First time Master took my ass

Master told me it was time to meet in the middle. We live two hours apart and we both have our separate lives. When we get the chance to see each other we fully take advantage of our time. I got the hotel room several hours before master would be there. I texted him the room number and I took a long hot bath, scented my soft skin, set the toys by the bed and I was relaxing in my t-shirt when I heard a knock on the door. It was Master, “Oh shit, he told me to be naked and I have panties and a t-shirt on, but I can’t make him wait.”

I slowly opened the door. Before I could full open the door his long arm snaked out and grabbed me by my throat. He pinned me to the wall and kicked the door closed. “What’s with the T-Shirt?” His hand closed my throat, I couldn’t respond. He saw the fear in my eyes. He loosened his grip, came in close and kissed me gently. He whispered gently in my ear, “Just go with it Baby. You know what to say if it is more than you can take.” I think, “So this is the way we are going to play today. This could be interesting.”
His kisses went from gentle and sweet to deep and hard. His mouth opened me wide. His tongue was stabbing and completely filling my mouth. Master is a big man. He is black, 6’7”, has broad shoulders, thick arms, big hands, and a huge cock to match. I am the opposite; white, short, only 5’4”, curvy and soft. His body enfolds me as his free hand finds my ass. He is stopped by my panties. “What is this?” Master is not happy. I whispered, “It is only a thong. I thought you would like them.”
“I told you to be naked, Love. What else have you done to disobey me?”
“Nothing! I am sorry.” My eyes are down and I fight tears. We don’t have many chances like this and I screwed it up already. Master knows I am upset with my failure. He gently put his big hand on my cheek stroking softly. He then smacked my face hard. “I will forgive you, but you will have to correct your mistake. Undress us both now.”

Master has never been this rough with me. I am confused but I want to please him. I dropped to my knees and quickly untied his boots and held the heel as he pulled his feet out. I reached for his belt and I realize he had a massive hard on already and his pants were open. He saw what I was looking at and he said, “Yea, I was thinking about my naked little slut waiting for me and I enjoyed my drive. Now take my pants off and put it in your mouth NOW.” I opened his pants as fast as I could and as soon as I freed his cock from his underwear my mouth watered.

I love sucking his cock. It is so thick and long. Just putting his cock in my mouth makes my pussy wet. I put my hand on the base of his cock and started licking the head. I can’t get the whole cock in my mouth but I want to try! But first I just want to tease it a little. I flicked my tongue in the opening and then kissed down the entire shaft until I came to his balls and I gently sucked his balls into my mouth. I tested the weight of the balls in my mouth, sucking them gently, running my tongue all around them. I want the cock! I put it in my mouth but Master couldn’t wait. He put his hand on the back of my head and f***ed me down on him with his cock in my throat. “Don’t move bitch, just take it in.” Masters voice is rough. He is fighting for control and I like the sound of it but I can’t breathe. I pulled back. Master grabbed my hair and pulled me off of him and smacked me again. “I told you not to move. Now quit being a cock tease and suck that big dick into your throat.” I was shocked but before I could think his dick was in my throat again. His hips were moving into my face and he moved faster and faster as he face fucked me. I did as I was told. I was still and opened my throat. What else was I going to do? He had one hand in my hair and the other on my shoulder pinning me still on my knees. So I sucked as much as I could and took him in.

In a quick movement Master had me on my feet and he was pulling my shirt off of me. He put my face to his nipple and told me to suck on them. I kept my hand on his cock as it pushed against my stomach and I sucked his nipple into my mouth and used my free hand to play with his other nipple. “That is a good little slut.” Then he let go of my hair and he grabbed my panties with both hands. I heard the rip before I felt the tug that removed my panties in pieces. “That’s better. And I am going to have this ass for this one.”
My mind was in a panic. Master had talked about putting his cock in my ass, but I have never had anyone that big in my ass and he has never fucked anyone in the ass before. But before I could get too scared, he grabbed me by my hair again and moved my face to him while he kissed me deeply again. With his mouth on mine and his strong arms around me, I melt into him and the moment. Everything softened inside of me. In that moment I knew I was his and he can have anything from me and I knew he would never do something I don’t really want. Master knows what his kisses do to me. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself.

While still kissing me Master walked me to the bed. I felt the mattress against my leg just before he pushed me back on my back. He had removed his shirt and I love the way he looks naked. I scooted up the bed while watching his muscles across his chest and his arms. Apparently, I didn’t move fast enough cause Master grabbed me by my waist and shoved me up while he crawled between my legs. Before I could adjust myself he had lifted my legs to his shoulders and f***ed his dick into my tight little pussy deep. I wasn’t ready and it HURT! I cried out and he put his hand over my mouth. “Shut the fuck up Bitch and take what I give you.” And Master thrusted deep into me hard and fast. I was ready this time and I moved my hips into him. “That is a good little slut.” He growled at me. He kept up the pounding and my pussy convulsed in rhythm with his thrusts. My orgasm was building. Master grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side. He put his mouth right next to my ear and whispered, “Cum for me now.” That was all I needed. I came hard and I squirted all over his balls. I could feel the hot juices running down my ass. “That’s a good girl” was whispered into my ear.

Master pulled out and rolled beside me. Then he put his hand on my pussy. He looked me deeply into my eyes and said, “You will lose control baby girl. I want you to cum until the mattress is soaked all the way through.” With that he kissed me deeply and started working my pussy with his fingers. He knows I want to be stretched deep and wide. He had all four fingers in my pussy practically punching it as fast as he could. Within seconds I started cumming. I squirted into his hand. The juices flooded so hard that it rebounded off his palm and sprayed into my face and hit the wall above my head.
I was losing myself. My hips moved on their own and I thrashed my heads back and forth moaning and screaming to the orgasms. Master was relentless. He never slowed down and every time I squirted he moaned deeply and encouraged me to keep going. I could feel something bigger and deeper coming. I fought the feeling. I knew if I came this hard I would completely lose any bit of control I have and he would Master me completely. And he kept going but I needed him, I needed him over me and inside me and kissing me. I heard the Master telling me to ask for what I want. It took everything in me to control my mouth to form words to beg, “Please fuck me. Please fuck me now.”
“You want this dick don’t you? Tell me how much you want this dick. You love this dick don’t you?”
“Yes, YES, please fuck me. Please fuck me with your dick. I love your dick. I want your big black dick in my pussy.”

Every word from master was a commandment and every answer was torture for me. He was still fucking me with his hand and I was nonstop squirting. I was losing my mind with want. But finally Master stopped and buried his dick in me deep. It felt so GOOD! My body froze in the feeling. My pussy clamped down, my hips were stuck in the air, every muscle tight and Master rode me hard until I screamed out my orgasm. My mind floated, lost in the feeling. I knew nothing but the feeling in my pussy that radiated in my whole body.
When I came back to myself Master was still inside of me but he wasn’t moving. He was gently wiping the tears off my cheeks. He kept gently kissing me and telling me that I am sexy. “You are so sexy. My beautiful baby.”
As Master kissed me my want built again and I started to move my hips in motion gently moving up and down on Masters cock. He fills me up so well.

But Master has other plans for me. Master hooked his arms under my legs and spread my wide and up. I was bent almost in half and then I felt the tip of his dick at the entrance of my ass. “Open to me now.” I didn’t know if I could open that wide but I relaxed my muscles and took and slow breathe while his pushed his huge cock into my ass. I have never been so full and he kept pushing deeper and deeper into me. I have never been able to take him all the way in my pussy but he was determined to put his whole dick in my ass. I have always enjoyed anal sex but it has never felt this good. I was stretched deep and wide like I like it and master reached around my leg and caressed my clit while he moved in slowly. He barely touched me and I squirted on his belly running the juices over my pussy and down to his thick cock in my ass. I assured master that I want what he is giving by telling him to fuck me please while rubbing my clit.

This is new to him so he took directions well. He moved in and out of me slowly but deeply while rubbing my clit. He was being gentle but I don’t do gentle. So I rocked my hips taking him in deeper and moving faster. He took my cue and fucked my ass just like he fucks my pussy only deeper. Just like when he fingered me, I started cumming and squirting almost immediately and I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop. We were moving with and into each other with our own rhythm. But this is Master’s rhythm, I know he was going to cum and I want all of it! I grabbed his hips and I kept on moving. His body got slow so I sped up to maintain the motion. His moans got louder and deeper, all of his muscled tightened and his hands dug into my hips. With a final thrust and scream my Master came into me. I could feel the hot fluid shoot into me. I kept moving onto him working my muscles to take every drop out of him. Finally, Master dropped him head and rested his weight onto me, spent.

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3 years ago
Improperly dressed and still he was so kind... you have a patient master
4 years ago