A Woman's sexual Peak

It was one of those nights. I knew it didn’t matter how much I got, I will want more. A woman reaches her sexual peak at 35 and I turned 35 five days before. I have spent too much time waiting on a partner; it was time to make up for lost time!

I drove to the swingers club hoping my pussy hasn’t left a wet spot on the back of my dress. It was early. I wanted to show up early to hang out with the staff and to check out everyone coming in. I have been going to the club for 14 years. I know almost everyone that goes, well, at least visually know them. I knew it was going to be a hard night. There are very few single women at the club and I have a reputation of being a tease. That night it was time to please!

I walked into the club and dropped my purse in a locker. Before I walked out I checked my look. I figured for 35, I look pretty good. My pale skin is still pretty smooth. When I smile a couple of lines start to show around my deep, brown eyes. I thought they made my eyes look even sexier. I applied my cherry lip gloss mostly to keep my full lips looking wet and kissable. My eyes traveled down. My triple D tits were trying to bubble out of my black push up bra. I adjusted my black thigh highs and lace thong. It was almost a waste to cover up all those sexy curves. I may not be classic beauty, but I know how to use my full, curvy body. I slipped my fitted dress back over my lingerie and stepped out enjoying the click of my stilettos.

As I walked through the club I was stopped several times for hugs and smooches. As usually, everyone greeted my warmly, but they looked past me to see who will play with them. Damn, being a tease is hindering me again. I found my usual group in the dance room. Figured I could work off some of this lust on the dance floor.

The dance floor is surrounded by mirrors and I liked what I saw when I watch myself dance. I am not conceited, but I like to watch my hips move and seeing people’s reaction to my movements. After a couple of dances I had several people’s attention. It was time to show some skin! While keeping on the beat I slipped my dress over my head. Then I really had people’s attention. People that knew me know I don’t play usually, unless I strip myself. By the time I tossed my dress over to my table the dance floor filled wondering what I am going to do next.

Then I saw them. A cute couple I have never seen before. He was black and slender with big hands, full lips, and sexy eyes. She was Hispanic with long sexy hair, breasts as big as mine and curves in all the right places. She met my eyes and she never looked back. While I continued to dance she tapped him and pointed at me. It only took a moment for them to join me on the dance floor. I smiled and encouraged them to dance with me.

The music ended and we headed to my table. He left to get us drinks and she introduced them as Kevin and Georgia. Kevin joined us with drinks and we made small talk. I could barely follow the conversation. I kept watching Georgia’s full lips and wondered if Kevin knew how to use that bulge in his pants. Finally, I had to make a move. “Georgia, you are stunning, are you interested in women? What are you two into tonight?” Georgia said she is very bi and they both find me beautiful and they were just waiting to see if I would let them touch me. I smiled and said please and asked if I could get a kiss from Georgia.

As we kissed deeply Kevin ran his hands over our backs and then up my inner thigh. I spread my legs wider and found Georgia’s breast through her shirt. She quickly pulled it up so I could suck her nipples. The moment my tongue met her nipples I felt Kevin’s finger caress my clit. Kevin and Georgia whispered to each other and both nodded and then they asked if I wanted to go up to a room. “Oh yea, but we have to use protection.” We headed up to the stairs with several sets of eyes following us. I made sure I smiled and swung my hips to their best presentation. I am a tease in my heart.

Up in the room Georgia sat on the edge of the bed to slide her clothes off. I waited patiently and watched. The moment she had slipped her panties off I gently pushed her back and buried my face in her pussy. Her clit was small but hard. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it and she started moaning and her hips rocked. I kept sucking until her thighs started to shake and then I inserted two fingers in her tight pussy. I had barely moved and she cried out and squirted hot, sweet pussy juice all over my face.

Kevin had watched enough. He grabbed my hips and pushed me onto the bed on my knees pushing Georgia up on the bed. Kevin said, “Keep licking that sweet pussy, but you need this dick.” I looked back to make sure he had a condom on and then I saw how big he is. He had a nice, thick dick with a wicked curve. I thought, “This is going to be good.” I looked Kevin in the eye and asked, “Are you going to talk to me or are you going to fuck me hard so I can cum all over that beautiful cock?”

That was all Kevin needed! He took a hand full of my ass and speared me deeply. I cried out but the sound was muffled by Georgia’s pussy. I found her clit and sucked it in and out of my mouth in rhythm in Kevin’s thrusts in my pussy. As her hips started bouncing into my face I braced myself on my elbow and f***ed all 4 fingers into her pussy. The harder Kevin fucked me the harder and faster I finger fucked Georgia.

My pussy started convulsing. I so needed to get off and it was coming. I couldn’t focus on Georgia anymore. I wrapped my arms around her hips and rested my head on her belly. She stroked my hair and told Kevin to fuck me harder, “I want her to cum all over you.” And I was cumming! My pussy clammed down on his dick and he moaned deep and loud. “She is so tight and wet!” He kept fucking me hard and I kept cumming. I could feel my juices pouring down my thighs.

Georgia said, “It is my turn.” I was a little annoyed cause I wanted more dick but they were the couple so I didn’t complain when Kevin pulled his long dick out of me. I rolled onto my back and my finger found my clit. When Kevin saw what I was doing he said, “There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s pussy.” He kneeled between my legs and started licking up my pussy juice. “Your pussy is so sweet, it is like sugar.” He kept licking me until I squirted hard. He looked up laughing with my cum dripping off his chin. Georgia leaned in and licked the wetness off his face. She said, “You are right, she is sweet.” With that Georgia playfully pushed Kevin out of the way and she started sucking my clit. That didn’t bother Kevin at all. He crawled up to my head and I took his dick into my mouth and deep in my throat. Kevin fucked my face as hard and fast as he had fucked my pussy. I loved it and wanted more. My hips started matching his movements as I road Georgia’s face.
I was d***k on the orgasms. I was at that level that my existence became nothing but the feelings in my body. I couldn’t stop moving as Georgia licked and fingered me. I was loving the taste of Kevin’s dick and the challenge of keeping my throat open to his dick. Kevin looked at Georgia and said, “I am going to cum.” She said “Stop, I want to see you fuck her some more.” That was what I wanted to hear! Kevin moved between my legs as Georgia handed him a new condom. I kept playing with my clit waiting on him. It was too late; before he got the condom on I started cumming on his thighs. As I started to squirt he f***ed his fingers into me stretching my out to be ready for his dick. When my pussy stopped convulsing, he pushed his dick in. “You are so tight!” Kevin groaned through his clamped teeth. I tried to relax the muscles, but I wanted more. He was trying to go easy and slow so I started working my hips coming up to him burying him balls deep into my pussy.

While Kevin was fucking me I felt Georgia holding up my legs and felt her fingers brush across me as she cupped Kevin’s balls. She kept telling Kevin to keep fucking me hard the way I like it. It was so hot to hear her telling him to fuck me and telling me to cum on his dick. Every time I got off she readjusted and got closer. She finally laid down next to me kissing me and played with my tits while Kevin kept up with the steady, hard fuck. Kevin’s breathing started getting ragged and his moaning got louder. He started to slow down so I kept the rhythm by moving my hips and grabbed his ass and f***ed him to ride out his orgasm. With a final thrust both of us got off one last time.

Kevin collapsed on top of me a moment then rolled onto my other side. Georgia grabbed the towel next to the bed and used it to gently wipe off the sweat off our bodies and then kissed me deeply. I pulled her leg over me and enjoyed having her body on me.

I really enjoyed Kevin but I had enough play with a man, I wanted the softness of a woman. I ran my hand through her hair as I kissed her gently. Her body started wiggling against me. I moved my leg between her legs and pushed my thigh against her hot, wet pussy. She rode up and down on my leg as I continued to kiss her deeply and caressed her breasts. She moved faster and started to moan into my mouth. I reached down to cup her ass and I slid my fingers into her pussy from behind. She cried out and started pumping her body onto my fingers. Her pussy felt like a hungry little mouth trying to get more of my hand. I pulled my fingers out and pushed her legs apart and laid her onto her back. I buried three fingers into Georgia and sucked on her nipples. Then Kevin said, “She likes to be fisted.” I looked up into her eyes to make sure. She had a shy little embarrassed smile. I asked for sure and she nodded. So I moved my left hand to Georgia’s clit and worked it while I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. I started with three fingers and as she started moving her hips I added the fourth finger. Georgia had a little orgasm. As soon as she started convulsing again I curled my fingers around my thumb and worked my whole fist in. She was ready and took me in all the way to my wrist. As I moved around inside of her she kept moaning and crying out.

I was so focused on Georgia I forgot about Kevin until I felt his finger entered me from behind. I said, “Do me the same way I am doing her” to Kevin. I was still so wet he slipped in four fingers without a problem. He had to work me a little bit until I felt his knuckles push though my resistance and I was completely full inside. My mind was spinning. As I worked Georgia he worked me. It almost felt like I was fucking myself and both of us squirted all over the place.

Both Georgia and I were both done about the same time and again I rested my head on her belly trying to catch my breath, while she ran her hands through my hair. I was just about to doze on Georgia when Kevin cursed as said, “You realize we have been in here for two hours and we only got the room for an hour.” That woke me up!

Georgia and I got up and cleaned up a little bit and got dressed. I started giggling as I looked at the bed. “I feel sorry whoever comes in here next!” was all I could say. The bed was soaked! There was not a single spot that was still dry. Being silly I patted Kevin on the head and said, “Good job!” and kissed Georgia saying the same thing.

I grabbed the sheets and our used towels to put them away and opened the door. There sat my friends applauding me. “It was about time you finally quit teasing somebody and finally fucked someone.” I smiled and laughed knowing I will get more attention now at the club….I just wonder if I will keep teasing or is this the new mw now that I have reached the magic age of 35 and my sexual peak.

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2 years ago
Ohh this was right up my alley. So hot and sexy thinking maybe I would like to have my tight phat pussy fist.
3 years ago
very good like it a whole load
4 years ago
4 years ago
Good job!