goes into my favorites and sure would like to go on your next ski trip with you and your pals! Thanks!

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Great job, hope to see more soon
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Holy fuck that's hot! I am rock hard after reading your story ;-)
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Sounds like you had a great time. Lucky to have such a open and perverted girlfriend.
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Really enjoyed that! Didn't think it would be my kind f ing but I really enjoyed it!