I would always spy on older s****rs when I was you

I remember my first time seeing her nude was when i was like 6 or 7 i also my other s*s at the same time. it was at a dressing room in the mall at a sears or jcpenny i forgot. but i remember they had to watch me while my mom went around the mall to get stuff. so i followed them where ever they went. but i remember janie(oldest) telling me to wait out in the dressing room hall area while her and misti (2nd oldest) tried some clothes on. janie had to have been at least 16 or 17 and i think misti was 13 or 14. i remember the dressing room doors had a giant one foot gap from the ground kinda like public restrooms so you could easily look underneath or over.. i remember i kept telling them to hurry and whats taking so long and janie was like "shut up and wait!" ha shes kinda a bitch..but a hot one. but i got fed up so i looked underneath to see whats taking so long. at the time sex had not really crossed my mind yet. but as i looked under i got an eye full. both of my s****rs were naked trying on bras and comparing tits basically. i can hear them saying this will make your tits bigger or your too much cleavge ha but damn it was hot. janie is light complected and misti was a bronze color. but janie was more developed. she was petite like at least 115 or 120 which is average i guess for girls her age but she was kinda tall for that weight since she is 5'5 so she carried it well. her tits were 36 Cs or a lil bigger and her ass was round and had a slim waist no fat really because she was in track. but her nipples were like a light pink and the areolas were big but not pepporoni size but it fit her tits well. misti is like 5'2 really petite with at least a B-cup size breast and dark nipples small areolas and a small ass. both of their nipples were hard. i remember just being on my knees watching them change together. at the moment i kinda liked the idea of peaking in on f****y. like at times about thought about i****t but i never went with it. for some reason i feel like a voyeur as watching them fuck or be nude. but man it was a sight too see. plenty of more were to cum ;)
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