Knowing your place....

I know when I haven't been playing for a while its harder to get back into the mindset of a sub slut. He knows this too. I'm too uppity he says too used to making my own decisions. Its true, in my day to day life I am a decisive person, I do whats in my own best interests, what suits me the best. This of course is not ideal in a D/s setting.

Needless to say he's less then pleased when I turn up at the hotel. Wearing the outfit he wanted but with panties and tights also. While he gives me the evil eye I kneel there and stutter out responses. It was cold! The dress is too short to wear out in daylight! None of this satisfies him of course. His orders are to have my cunt easily accessible to him at all times when we are together. Panties and thick black tights are not his idea of accessible. He f***es me down onto the bed. He lifts my dress so my lower half is accessible and gets to work.

Pinching my hips he pulls the panty material up and away from the tights. Two quick snips and a stong pull from him and they are no more. He orders me to spread my legs. "Up and spread" are his exact words. He starts cutting, not overly concerned if the scissors jab at my delicate flesh. I stay mostly quiet knowing if I complain it will only be worse for me. Soon his work is complete and he smiled. My cunt is completely exposed for him.

Without any warning he starts to finger me. This is not a gentle warming up of my pussy no. Instead its deep fast jabbing thrusts with two fingers. This is not supposed to be pleasureable for me. He enjoys seeing the discomfort on my face as I try and hold position. A sharp slap to my clit and he orders me to my feet. He gives me an apprasing glance. Seeing my flushed cheeks and my embarrassed downwards gaze I guess he figures this is satisfactory.

As we leave the room he tells me where we are off to next. I smile happily, the resteraunt he is taking us to is one of my favourites. Its only a ten minute drive and we spend it chatting about the time since we have last seen each other. Pulling into the parking space he switches off the engine and turns to me. He orders me to bare my cunt to him. I lift my dress hoping no one walks by at this particular moment. He pulls...something from his pocket. It glints from the glow of the street light. It almost looks like some sort of hair clip. He pulls my thighs apart. Almost clinically he pinches my clit pulling it roughly. I try and pull away but he slaps my cheek and just pulls on my clit harder. "Stay still" he snaps.

I close my eyes and f***e myself to sit back. I feel more pulling then a precise pressure. I quickly stare down and discover the "hairclip" was in fact a clamp. It looks pretty, the beads twinkling and the way it holds my clit, making it protrude makes me feel horny. This feeling is amplified as my owner licks his fingers and gently starts pulling on it. Its not long before I'm thrusting into his hand desperate for release. He smirks and pulls away getting out of the car.

He opens my door and helps me out. As we walk to our table I am ultra aware of the pressure on my clit, when the beads brush off my thighs my cunt becomes wetter. Sitting down I notice I am unable to cross my legs or indeed hold them together as the pressure becomes a burning pain. Instead I must sit there with my legs slightly spread feeling the beads gently settle down my slit.

He grins knowingly as I shift around trying to get comfortable. He orders for us. As the waiter leaves he takes my hand and pulls me in closer. To anyone looking at us we would appear to be holding hands, him whispering sweet nothings to me. He is instead remarking that with the clamp on its going to be very difficult to use the bathroom so he hopes I went before I met him as I wont be allowed to go until we get back to the hotel. This time I can feel the blush all the way down my chest.

I hadn't really though about it but then I remember the food he has ordered for me. Soup to start with and my main course is some sort of chicken in a broth sauce. I also remembered the wine he ordered for each course and the fact he is now pouring me a glass of water and is openly laughing. I blush again as I realise he is trying to make me fail, trying to make me beg for release. For a moment I am angry, who is he, trying to restrict something like this from me! He places the glass in front of me and tells me to drink up. I take a small sip and stare at him. His laughing becomes a sneer and leaning forward he moves my hair. Whispering in my ear he hisses "all of it" and gives my lobe a sharp nip. I lean back sharply and swiftly drink the glass.

Satisfied he refills it and sips on his own. Our starter comes and he pours some wine for me. The soup is finished and I have drank two glasses of wine as per his "suggestion". Our mains come along and he orders me to finish the glass of water and then pours me another. The food is delicious but halfway through our mains I become aware that my bladder is filling. I squirm slightly hoping he dosen't notice. Of course he does. " Finish your wine" is the only comment from him. Of course once I do that he immediately pours another glass for me.

He lingers over the dessert menu not deciding anything until I finish my third glass of water. Which is of course refilled. By now I need to pee no two ways about it. He selects coffee for both of us. And tells me to drink more water. He is laughing at this stage, laughing at my expression which is both furious and embarrassed. Furious because who does he think he is, telling me to drink my water and eat my food like a c***d. Embarrassed because I know I will obey him even though it means I might soil myself in front of everybody. Finally.....FINALLY..the bill is paid and we are on our way back to the hotel.

He of course takes his time driving stopping in plenty of time for red lights. And making sure that when we are stopped he is tormenting me, either pulling on the clamp which by how has gone past the point of tingly pressure to a dull pain, pulling on my clit which has now become ultra sensitive or pressing on my belly openly laughing at my groans. He takes me into the room and orders me to strip. I swiftly do so and try not to jostle the clamp which now is less like a pleasurable reminder and more like the instrument of torture he was hoping for. He motions me towards the bathroomand orders me to lie down in the bath.

I assume the position he indicated lieing against the edge of the tub and bringing my knees up to my chest so my cunt is on display. "Now" he begins "its time to remove your clamp." I eagerly open my legs wider. If the clamp is coming off that must mean peeing isn't far behind behind! Alas I am proven wrong in the form of a sharp crack of a cane against my cunt. I shriek and try to close my legs. Instead he cracks the cane across my feet. "Hold your fucking position bitch" he hisses. I open my legs again, crying because I know whats to come. Two strikes, one either side of my pussy lips and one direct hit to my clamped clit and I am sobbing, saying how sorry I am for disobeying.

He says nothing but instead pulls me by my hair to my knees. He places a bowl in front of me and tells me to put my face in it. Nervously I do as he says. Thats when I feel it. The warm acrid trickles through my hair. The fluid on my face. The acidity of the smell. I pull away but his foot is on the back of my neck holding me there. The warm piss flows down my face into the bowl. I manage to take a few breaths before my nose becomes filled with it. His flow finally begins to slow and sighing he removes his foot. I keep my face in the piss knowing if I move, my punishment could be much worse.

He grabs my hair and yanks me up. Laughing delightedly he tells me to look in the mirror. I see myself. Swollen eyed, red faced, mascara running down my cheeks and dripping from his piss. He f***es me back into the bath. Quickly he removes the clamp. I gasp as the bl**d rushes back, this pain is so so much worse. Of course he dosen't give me time to get used to it. Instead he begins rubbing vigourously and fingering me. I'm aching at this stage. The need to piss of overwhelming and my cunt is stinging from his abuse.

I stare up and him pleading. "What bitch, you need to piss" he taunts. I nod tearfully. "Ask me nicely" he responds. "Please sir may I piss" I whisper. "Nice but not nice enough" he responds. "Does my piss slut need to squat and empty her bladder" he asks "maybe if you begged me, begged me like the nasty piss slut that you are, maybe if you promised to be a good cunt and obey me then I might let you piss".

I take a deep breath, my eyes start to sting. He knows that I am humiliated by this, by having to ask him for permission. He knows how much I hate having to display myself like this, having to squat over a bowl for him, while he comments. "Please Sir," I begin "please can your worthless piss slut empty her bladder". Please Sir, can I squat in front of you and use your bowl, I will be so grateful Sir".

He nods and I need no further urging. I squat and release into the bowl. I sigh deeply as the pressure begins to leave me. This is almost blissful in its feeling. I stare up at him as he begins to photograph me. He tells me anytime he thinks I am beginning to get uppity he is going to send me one of these photos. Perhaps the sight of me covered in his piss, my hair and makeup ruined squatting over a bowl and pissing because he told me to. Perhaps this will remind me of my place.

I thank him for letting me piss. He nods and tells me to stay there. He comes back into the bathroom with his cane and a vibe. He places both on the floor and takes the bowl. Telling me to hold my position he begins to pour its contents on me. He orders me to look up at the celing and open my mouth. I am humbled before him. I know better then to disobey. I close my eyes and open my mouth and try to swallow. Some of the piss ends up in my stomach but a lot is spit back up by me.

Finally the bowl is emptied and its placed back in the bath. He hands me the vibe and tells me I am allowed to cum. I hold it to my clit and switch it on. Even at the lowest setting its almost overwhelming. He knows this which is why he tells me to turn it up and rub my clit hard with it. He sees the pain on my face as I obey and slowly begins to stroke my tits with his cane. As my whimpers get louder his strikes get harder. He aims for my nipples and he is accurate. I'm not sure if its just me being caned while that part of my skin is covered in piss makes it sting even more.

He knows this which is why the final few blows send me over the edge with their intensity. As I come down from my high I am aware that he has switched the shower on. Slowly he washes me off before leaving me to finish up. He tells me to meet him in the bedroom in ten minutes. Its his turn to cum.

I smile happily as I clean my tenderised body. For tonight I know my place.
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4 years ago
great story, a r/l experience???