my story with my friends mom part2

before i start id like to say that in the future my stories will be much longer but im just starting out and if you guys like my stories i will right more.

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oh god josh i didnt expect this from you. your always so nice to me, i thought you were just a flirt but as i can see you want much more from me and i think i want the same with you. when i was d***k i remember showing my boobs and trying to get in your pants, but you wouldnt let me cause josh was in the other room. i love it when we make out cause you say you need practice and im more then happy to help you. i always thought you were just trying to get me in bed and it almost worked ;)
i love when you come over cause the way you look at me it makes me feel sexy again (=. when you rub up all over my big ass and DD tits i want so bad for you to rip my clothes off and take me, my son (my friend) has asked me about you always touching me and checking me out and i just tell him i have that affect on men ;) i love when you grab at my boobs it makes my nipples hard.
when its just me and you in my house its almost impossible not to fuck you. i only stop myself cause i didnt know you felt this way about me. josh (her bf) has noticed you looking and touching me and he likes it when my sons friend touches me. he fucks me every night after you leave our house.
i love when i look down at your pants i see the biggest bulge, i just want to pull your pants down and suck your cock so bad. when i fuck josh (her bf) i imagine its you fucking my pussy.
my k**s are at their dads and josh is visiting his s****r in ohio for the weekend, maybe you want to come over? we could see how me and you work out.

you can bring condoms if you like but ive been thinking for about two months now that i want another baby, your baby. please blow your seed in me josh?
im already horny just thinking about you eating my pussy. my nice clean sheved pussy is waiting for you, just walk in when you get here and come to my room. i love you josh and i hope you love me, please dont let me just be a booty call. be my lover. stay with me forever....

if you would like to see my friends moms tits got to my stolen pics and shes the one with the robe covering just her nipples, i stole that pic a long time ago when i caught her taking naked pics but i never told her i saw her. she already got rid of all of them besides the one i got a hold of. ill get a body pic of her uploaded sometime soon.sorry about bunching a lot of parts up like i said in part 1 im new =)
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2 years ago
your writing is getting better
3 years ago
keep the stories comin