Pam's Affair with Jack, Her Thesis Advisor

I was posting some photos to the internet the other day when I found one on my computer of Pam wearing a blue string-bikini. She once told me that the photo was taken by one of her ex-lovers on the beach at Ocean City, MD. From things she has told me, things I have heard from others and some of his letters to her, I have surmised that she had a torrid affair with this guy right after her second divorce.
When Pam and I first met, her s****r Katrina told me that Pam was really hurt by a relationship with an egomaniacal jerk, who dominated her life and abused her emotionally. When I asked Katrina for more details, she said, “Pam will have to tell you about it.”
We were in the bedroom when I asked Pam about it a few days later. Her eyes teared-up and she said, ”I love you and I wish I had met you a long time ago. I have done some really stupid things. I wish I had saved myself for you.”
She started to sob and I put my arms around her and she nestled into me hugging me back. “Will it help to talk about it?” I asked and we sat on the bed.
“I am so ashamed that I let myself be used by him but I was so vulnerable at the time and he was so strong and I just let him take over my life. My ex husband, Dave was an alcoholic and at the end I was making all the decisions and doing everything to try to save our marriage. He couldn’t keep a job and refused to take any position that he thought was beneath him. He knew what he wanted to do and even though there were only a handful of those jobs and he wasn’t that good, he wouldn’t settle for something more marketable. I had long since realized that my Fine Arts degree wasn’t going to pay the bills and had taken secretarial work here in DC wherever I could find it. I decided to go back to grad school and get a Masters. It was there that I met Jack. He was my thesis advisor and after a couple of meetings about my studies I opened up to him about my personal life I told him that I was getting a divorce and needed to change careers so that I could support myself. He was very sympathetic and offered some advice on how to handle the situation at home.
“On the evening that Dave moved out, I had a class and was clearly in a funk. Afterwards, I passed Jack in the hall and he asked why I seemed so sad. I told him that Dave had moved out and he offered to take me out for a drink. We walked to a local bar and started to talk. The band started up and it got noisy and we could hardly hear each other. After a couple of drinks he suggested that we go somewhere quieter. He drove to his townhouse and he poured us drinks. We sat on his sofa and talked for a while. I remember what happened next so vividly that it’s as though it just happened. When I stood up to leave, I was a little tipsy and said, ‘I feel so naughty coming to your place. You are my advisor. What will people think if they find out?’
“He put his hands on my waist and gave me an innocent peck on the lips and looking into my eyes he replied, ‘I don’t care what people think. You are my student and you are going through a difficult situation. I am only trying to help you.’
“I melted into him and pulled him closer burying my head in his chest and began to cry. He held me close and started to soothe me by running his hands over my shoulders and back and lightly caressing my neck. I looked up at his eyes and offered him my lips, he bent down and accepted them, and we kissed very passionately for a few minutes. I couldn’t understand it but my sorrow and grief over my marriage ending had turned to lust. Jack was aroused too. He was 6 ft 3 in, almost a foot taller than me and I could feel his erection starting at my belly button and poking into my ribs. My god! He felt so big. Our lips separated and he nuzzled my neck and ears. We had lost control of our bodies. His fingers undid and removed my blouse and his head moved down to suck my left nipple through my bra. It felt wonderful and as his tongue wet the fabric the feeling intensified. I remember shuddering. I actually had an orgasm. While he was doing that my fingers had loosened his belt and undid his pants and my hand slid down his boxers and I pulled his dick out, rubbing over the head of his dick and up and down his shaft. A couple of minutes after my “nipplegasm”, I felt him stiffen, moan and his semen spurted on my hands and blouse. Then he did something totally unexpected. He took my hand and licked all his cum off my fingers and immediately bent down and kissed me deeply depositing his cum in my mouth. I looked up him with a puzzled expression not knowing what he wanted me to do with the load in my mouth. ‘Do you like the taste?’ he asked in a sarcastic tone.
I shook my head no. I still didn’t know what to do.
“‘Swallow it!’ he ordered almost angrily and despite my revulsion at the idea, I complied.
“All of this happened while we were standing up. I couldn’t believe how fast he had started to dominate me. I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this. You must think I am a real slut.” she said and started sobbing again.”
I was more than a little shocked but I comforted her by saying, “I love you for what you are now. We have all done things we regret. I’d like to hear more.”
“Not now,” she said, “I get too upset when I think about those times.”
What I didn’t tell her was that while she was relating her tale I was sporting a raging hard-on hearing it. She must have known though because we immediately started to kiss passionately and had intense sex. I almost think that she enjoyed telling me as much as I enjoyed hearing about her past escapades. We would have several more of these conversations and they always ended up with us pleasuring one another.
Her tale of her first sex with Professor Jack really had me aroused and curious about her affair with him. I was a little perplexed by the fact that she would get romantically and sexually involved with her professor but I wrote it off that she was emotionally vulnerable at the time and not in complete control of her life. I think I was more pissed off that Jack would take advantage of her vulnerability. We didn’t talk about it again until a few weeks later. I had come to DC for an engagement party that her friend Beth gave for us at her house and were staying in her guest room because we were too d***k to drive back to Pam’s house. All during the party we had been sneaking off to grope each other and we were both ready to make love. I slowly undressed her, kissing and caressing each bit of her smooth skin as I did. She was very aroused and virtually tore my clothes off when I had removed her last bit of clothing, her black lace bikini panties. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs apart, leaned back on her elbows and said, “Fuck me now!”
I moved between her legs and was about to insert my raging hard on into her when she stopped me cold and said, “Don’t you have a rubber?”
I answered, “They’re in my suitcase at your house. I really don’t need one anyway. We’re getting married next week and I don’t care if you get pregnant. Do you?”
She started to cry hysterically. ”What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I wanted to tell you this before the first time we made love.” She murmured. “I have herpes! I got it from Jack. Up until now you have always used a condom, so I didn’t have to tell you. I can’t let you make love to me without one. I love you too much to give it to you. I didn’t know how to tell you. I was afraid you would leave me.”
The words stopped me cold and it felt like I had just been punched in the stomach. For a couple of seconds I couldn’t speak. When I finally could, I cursed her. “You conniving slut! How could you not tell me something like that. What else is there? I need to know now!”
My words and tone shocked her and her hysterics stopped. She had never seen my anger before. She looked up at me with pleading eyes and asked. “What do you want to know? I told you that I have done some really slutty things and that I wish I had saved myself for you. Will you still marry me if I tell you everything?”
I shot back, “I don’t know but I won’t marry you if you don’t tell me! I have to be able to trust you. If I can’t, there is no use going through with it.”
She looked at me almost defiantly, “Are you sure you want to know. There’s a lot to tell. Where should I start? Do you want to know my complete sexual history right now?” she said almost taunting me.
At that moment, I was obsessed with her and Jack. “Start with Jack. What else did you do with him? You told me about the first time. I need to know the rest.”
She acquiesced to my anger and began, “I only told you part of my first time with Jack. I told you how he ‘snowballed’ me with his cum and made me swallow it. What I didn’t tell you was that right after that he took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom and gently caressed me and made love to me. It was a Friday night and we didn’t leave his place until Sunday evening. He treated me like a queen. He fixed breakfast in bed in the morning after he made love to me. We gave each other massages and luxuriated in each other’s bodies all weekend. After the hell I had been going through with Dave, I was in heaven. I didn’t want to leave on Sunday. As he drove me back to my car on Sunday night, Jack said, ’We have to be careful about being seen together. I could lose my position if the Dean finds out I’m involved with another of one my students.’
“It was then that I realized how vulnerable I was to him. I had fallen in love with him but he did not seem to want to make a commitment to me. I was just another piece of tail to him. I responded to him. ‘Jack, I love you and want to be with you. I will do anything to be with you!’
“‘Anything?’ he asked.
“‘Yes! I love you and want to be a part of your life and want you to be part of mine.”
“Just then we arrived at my car in the campus parking lot and I was gripped by the fear that this would be the end of it. I was afraid that he would just drop me off and I was just a weekend fling, so I did something stupid. I leaned over, unzipped him and gave him a blowjob right there in the car. He came in my mouth after about 30 seconds and this time I did not have to be told to swallow. He was surprised by my eagerness to please him and said in his sarcastic tone of voice, ‘I like you. You’re a fast learner.’”
“You gave him a blow job right there in the parking lot?” I asked interrupting her. I couldn’t help thinking about the great blowjob she gave me in my office when she came up to my place in Jersey a few weeks earlier. It was the first and only time in my life that I actually came during a blowjob. I knew that she was a great cocksucker but I also knew that it was not her favorite thing to do, so I was more than a little surprised that she would do it in plain view of anyone walking by.
She looked at me and continued, “I got bolder and asked Jack, ‘When will I see you again?’
“’When do you have class this week?’ he asked.
“’Not until Thursday night but I have study sessions with some friends tomorrow and Wednesday.’
“’Good!’ he said leerily. ‘Can you come to my place after the session tomorrow night?’
“’It may be late, but if that’s all right I’ll be there a little after ten.’ I responded a bit too eagerly.
“‘See you tomorrow night then!’ and with that he got out of the car and walked me over to my car. When we got to it we both looked around to see if there was anyone nearby and seeing no one we exchanged a brief kiss and as we broke it off, we secretly groped each other.”
I was still more than a little pissed about the "coitus interruptus" but I was simultaneously intrigued by the spell that Jack had seemed to have put her under and aroused by her tale. "Did you go to his place the next night?" I asked.

“I was like a giddy teenager as I was driving home and couldn’t wait to see him again. The next day seemed to drag at work. There were several colleagues who noticed how distracted I was but they all thought it was because of the break-up with Dave. The only one I told about the weekend was Beth and I knew I could trust her because she told me she was giving blow jobs to Mark, our married co-worker in the parking garage at lunch and that they had snuck off to a motel on Saturday. I went to the study group at 6:30 and we broke up early at about 8:00. So I thought I would go over to Jack’s early and surprise him.
“I drove over to his place being careful to leave in the direction that I do to go home and arrived at Jack’s at 8:20. I thought that I had better park down the street to avoid my car being seen at his place and walked the two blocks to his townhouse. I gently knocked on the door. After a few minutes Jack came to the door dressed in a bathrobe. ‘You’re early.’ He said, ‘Come in! There’s someone here you should meet. Now is as good a time as any.’
“My heart sank. ‘What do you mean? I thought we would be alone.’ I responded with a puzzled look.
“Before I could say or do anything else jack took my hand and led me down to his rec-room on the lower level. On the way there I remembered that during the entire weekend we had not gone down there. As we went down the stairs a female voice called anxiously, ‘Jack, who was at the door?’
“‘It’s Pam she is here early,’ he called back.
“I was totally shocked by what I saw when we reached the landing at the bottom and entered the room. It looked like a medieval dungeon complete with stone walls, whips, chains, leather restraints, various tables and bed. At the far end of the room, a tall blonde woman was hanging there handcuffed in a leather swing. A closer look revealed that she had clothes pins on her nipples and a large purple dildo in her pussy. Next to her on a wooden bench was a small whip. Jack looked the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on my face, kissed me, looked at the woman and said, ‘Connie, this is Pam. She is going to be your Mistress.’ Then he looked at me and said, ‘Pam this is Connie our sex slave,’
“I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to run away as fast as I could. Another part of me was also thrilled that Jack had said our sex slave. To me that word meant that we were a couple. Before I could do anything, Jack took me back out of the room out of Connie’s sight and whispered, ‘This is a game Connie likes to play. Tonight she wants to be a B&D sub. Play along and we’ll all have some fun. I promise no one will get hurt. Put these on!’ He handed me a leather bra and panties set, opened the bathroom door for me and went back into the dungeon.
“I was hesitant but I took off my clothes anyway and put on the outfit. I looked in the mirror and a little shiver went up my spine. I looked like a dominatrix. Now all I had to do was act like one. I walked back into the rec-room and Connie was pleading with Jack. ‘Please master take off the clothes pins they are hurting me!’
“Jack said, ‘You’ll have to ask Mistress Pam to take them off. I have to go upstairs and make a phone call.’
“Connie looked at me with contempt as I approached from across the room and spit at me. ‘She is not my Mistress. She’s your little whore.’
“I was starting to feel sorry for her and reached over to remove the clothes pins when Jack grabbed my hand and said, ‘You need to show her that you are her Mistress. Take off the clothes pins and put these big black paper clips on her nipples!’
“Connie yelped, ‘Not the paper clips! They hurt too much. Please don’t! I will do whatever you want but not the paper clips.’
“Jack looked at me and said with a mean tone, ‘Don’t be a wimp. Put both clips on at the same time. That should show her who is the Mistress and who is the whore.’
“I didn’t want to but I followed his command and f***ed myself to remove the clothes pins and then opened both clips and clamped them on both nipples. I expected Connie to scream in pain. Instead she shuddered, looked me in the eyes and ecstatically moaned, ‘Thank you Mistress Pam! Please kiss me!’
“I looked at her and then Jack and he said, ‘I think she needs a kiss. Kiss her while I take off the clamps and unlock her handcuffs.’
“I had never really kissed another woman before and I didn’t know what to expect. I walked around the swing and bent down to give her a quick kiss. When I my lips met hers, they felt soft and warm. Jack had removed one of her handcuffs and she put her arm around my neck and held me tightly as her lips opened and her tongue sought mine. Instinctively my lips opened and our tongues met and what I intended to be a quick peck on the lips turned into a long passionate embrace. Connie knew how to kiss and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jack had freed her other hand while we were kissing. She held my face tenderly in both hands as we kissed. Jack had walked up behind me and slid his hands under the leather bra and caressed them. I was really hot. He had taken off his robe and I could feel his hard dick poking at my ass between my legs. Connie took my left hand and moved it to the dildo in her pussy. I really had no experience as to what to do but I began to move it in and out slowly. Her hip movement and the increased intensity of our kissing let me know I was doing it right.
“While this was happening, Jack had moved his hands from my breasts and placed them on my hips and was humping me from behind. He broke this off briefly and slid the leather panties over my hips and down my legs and then unfastened the leather bra. He quickly moved his dick between my legs and was rubbing it on my moist pussy lips. After a few seconds of this he pushed into me and rammed it all the way in and started to fuck me. After a few minutes Connie broke off our kiss, arched her back, moaned and closed her legs tightly signaling that she had cum as a result of my dildo action. Connie got out of the swing and went to the bathroom. I stood up expecting Jack to pull out but he didn’t. His long dick remained inside me. The sensation was incredible. When his dick moved in, it directly hit my G-spot and I came almost immediately. Without pulling out Jack slowly walked me over to the bed and we kind of fell onto it. I was on my belly and Jack was astride my ass with his dick still inside me working its magic on my G-spot. I came again and again. I was an orgasm machine. Except for my pussy, I lost all sense of what was going on.
“I don’t know how long it was but I sensed Connie standing over us. She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform and was kissing Jack even as he was still fucking me. She looked at me and said sweetly, ‘I have to get to work at the ER by ten. Wish I could stay for more fun, Mistress Pam. ’She bent down and gave me a lingering kiss just as I was cumming for the umpteenth time. ‘We’ll have to do this again soon.’ She gave Jack another kiss and left.
“Jack still had not cum. I found out later that he had fucked Connie just before I got there and his second cumming always seemed to take something special to get him off. That night I found out what that special something was. After Connie left he pulled out of me and got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I laid there in my reverie almost asl**p. When he returned he had four silk scarves in his hand. Before I fully realized what he was doing, he had used them to tie my hands and feet to the bed posts. I was on my stomach helpless to stop him from doing anything. I was totally his. I looked over my shoulder and pleaded with him, ‘Jack, I afraid. Please don’t hurt me.’
“Jack laughed, ‘Do you think I would hurt you? I love you! I’m only going to expand your pleasure horizons a little. In order to do that you need to be restrained. I need you to relax and trust me. If you really want me to stop I will, but I need to get off and this never fails to do the trick.’
“I craned my neck to look back at what he was doing and told him, ‘I have never felt this vulnerable in my life, but I love you and trust you.’
He then slowly began to gently run his hands over my neck and shoulders, down my back, over my ass cheeks and down my thighs and calves to my feet and toes. On the return trip he used his hands and lips kissing as he went. Finally he made a round-trip down and back using his hands and lips and adding a lot of tongue. I relaxed totally and yielded myself to him. Next he used jasmine scented massage oil and gave me a massage, first my neck and shoulders then all the way down to my feet. He then proceeded to pay particular attention to my ass oiling the cheeks well. He moved over me and nuzzled my ear whispering, ’I want to fuck your ass.’
“I had never had anal sex before but I was so into him that I murmured, ‘I’ve never done that before. Please be gentle.’
“‘I will,’ he assured me.
“He took some oil and applied it liberally to my rosebud and slowly inserted the tip of his index finger. I tensed up. ‘You need to relax or it will not be good for either of us. You need to be my dirty girl. Do you want to be my dirty girl?’ he said playfully.
“I giggled and answered, ‘I want to be your dirty girl.’ This little game put me at ease and soon first one the two then three of his fingers were sliding into my ass. After a few minutes he mounted me and put his dick in my ass and said, ‘Now you are my dirty girl. How does it feel?’
“To be frank it was a little uncomfortable but I felt that I was totally his and had nothing else to give. I didn’t answer his question but he sensed that the ass fucking was not doing anything for me and he pulled out and reached down for something. Soon I felt Connie’s dildo entering my pussy followed by Jack re-entering my ass. The pressure of his dick caused the dildo to rub against my G-spot and I was soon enjoying his cock in my ass almost as much as he was. I looked back at him hungrily and growled, ’I am your dirty girl now!’ Within a few minutes we both came.
“His hard on softened and I sort of squeezed him out of my ass. He lay there on top of me for a minute, then reached up and freed my arms, rolled off of me and freed my legs. I rolled over on my back and stretched my arms out to him inviting him to kiss me. He responded by kissing me deeply and moving his hand down to my dildo filled pussy. He worked the dildo in and out for a few minutes but sensed that I was not really enjoying it. He slowly pulled it out and showed me how shiny it was with Connie’s and my pussy juices. He leered at me, ‘Dirty girl you need to use your tongue to clean this off.’ With that he placed the purple thing to my lips and put my hands around it.
“I don’t know what possessed me. I hate the smell and taste of my pussy juices but I just gave him an evil look and started to suck the dildo and slobber my tongue around it. When it was all cleaned up, I pulled it out of my mouth with a pop. He gave me an evil grin, said, ‘You are a very dirty girl aren’t you?’ and put his semi-erect cock in my mouth and sneered, ‘Clean this up now and show me that you are really a very, very dirty girl.’
“I was so caught up in the dirty girl game that I sucked his cock and almost convinced myself that I liked the disgusting taste of my ass on him. As I sucked, he got hard again and came in my mouth in less than a minute. This time I held his semen in my mouth and when he kissed me I snowballed him and said with an evil smirk, ‘Your dirty girl, Mistress Pam orders you to swallow.’
“He looked shocked at the turn of events and opened his mouth to show me the cum and then swallowed hard. He opened his mouth to speak, ‘I really like your style. I’m in love!’
“Those words thrilled me and made me want to please him more. We lay on the bed holding each other and fell asl**p hugging and cuddling. We slept until the next morning. I woke up first when I heard a beeping coming from across the room. I got out of the bed and went over to where the sound seemed to be coming from and found a camcorder on a tripod. I started to examine the camera when Jack came up behind me, put his arms around me and said, ‘How is my dirty little movie star this morning?’”
I was sitting next to my fiancé and was dumfounded by what she had just told me. In one night she had done more slutty things than I could have imagined her doing in her whole life. I stared at her for a moment and said, “He must have d**gged you to get you to do all that.”
“No! I could say that I was d**gged or d***k but I needed someone strong at the time and I was so in love with him that I let it all happen that night. There were other times when we got just as wild. I wish I had met you first, Joe. I feel so cheap and I don’t deserve your love.”
“Don’t talk that way. I am deeply in love with you or I would have walked out of here an hour ago when you told me about the herpes. By the way did you get it that night?”
She answered, “No! Jack didn’t have it yet. He got it from screwing Connie when I was gone home to KC for the holidays about 8 months later. She picked it up from fucking some intern at the hospital. Jack got a sore and got tested and I did too. My test was negative and he started taking the anti-viral d**g and we used condoms until the d**g had his under control.”
“Then how did you get it?”
“About a year later, I woke up one morning with an itch between my pussy and anus. By evening it had progressed to a burning and by bedtime I could feel the sore. I had moved into Jack’s place after I got my Masters and I told Jack about it. He said matter-of-factly, ‘Sounds like I gave you herpes.’
“’What do you mean? You’re on the medicine and it’s under control. Isn’t it?’
“’Actually, I stopped taking it about six weeks ago,’ he said rather sheepishly.
“I was pissed. ’You bastard! Why didn’t you tell me? How could you fuck me without a rubber if you knew you could give me an incurable disease?’
“ He shouted back, ‘I didn’t tell you because I knew you would make me use a rubber and I hate those things.’
“That was the beginning of the end of our relationship. After that I knew that he was a selfish asshole that I would never trust again. It took about another 6 months for it to completely fall apart. That’s when I came up to Jersey for my three month work detail with your group. I intended it as just a cooling off period until the renters moved out of my house, but you treated me as a professional and were so nice that I started to imagine that we could have a relationship. As the months went by you were so respectful and helpful about my career that I thought you weren’t interested in me romantically.”
I interrupted, “I really wasn’t until we were at that work-site near Niagara Falls and you said that you had never seen the Falls. I offered to take you there and while we were on the Canadian side at my favorite spot, right at the point where the water starts to fall, I looked into your eyes and knew I would fall in love with you. I fought the impulse for two months until you went back to DC and when we had dinner in there in December, I knew I was in love with you.”
She looked at me with tears in her eyes and asked, “Do you still love me after what I have told you tonight?”
I leaned over, put my arms around her, pulled her towards me and kissed her gently and we lay down on the bed. Our naked bodies touched for the first time since our ‘coitus interruptus’ of an hour before. I was intoxicated by the feel of her breasts on my chest and her soft thighs as they pressed into mine. We fell asl**p in each other’s arms and even though we didn’t make love that night, I felt more intimacy lying with her like that than I had in the throes of our most passionate sex.
When I woke up the next morning, Pam was awake staring at the ceiling. “A penny for your thoughts,” I whispered.
She answered, “I am worried about us after what I told you last night. Jack took advantage of me and I’m afraid you will do the same thing.”
“Do you think I am a sadistic bastard like Jack?” I replied.
“He is not really a sadist. He is much more complicated than that. Even though he used me sexually, he did broaden my pleasure horizons. As shocking as it might be I was really turned on by our kinky activities. When I think about them, I still get wet. The reason I broke it off was because I didn’t trust him. I knew from the first that he would never be faithful to me but I could accept that. I thought we had a special relationship. I deluded myself into thinking that I was his real love and the rest were for his amusement. When he gave me herpes I realized that it was all about his pleasure. Still the sex was great.”
“What about us? Do you find our sex life unsatisfying?” I asked. I was beginning to worry that I couldn’t compete.
“We don’t just have sex, we make love. I can feel more than orgasmic pleasure. I can feel that we are sharing, that we are together. I have never felt that with anyone before.” She answered.
“Not even your first two husbands?”
She stopped looking at the ceiling, rolled over to face me, gazed into my eyes and answered, “Not to the degree that I do with you. With them the sex was more like it was with Jack, thrilling and physical, intensely satisfying but mostly without emotional connection. With you every time we make love I feel like we are almost uniting our minds as well as our bodies. It’s a ‘zen’ thing. Do you feel the same thing?”
I responded, “Yes! I thought that is what love is all about. For me that is what sex with a partner is all about. I have never been able to use a woman for sexual pleasure alone. If all I want is sexual release, I can jack off. It makes life less complicated. No one gets hurt. The sex drive can be the strongest human urge. In my sheltered life, I have seen what raw sex can do to people. I have seen it ruin marriages, ruin businesses, and even lead to suicides. I can see that your life has been deeply affected by it. You let Jack use yours to get you to do things that you didn’t want to do.”
I had gotten preachy. Pam was a little angry with me for the moral lecture and reacted quickly, “Jack did not make me do anything that I didn’t want to do at the moment. He may have taken advantage of my emotional state but it wasn’t like he hypnotized or d**gged me. I was a big girl and knew what was happening and I enjoyed it. If I had to do it again, I probably would.”
Her words stung me. I snapped at her. ”Pam, do you mean you actually like doing all that kinky stuff? And knowing what you do know about the bastard that you would do it again?”
She could see the anger in my eyes and reached up and tenderly touched my cheek and soothed me by saying, “Without all that happened with Jack we would not be together. Do you remember that we met three years ago at a conference in DC? Neither of us paid any attention to the other.”
“No. I don’t remember meeting you before you came to work in Jersey. How do you remember?”
“The only reason that I remember was that Beth mentioned that your wife had died about a year before and that you might be on the dating scene soon and that she might like going out with you. She thought you were hot. As a matter of fact she still does. She told me she wouldn’t mind a threesome, but I told her I wasn’t sharing you with anyone.”
“I didn’t know that Beth is into that. She seems so straight-laced.”
Pam said, “There’s a lot you don’t know about Beth. She is pretty wild sexually and was a regular ’prisoner’ in Jack’s dungeon. She still sees him at least once a week. She keeps telling me that he wants me to come over with her again.”
I was angry again. “What do you mean ‘again’? Are you still seeing him when I’m back in Jersey?”
She explained, “I went with her once. It was after work the Friday after I came back to the office from my detail. You probably want to know what happened. So I’ll tell you. When I came into work that morning, I was a little blue that nothing had happened romantically between us. Beth and I talked. I said, ‘I had a feeling that Joe was interested in me but he acted so professionally while I was there that I am beginning to wonder if I am attractive enough. At times I wanted to throw myself at him and kiss him.’
“Beth interrupted me, ‘You should have stayed late in the office with him, closed the door, unzipped him and given him a blow job. That would have got his attention. That’s what I would have done.’
“I answered her sarcastically, ’That may work for you but I think I want more than a one-night-stand with him.’
“Beth responded good-naturedly, ’You’re just horny! Have you had any cock since you went to Jersey?’
“I answered, ‘I tried the bar scene when I first got there but the guys there only seemed interested in the bar flies in their short mini-dresses. I didn’t fit in.’
Beth quipped, ‘You didn’t wear your prissy business skirt did you? You have your cute little black dress with the scoop neck that literally calls out,” Fuck me!”’
“’Actually, Beth, that dress is still at Jack’s, and yes I wore my work clothes to the bar.’
“’No wonder you didn’t get laid. I never saw any woman who could hide her body like you can. So what did you do? Lie in your bed and fantasize about Joe screwing you?’ Beth chided me.
“’Close. Most nights I kept busy reading and emailing friends but when I really got horny I “Jilled” myself while thinking about some of my past lovers.’ I answered.
“Beth asked, ‘Was Jack one of those fantasies?’
“’More than a few times, I remembered how excited he would make me and it helped me cum. It was lonely up there at night and the memories of the great sex helped me.’ I said.
“‘I’m going to his place tonight to have some fun. Why don’t you come with me and we’ll make some of those fantasies real.’ Beth said half jokingly.
“’No way!’ I answered and she didn’t press the issue.
“As the day went on, I kept thinking about her offer and I’ll have to admit the temptation was more than I could resist and at about 4:00, I went to Beth’s desk and asked, ‘Is your offer for tonight still open? I don’t want to horn in on your action if you want to be alone.’
“She was overjoyed. ’It sure is. I told Jack that I invited you over and he was very disappointed that you said no. He has invited a few other friends over and when you come in with me, he’ll flip.’
“I was starting to get cold feet. ‘Is this going to be one of his wild bondage parties tonight? If it is, I really don’t think I want to be one of their slaves.’
“’Tonight is Sadie Hawkins night. The men have to do whatever the ladies want them to. It will be a lot of fun. You should come.’ She was so convincing.
“The thought of what I would like to do to Jack flashed through my mind. Sadie Hawkins night sounded too good to miss. ‘You convinced me. Do I need to go home and change into something more appropriate than this skirt, blouse, and jacket?’
She looked me up and down with a frown on her face, ‘The pants suit is a little too modest. But you said that your “little black dress” is at Jack’s. You can change into it when we get there.’
“’What are you wearing?’ I asked.
“She motioned to the door of the conference room across from her desk and we went in and shut the door. ‘I have a leather mini-skirt and bustier on under this dress. Wanna’ see?’ With those words she lifted her dress up revealing a very short mini skirt. She put her foot on a chair and I could see her black lace stockings and garter belt and her shaved, panty-less pussy.
“’You are ready for action aren’t you. I really feel overdressed. If you are going “commando” then so will I.’ I pulled up my skirt and took off my panties. ‘I’ll take off my bra at Jack’s when I change into my black dress.’ We smirked at each other and left the conference room.
“I called my car-pool driver and told him I was staying late and that they should leave without me and Beth and I drove over to Jack’s in her car. On the way Beth teased, ‘You are overdressed. You should lose the bra and blouse before we get there and walk in wearing just the jacket and skirt. Jack will want to ravish you right there but you can tease him and tell him that it’s ladies’ choice and you want to see the other choices.’
“I took her bait and on our way down the freeway, I stripped to the waist giving a free show to a semi-driver we were passing. He sped up to prolong his view and I even lifted my skirt and flashed him a little pussy before Beth sped away. He flashed his lights and blared his horn either in appreciation or disappointment. I’m not sure which.”
“When we arrived at Jack’s at 6:30 pm, we were the first to arrive. Jack answered the door and he was very surprised to see me and reacted to my slutty outfit just as Beth had predicted in the car. It had been four months we had the big fight and I walked out. The next day he wrote me a letter telling me that it was over between us and said that we were not compatible sexually because I did not love oral sex either giving or receiving. Despite all of this nastiness I felt a twinge of desire to fuck him right there in the doorway. I resisted and as Beth had scripted I mentioned ladies’ choice and I wanted to see the choices. He was visibly shaken by my response and stammered something about how he knew I would choose him. When I heard that, I thought to myself, ‘We’ll see about that.’
“He turned his attention to Beth and he kissed her passionately and groped her reaching under her mini-skirt and approving of her nakedness sank to his knees and started to kiss and tongue her pussy. I knew what he was doing. He was showing me that my lack of enthusiasm for oral sex was not shared by Beth. I just turned and walked up to his guest bedroom where just as expected my black dress was still hanging in the closet. I took it off the hanger and put it on. When I looked in the mirror, I thought that Beth was right. It made me look sexy and did seem to say ‘Fuck me!’
“By the time I had come down several other guests had arrived and Jack and Beth were busy getting them drinks. By 7:30 the party was really going. There were 6 guys and 7 women, me being the extra, the others more or less paired up. Most of them were familiar to me from parties Jack and I had attended. Connie was there with her latest, an EMT she had met at the ER. It was ladies night in the dungeon and before long all of the men were handcuffed, tied or shackled. Jack was in the swing with his hands tied above his head. Each of us women were mercilessly arousing them not allowing them to cum. This went on for about an hour before Beth announced that each man would have to make a woman cum by the means that the woman chose but if the man came first he would have to spend the rest of the night tied to a chair watching. Each woman would choose the man she wanted. I piped in that I should choose last because I was alone. All of the women agreed. Connie chose first and she chose Jack. The others chose and I deferred for a few minutes. When the action started I noticed that Connie’s EMT had a raging 8 inch hard-on while Beth was sitting on his face. I chose the hard-on and squatted on it and within a few minutes Beth and I were in the throes of intense orgasms.”
“You mean that you simply fucked this guy that you didn’t know and came in a couple minutes?” I interrupted.
“Yes! I was so horny after all those months of rubbing my clit to get off, that the feel of a big thick cock in my pussy was indescribable. Is this upsetting you too much?” she countered.
I thought for a few seconds. I was listening to my intended wife talk about actions that bordered on depravity. As disquieting as these episodes were, I needed to hear about them. “I don’t want to be upset but I still want you to tell me everything!”
“Where was I?” she asked.
“You were telling me about you and Beth getting off on an EMT at Jack’s party a few months ago.”
“Well Beth and I were the first women to cum and we looked around the room to see Connie with one end of a double dildo in her pussy with the other end in Jack’s ass. Much to everyone’s surprise Jack was cumming and Connie wasn’t. She continued to fuck his ass for ten more minutes before she came at the same time he did for the second time. Jack protested that it wasn’t fair Connie had cum but all of us women ganged up on him and pointed out that he had agreed and that he indeed did cum first. He had no choice and was tied to a chair in the corner facing the action. I seized the moment. He would have to watch me for the rest of the night. He was to see quite a show from me. I made up my mind to show him who he had spurned because she did not like oral sex enough. For the remainder of the party I took every opportunity to use my mouth or to be pleasured by someone else’s. I gave blow jobs to four of the other five guys. I let all five eat my pussy and even came a few times. Connie and I did a hot sixty-nine which culminated with both of us cumming as we ate each other while using dildoes on one another. All of the women even did a daisy chain while all of the men had to watch. Each time I would look defiantly over at Jack whose face displayed that he was totally astonished by my wantonness and that he was frustrated by not being able to participate. The rest of the guests started to leave and by 11:30, only Beth and I remained. Jack was still tied to the chair and was complaining that as each couple left the woman would take his cock in her mouth and give him a few quick licks, enough to keep him hard but not much more. ‘I need to come or my balls are going to explode,’ he pleaded to Beth and me.
“Beth and I looked at each other and smiled. I said, “I will take care of that!’ With that I went over to Jack knelt in front of him, took hold of his cock, opened my mouth and started to flick my tongue hard on the under-side of his cockhead. I then took the whole head of his cock in my mouth and rotated my tongue around it and sucked hard on it. He started to clench his fists as he was about to cum but I abruptly pulled away, got to my feet and I quipped ironically, ‘I don’t really like oral sex, giving or receiving,’ as I walked away.
“Beth said mercifully, ‘Game is over. I’ll finish him!’ With that she went to the chair slung her leg over him, inserted his swollen cock into her pussy and rode him to their almost simultaneous orgasms. I say almost because I am pretty sure that for the second time in the evening that gentleman did cum first.
“Beth and I both spent the night at Jack’s, me in the guest bedroom and Beth in bed with Jack. I fell asl**p feeling satisfied with myself for showing Jack what he would be missing but a little depressed that I had to act like such a slut to do it. The next morning I was awakened by a familiar touch on the inside of my naked thighs. The fingers were starting to move toward my pussy. I moaned u*********sly until I realized who it was. Jack had got up and come into the guest room with pay back on his mind. I roughly took his hand and moved it away almost shouting, ‘Jack, it’s over between us. It has been for months.’
“Jack argued, ‘We had such great time together! Lots of fun! Great sex! Can’t we have that again?’
“’I won’t ever be used by you again. You only wanted me for a sex partner. That’s all you want now!’ I was getting mad at his attitude that he could have me for sex without any emotional involvement.
“He admitted it. ’You have to admit that the sex was great. You never complained about that. Did you? Let’s have some more fun together!’
“Again I raised my voice. ’I have to have more than just debauchery. I want a relationship based on love and trust. You don’t. It’s over.’
My loud voice must have woken up Beth because she came in the room bleary eyed and asked what the trouble was. I told her, ‘I was trying to tell Jack that he and I are finished and he won’t believe me.’
Beth looked at us both and laughed, ‘Looking at you two naked in bed together, it doesn’t look like it’s over, but, judging from what Pam has told me for the past few months, Jack, you better believe that it is over as far as she is concerned. Let’s have breakfast!’
“Beth’s wit seemed to be successful in conveying to him the idea that I had been trying to get through to Jack. He seemed to accept that it was never going to be the same between us. We all got dressed and went out for breakfast at the local diner. After breakfast we returned to Jack’s and I gathered up the few things I had left at Jack’s a few months before and Beth drove me home.”
I picked up on something Pam had just said. “You said Jack seemed to accept that you were though with him. What did you mean ‘seemed’?”
“Even though I broke it off three months ago, he is still calling me. He has those porn tapes of me and is threatening to show you if I don’t continue to see him.”
“Have you seen him?”
“No! But he is insisting that I see him for old-time’s sake on Thursday, two days before our wedding. He says he will give me the tapes then. I have agreed to go to his place but I’m afraid of what will happen. I don’t think he will really give me the tapes. I don’t know what to do.”
She stopped talking and I thought for a few minutes. I broke what must have been a ten minute silence. “What else is on those tapes? Is there anything else on them that you need to tell me about?”
She thought about it and answered, “There is some really raunchy stuff that I did with him over the time we were together and I am not sure what he taped. I have told you a lot of it and I am ashamed of it all, but I can’t say that I didn’t do it. I am sorry to have hurt you.”
The moment of decision was at hand. I had to decide if I wanted to go through with the wedding to a woman I was intensely in love with or to call it off and go on looking for a soul mate. She had told me several times before that she had wished she had saved herself. I was hurt by the details of sexual activity she had revealed, but I had to admit to myself that I had my sexual peccadilloes too. I decided that I would marry her for love and accept her past as past and hope that our mutual love would prevail. That decision being made. We were left with the problem of Jack and the tapes. I had an idea on how to solve that.
Thursday would be a day to remember. I asked Pam, “Can I go with you to Jack’s when you go on Thursday?”
She posed a couple of questions, “Would you lose your temper and make a scene?”
“I don’t think so. I have a plan but I can’t tell you what it is. You will have to trust me but in effect I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.” I responded.
She said, “I would like it if we went together.”
Thursday came and I picked up Pam from her office and we started to Jack’s house. I asked her, “Did Jack call today?”
She responded, “Yes he did he wanted to know if we were still on for tonight and if I wanted to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I told him that I wasn’t free for dinner and that I was just coming to pick up the tapes.”
“How did he take that?”
“He seemed disappointed. By the way what’s in the manila envelope in the backseat?” She asked.
“You’ll see in a few minutes when we get to Jack’s. It’s the offer he can’t refuse.” I responded.
When we arrived at Jack’s, Pam and I walked up to the door and rang the bell. When he opened the door Jack’s jaw dropped and he stammered, “Hello, Pam! I thought you would be coming alone.”
I greeted Jack, “Hi! I’m Joe Pam’s fiancé and I understand you have something for me to look at.”
Jack was utterly flustered. He was unprepared for my words and said, “Please come in!” and regaining his composure continued, “Ur ur ur .. can I get you both a drink? Come up to the living room!”
“Pam says you have quite a recreation room. Why don’t we have our drinks in there?” I answered.
Jack was flustered again but agreed and we went down to the scene of the crime so to speak. After about ten minutes of chit-chat, I said, ”We all know why we’re here, Jack. Do you have the tapes ready for Pam? Before you give them to her I want to verify that they are not blank tapes.”
Jack said, “I have to get them.” and went to a drawer in the dungeon table and handed me six VHS tapes.
I asked, “Are these the originals?”
“No they are not.” He admitted.
I shot him an angry look and said, “Where are they?”
Jack was defensive and said, “I guess you’ll want those too!” and he went to a file cabinet and gave me six camcorder tapes.
I told him to put the camcorder tapes in the player and turn on the monitor. When the first tape began Pam grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Her eyes filled with tears and she began to whimper. On the screen was Pam dressed in a leather bra and panties set and she was removing clothespins from a nude blonde woman’s nipples. More importantly as the tape began I saw what I needed to make my offer. Pam was getting more and more upset as I viewed the start of each tape and fast-forwarded through all of them. She was openly crying uncontrollably by the end of the last one. I soothed her by whispering, “I love you!” and she turned to hug me and kiss me.
I turned to Jack who handed me the Camcorder and VHS tapes and I said, “We are ready to take the tapes and leave now but I have this for you in case you have more copies.” I handed him the manila envelope. “Read this out loud so Pam can hear!”
He opened it and read it aloud:
“Faculty/Student Dating Section 9.4 • Dept: Provost's Office • Revised: February 1st, 1985
A dating relationship between a professor and a student enrolled in his/her class, or an advisor and an advisee, is generally prohibited. Dating relationships between faculty and students not currently enrolled in their classes, or between supervisors and subordinates or student workers, are generally deemed unwise. Such consensual relationships may create an environment in which power differences may be unfairly exploited, the respect and trust given someone in authority may be violated, and pressure may be subtly or inadvertently exerted on those in a vulnerable position.”
A puzzled look came over his face and he was furious and shouted, “What the hell does this mean? You can’t prove a thing! She’s not my student. She’s just a slut.”
I was about to beat the shit out of him when Pam held me more tightly. Instead I simply said “These tapes are all I need. Each tape has a date stamp at least three with a date that coincides with Pam still being your student.”
Pam and I left immediately. Once we were in the car Pam cried for a few minutes and gripped my arm as I was driving never letting go until we got to her house. When we were in the house she blurted out, “We have to destroy these now!”
I countered, “We can’t for a while. In case Jack decides to try something stupid like editing his copies and selling them to a porn producer. As long as he knows we have these he won’t do anything and I don’t think he’ll bother us again.” Not surprisingly we never heard from the Jack again.
She looked at me and said, “Besides that, I think you enjoyed watching my decadent activities, especially, the last tape with the ladies choice night on it. I felt your hard-on when I was crying and hugging you.” She reached between my legs. “You’re still hard. Let’s make love right here on the couch!”
We proceeded to tear each other’s clothes off and made love as the last tape played on the TV.

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