Part 1-Her affair with a fellow Graduate Student

One day early in our marriage the ex and I were sitting in our sunroom reading the Sunday paper. She mentioned that the article she was reading said that the average man would have 6 sex partners during his life and the average woman 5. She asked, “How many have you had?”
“Do you mean actual intercourse or sex play?” I asked.
“The article refers to actual intercourse, so how many woman have you made love to?”
“You know of all of them. You and M”, (my first wife who had died about 5 years before). How many have you had?” I asked.
“Do you mean relationships? Why don’t you guess?”
I pondered for a few seconds and said, ”Let’s see! There’s me, you were married twice before, you mentioned the ‘brute’, there was ‘magic hands’, and I would guess that there are a couple more that you haven’t told me about yet, so that would make a lucky seven of us.”
“Fewer than seven?”
“Relationships or total sex partners?” I asked meekly, because I was a little surprised that the number was that large.
“Actually more than ten that went on for more than a few weeks, and a few more that were shorter term,” she volunteered but did not give an actual number.
I pressed for more details, but she was not forthcoming. Instead she slid over on the sofa, snuggled up to me, melted me with her blue eyes and said, “I really wish I had waited for you. I love you!!” and we kissed and adjourned to our bedroom where we would have some privacy from my 19 year old college student son who was home on break.
A few weeks later I was finishing the remodeling of her office and found some files, tapes and photos of hers from before we married. In the files were personal letters, some love letters. Several of these were from PL, and were dated 1979 and 1980. . The ex never mentioned PL by name during our marriage but she did relate a few “sexcapades” to me that, reflecting back, must have been with him. From the letters, it wasn’t hard to tell that they had a torrid thing going back then. His letters described various moments of passion they shared. (I only wish that I had copied them when I had the chance.)
The years in question coincide with her finishing up her Ph.D. at a prominent mid-west university. (Yes, she has brains to go along with her dynamite body.) The letters appeared to have been written during term breaks and other times when one or the other was away from campus. One letter, dated in July contained references to a tour that they would be doing in August around the East Coast ending with New York City and the ex meeting his f****y. He wrote that while they were in the city he would take her to this secluded place in well known concert venue, where he had always imagined making out. He described an alcove overlooking the audience and the stage where you could see everyone but no one could see you in the dark. He wrote that he couldn’t wait to show her the place and make mad passionate love to her there. He also asked her to please bring “that cool blue bikini that you sewed” because he couldn’t wait for his friends to see her in it at his parents country club pool. He said that he had been telling them about her and they all refused to believe that she was such a sexpot.
The next letter was dated in October 1979. From the letter it is clear that she was on a job interview trip that would last for two weeks going to four cities, Houston and San Francisco the first week, stopping home in Missouri to see her parents during the weekend and then on to Cleveland and Philadelphia before returning to campus. The letter seemed like it was written two days after she left on the trip and he started off by saying that he hoped that she would get the letter while she was at her parents. Then he told her how much he missed her soft supple body lying next to him.
He said he was thinking of that evening a few weeks ago at the concert when they snuck up to the alcove he mentioned in his first letter. He could still feel hers lips on his and how his hands moved around to her back under her sweater where he found no bra to unsnap. How warm and soft her skin felt and how they seemed to melt together. He wrote that he was startled a little bit when she boldly slipped her hand to his crotch and rubbed his hard-on through his pants. He said that this made him even bolder and reached down pulled her skirt up and got another surprise. He was caressing her naked ass. He told her how good it felt when he groped her cheeks and ground her pubic mound into his. Then he proceeded to describe that he was overcome with passion and had to have her in the alcove. He said he was sorry that he was such a bumbler and couldn’t find a way to take her from the front. But when she turned around to look at the people, he couldn’t resist lifting her skirt and playing with her from the rear. He thanked her for not turning around and smacking him for his boldness but instead spreading her legs apart to give him better access and wiggling her “tush” to show her approval. He told her how glad he was that she could stifle her orgasmic moans because “The place has perfect acoustics, you know.”
He went on thanking her for letting him make love to her from behind while she was leaning over the wall watching the concert. He said that he wished he could see her face as he entered her and hoped that she felt the same wave of pleasure as his hardness entered her warm wetness. He couldn’t remember how long it took but he apologized losing control and cumming and for not paying more attention to her pleasure. He said he wasn’t sure but he thought she came at the same time he did.
He wrote that he had to bite his lip, when they rejoined the group and everyone asked where they had been and the ex had said enjoying the view from the alcove at the top.
The letter had the usual declarations of love and ended with a reference to the “blue bikini” that kind of freaked me out. He said that he thought that, even though both his parents were hesitant about her being a gentile, his father got a hard-on when he saw her in the bikini. PL wrote that his dad at least would welcome seeing more of her.
A few years later, we were in bed talking about sex and the topic of wild sex came up and already knowing the true answer, I asked her, ”Have you ever done it in public?”
She surprised me by saying, “Once I did it in a loft at a concert hall during a concert!”
I asked for more details, “Was it a turn on or were you too afraid of being caught?”
She said, “It might have been the most exciting sex I have ever had, because anyone could walk up there and catch us. I was so excited about the idea that just before we went up, I went to the ladies room and took off my bra and panties. I was hoping my guy wasn’t too scared to do it. We were kissing and groping each other and when he tried to put it in me he couldn’t quite position himself to get it in, so I turned around to watch the concert thinking the moment had passed. A few seconds later I felt him pushing my skirt over my hips and rubbing my pussy. I think I had a shuddering orgasm within about a minute. I had to hold my breath to keep from screaming. It was less than a moment later that I could feel him taking me from behind, his hard dick pushing through my pussy lips. I came almost as soon as his head was in and then again a few seconds later when he reached my magic spot. He didn’t last too long after that and was deep into me when he came. I remember his semen leaking out of me for the rest of the night.”
I commented, “Wow! That was exciting! Who was the guy? Do I know him?”
“He was a grad student when I was. We were pretty serious about each other. I don’t think you know him.”
She then rolled toward me and ran her hand over my chest and down to my hard cock. She said, “How would you like to put this into me from behind right now. You know how I love it when your legs straddle me and you fuck my pussy, sliding “Ducky” up to touch my magic spot and slapping your balls on my clitoris. Please! I’m so hot.”
Within seconds, I had rolled her over on her tummy, sat on her straddling her ass, and slid my dick into her hot, wet pussy. She came almost immediately and at least a couple of times more. I followed a few minutes later. No foreplay had been necessary. The sex talk was enough of an aphrodisiac for both of us.

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