Milf next door

My name is James and I'm 19 years old. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon on a Tuesday when I was walking home from my friends house, when I saw my neighbour Jennifer was taking the groceries inside from her car. I've always had a thing for her, she is around 34 years old, brown/blond hair, a great tight ass and D cup breasts. Today she had a ponytail, was wearing a white shirt without sleeves and light blue jeans, in which her ass looked amazing in.

We always chat when we see each other, so today was no different. We talked about the weather and she told me that her husband Rick and the k**s were away for the weekend, to Rick's mother. I started to help her take the groceries inside and when we were finished taking it inside she asked if I wanted to drink a beer, which I accepted.

We were sitting on the couch, she was drinking a glass of wine and I was drinking my beer.

She asked me, "How are things between you and Claire?" (My ex-girlfriend)

"We're broken up for a few weeks now. She wasn't in love with me anymore." I replied.

"Well she is crazy if she doesn't love you anymore, because your a sweet and very good looking boy." she put her hand one my knee and looked me in the eyes.

I placed my hand on her right arm and stroked her and said, "Thanks, it's good to hear that an attractive women like you thinks that."

She started telling me that things between her and Rick weren't good at all and they are having a divorce, she looked sad.

"Everything will be alright because your great." I said, she hugged me. She pulled a little bit back and we started to kiss, she began to sit on top of me on the couch while we were kissing intensely.

I pulled her shirt of and kissed her in her neck and she moaned, "Ahh, this is so nice I have dreamed about this a lot.."

"I wish I knew that before, I always had a crush for you." I replied and she smiled at me.

Now she pulled my T-shirt off and was unbuttoning my jeans, she slowly pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down and started to masturbate me, then she put her mouth around my hard cock and slowly went up and down, faster with every second.

She stood up from the couch and pulled her own jeans slowly down and asked me. "Do you like what you see?"

"You're the most beautiful women I've ever seen." I said honestly..

She stood there with one hand at her waist like a model, still with her black bra and black pantie on.

I stood up and unhooked her bra; I automatically reacted. "Damn, your amazing."

She blushed a little and pulled her panties off and pushed me on the couch. She sat down on my dick and we fucked while laying with my head on the couch.

We were kissing while fucking. I started kissing her in the neck again and she moaned. I took control and went on top of her.

"Ahhh ahhh, i'm comming" Jennifer moaned, and she came.

Now she went down on me while laying on the couch, and started to suck my cock again. With her hands she massaged my balls and started to suck faster and deeper, I said that I was cumming so she masturbated me further and I came right in her face. She swallowed a lot and licked with her tongue around her mouth to get some more and told me my sperm tasted delicious.

After this we had dinner together and went upstairs and we stayed in her bed for the weekend and had a lot of sex. This was the best time of my life and now it's a month later and I still see her and sl**p with her.

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3 years ago
Excellent story!
3 years ago
Good story how about some pics of her!?