Part 1 - Did MP Shoot the video?

In trying to solve the mystery, I used a method that the detectives on TV crime shows seem to use. I developed a scenario for the taping and then checked it out for plausibility. In other words, was the opportunity there? Was there the means to do the deed? Was there a motive for the act? Are there other factors that point to the suspect, the old friend? Finally, what were the actions of the suspects after the incident?
The simple scenario: the old friend, who I will call MP, took the video expecting me to find it immediately as his (the bull’s) calling card to an unknowing cuckold (me).
As I said above MP was in town that day and I am pretty sure that I was on my way to KC. The only question is whether or not he was still at the house or not. I seem to remember the ex mentioning that he overslept in the morning and had to schedule his flight to Houston for that evening . I didn’t suspect anything then but now my antennae are really up.
The ex worked at home a lot and liked to take a dip in the pool whenever she had time during the day. Funny thing though, she usually wore a one piece similar to the blue Speedo in my Photos
when I wasn’t home, because there were two teenage boys who lived next door at the time and she had felt that the younger one was ogling her when she was swimming alone. He probably was and to tell you the truth the one piece was high cut at the waist it really showed-off her cute little butt and, although it covered most of her front, whenever she got out and the air temperature was under 80 F her nipples poked through the fabric (Headlights?). A sight like that would turn any red-bl**ded teenage boy into a voyeur. I never mentioned the headlights with the one piece for fear that she would start wearing her “Church Lady” suit that she wore when she swam in her parent’s pool.
So there is a probability that the ex was swimming and PM was there.

How did he get the camcorder? That is easily explained by the fact that the evening before, the ex and I showed him the tape that was recorded on. Earlier footage on the tape was of our vacations the previous fall and winter. I had connected the camcorder to the TV in the den, the very room that the video was shot from. The scenario is beginning to look more plausible!

As I said above PM was there that day and looking back perhaps I should have suspected that something was up but on an almost daily basis my ex would tell me how much she loved me and I adored her. When we first hooked up together she would often tell me how she wished she had met me before she had made all the bad decisions in her life. She had been married before and had several affairs and probably more than her share of casual encounters.
One night while we were in bed she told me about a romance that she had in Scotland with an instructor. She described him as the best lover that she ever had. I pressed her for more details and she told me he was well-endowed and she said he knew how to use it, but what made him special was the way he caressed her whole body with his strong but soft hands. He had a way of touching her and she would melt. I asked her if she let him touch her clit directly. She said that, unlike other men before and since, he never focused on just her clit or nipples. As a matter of fact she said during the two week affair she could not remember him ever touching those overly sensitive areas of her body with just his fingers.
I asked how she met him. She related this: He was her teacher and the first afternoon when the class had ended they were talking about an artistic technique and were so immersed in the subject that the evening hours had come and gone. It was dark and her walk home in the evening to her cheap 1 room rental was through a rather rough part of town. He offered to e****t her. She said that she hesitated but her apprehension about the neighborhood made her accept. She said that they walked through the seedy part and into a park with a beautiful view of the city. I think she said it was Glasgow, or was it Edinburgh. They stopped to enjoy the view and their eyes met and they kissed. She says it was the most romantic thing that had ever happened to her.
They walked the rest of the way to her room pausing several times to kiss and hold each other. They both went in and slowly and gently kissed and caressed each other. She said she had her first orgasm with him before they were undressed and before he had even ventured to her pussy. She said she was hooked on him. When he finally tried to enter her after about an hour and a half of foreplay and at least three orgasms, she was ready and really wet. He eased into her but bottomed out and she yelped. He pulled out immediately and soothed her. She noticed that he had lost his erection and assured him that it wasn’t really pain but rather surprise at his size that caused her reaction. She said that she then softly stroked him and tongued him to a new erection and slowly he entered her for the second time, this time one inch at a time. She said she could feel him touch her cervix but this time he did it so gently that she trembled and came. He increased his pace and she said she lost track of time and place and how many times she came. When his orgasm came she came in the most intense orgasm of her life and passed out for about 3 minutes. When her senses were functioning again she was aware of him stroking her hair and face and lightly kissing her lips and neck. She said that he moved to the continent that winter and she visited him again the next summer. When she got there, he was a basket case. He had just had his heart broken by another woman and was nearly impotent. But his magic hands still satisfied her.
What does this have to do with motive? My ex never told me “magic hands” name, but I am reasonably certain now after all these years that the instructor was MP. There are two reasons why I have finally put two and two together. The first and strongest was that I “Googled” him last week and found out that he was an instructor in both Scotland and on the Continent at about the time she was in grad-school. The second? Well, while we were watching the vacation videos MP stood behind her and gently massaged her neck. Something he said while he was doing just went off like a bell in my head a couple of days ago. He said, “You still like to have your neck and shoulders rubbed don’t you?” She leaned back and moaned. Dumb me! I thought how nice of him to be so attentive. As I remember it, that night my ex and I had the hottest sex in months while MP was down the hall in the guest suite and she was not at all quiet about it.
I think his motive was that he wanted me to know that he had a claim on my ex that I could never have. He probably assumed that I would find the clip the next time I viewed the tape. Little would he realize that that would be 10 years later.
I wonder what caused him to “over-sl**p” that morning. I remember that his plane was at 11:30a and my ex was going to drive him to the airport. Why didn’t she wake him up? A better question is: "Why didn’t I figure it out then?" Why has it taken more than 10 years?
Should I continue?

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3 years ago
hind site is always 20/20 you did miss the alarm that went off in your head
3 years ago
well i think u hit the nail on the head..she was for sure doing him ,,and poss behind your to speak..just a good ole boy,,and a better gone x