18th Birthday

I'd decided to have a house party for my 18th birthday because the majority of bars in my area were awful and I felt I could really tailor my own party to be something pretty special, an ambition that was fulfilled, although not in the sense I had envisaged. As with many of these events, the night started of a bit stiff and awkward. This would soon be remedied with the arrival of many more guests and the addition of copious amounts of alcohol. The guests included a mix of local friends and school friends, all of which were feeling pretty loose after not too long. Eventually it was a lively party with a nice atmosphere, people and drinks were mixing alike and everyone was enjoying themselves. Inevitably it reached the point where people began to loose stamina and one by one people were either leaving or making themselves comfortable on one of my sofas or beds. I was no exception..

Initially, a group of about a dozen of us had found ourselves lounged around my living room, some people about to doze off whilst some others were still up listening to music and talking. I noticed that one of my friends from college had sneaked off to an empty bedroom, his name was Jamie and he was a friend I had always been close with and liked a great deal. With this in mind, I followed him to the empty bedroom upstairs. Having consumed a great deal of vodka by this point I was feeling mischievous, with no definite plans in mind in which to express this urge to be naughty in some way, but mischievous nonetheless. I entered the room and found in on the bed, he was curled up in my duvet, he looked the way I felt. His eyes were somewhat glazed over and he shared my expression, the expression of a man who's d***ken state was expressed with a look of docile contentedness. As I entered the room I questioned Jamie "you having trouble sl**ping amongst the rabble?"

"Yeah, I think that last jager finished me off, I need a good sl**p after all that" he replied.

"I think i'm in the same boat, i'm happy i lived up to what an 18th party is meant to be like but i do feel like shit now"

He laughed to himself "You should be proud..i guess, although i'm no rush to thank you for the brutal hangover i've got in the post"

"Ungrateful prick..." I joked.

I preceded to make myself comfortable on the mattress on the floor.

"Mind if I join you in here?" I asked.

"Go for it"

With that I laid down and got as comfortable as possible. After about 20 minutes of tossing and turning I found myself on my back, unable to catch any sl**p. My mind was still full of d***ken curiosity. I wasn't ready to call it a night, I still wanted to have fun in some way, to indulge this mischievous urge I still had.

"Eugh!" I grunted to get Jamie's attention.

"You should be sl**ping like a log after all that you drank" he bantered.

"I think it's the shitty mattress"

"Can't help you there" he replied.

At this point my boozey need for fun took over, with no real intentions besides just messing around I decided to stand up and jump into Jamie's bed, him being in the foetal position with me half spooning him. I knew it wouldn't bother him as he was a friend who would indulge me in some gay "banter". We were both heterosexual men who would happily joke around doing such things knowing that it was only for fun.

"You getting all brokeback on me there?" he joked.

"Don't flatter yourself, i'm just giving this shitty mattress a go as my shitty mattress isn't doing the job" I replied.

He chuckled to himself and laid back down.

As I lay there I felt myself start to stir, although we joked about gay things I had always actually been quite curious. This would be when my mind started to wander, I knew Jamie was a pretty liberal and open minded guy and I wandered to what extend was the "banter" just "banter".

I found myself unable to resist my curiosities, I wrapped my arm around his waist, unsure as to whether he was asl**p or not I gripped him tighter and continued to feel around his torso with my hand. There seemed to be resistance on his part so I continued to grip him tighter and feel his warm body. I continued to slowly move my hand under his shirt feeling his soft skin. He had become more aware of the situation by this point, he turned his head and asked "what are you doing?"

"Nothing much, just getting comfortable" I whispered back to him.

With that I continued to hold him tight while my hand wandered up and down from his nipples to his stomach.

I started to lightly kiss and nibble his ear, I could feel his body tensing as he resisted, I could tell he was unsure but by this point I had become so aroused I decided to risk it. I decided I would give anything in that moment to make him feel the same, to make him want me like I wanted him.

"I'm just making myself comfy.." I whispered to him in a cheeky tone.

I jokingly lied to him "This is how I always get comfy after parties"

"Yeah, with girls...and that's a rare event" he replied.

"Now you're just splitting hairs" I joked back to him.

I could tell he was still unsure but I knew he was curious, I knew there was a chink in his armour and I set out to exploit it.

My hand still played with his torso, slowing caressing his body for a while. I then felt his nipple, playing with it until it hardened. I could still feel in his stiff body that he was unsure but this just spurred me on.

I began to kiss his neck softly then lightly nibble his earlobe, I slowly began kissing his neck harder and lightly bighting it, all the while I had grown hard in my jeans and was grinding against his rear. He started to loosen up, lifting up his head to let me into more of his neck.

He slowly moved his head round, I then moved back for a second to gaze into his eyes, eyes filled with nervous excitement looking straight at me. After this brief moment we swiftly began kissing hard, his tongue exploring my mouth. He moved his head down to my neck and began to kiss and nibble it as I had done with his not long before. As he did, my hands wandered towards his crotch, I franticly unzipped him, releasing his 7 inch member. As I caressed his toned body I grew more and more aroused, I then reached for his sizeable erection and started to slowly wank him. This drove him wild as he stopped kissing my neck and let out a soft moan, trying desperately to stay as quiet as possible.

His hands then reached for my jeans and he unzipped me eagerly as I had done with him minutes before. Before long I had moved on top of him, myself grinding against him as he laid on his back trying to stifle his moans of pleasure as I kissed him all over and wanked his increasingly solid cock.

I found myself kissing him lower and lower until I staring straight at his huge erection, he looked down at me eagerly so i began to tease him. Slowly his around the base and the balls, then around his ass and his inner thigh. I knew this was driving him wild as it was doing the same to me so I dove straight onto his cock. As it rose and sank within my mouth I could taste it's warm pre-cum, I loved the taste almost as much as the expression on his face as I wanked him hard whilst sucking him dry. It wasn't long before I could feel his body pulsating, his legs buckling and his cock hardening in my mouth. As he shook all over he release a jet of warm cum straight into my mouth, I continued to slowly suck the entirety of his cock as he came in my mouth, his hands were gripping my hair tightly as I swallowed every last drop.

I rose up towards him with a cheeky grin that met his lips, my cum soaked mouth exploring his virgin lips made me uncontrollably aroused.

"I want you inside me..." he whimpered.

I needed very little encouragement so I reached inside the bedside cabinet for some form of lube. To my delight i was greeted with a bottle of baby oil, and with that i preceded to coat my fingers in it. I then slowly inserted two fingers into his hole, all the while he was playing with cock. He let out another soft moan which aroused me further and before long I lubed myself up and let his tight hole engorge my throbbing cock. I began to thrust slowly, his virgin ass was clearly in some pain but his face still displayed an expression of wild lust so I continued to thrust until his moans were nothing more than moans of ecstasy. I went faster and faster and then slowed down to slowly kiss him, as i kissed him I thrusted slowly, gently pleasuring his ass, he knew I was teasing him as he gave me a look of dissaproval, i replied with a wry smile and began to thrust harder and faster. I then felt myself climaxing inside of him so I pulled out and swiiftly pulled him close to me, we kissed upright as we both wanked my cock, my cum spreading all across his belly.

We gently kissed in this position for a minute or so later, eventually having to lay down exhausted with him in my arms. We softly kissed whilst entangled in each others limbs, blissfully tired and sweaty from our encounter..

"Just getting comfy eh?" he said with a flirtatious smile, met by my look of pure innocence.

We continued to sl**p entwined in each other, eventually waking and promising to repeat the experience as soon as possible.
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1 year ago
wish i was there to enjoy.I,M STILL HOPEFUL TO SUCK MY FIRST DICK SO
2 years ago
This was amazing if this is real I hope you both talk. I wish this happened between me and my m8t I was sleeping next to a m8t put my arm around his waist he didn't mind but the moment I went to start feeling his body he punched me and said stick to your side then laughed and said we r still m8ts okay but I aint gay we have never spoken of it since lol
2 years ago
Best story ever. ;)
2 years ago
yeah dude ;)
2 years ago
Sounds like an ideal birthday ending
2 years ago
very hot. rock hard off of this
2 years ago
wow hot one mmmm