My first BBC

My hubby had arranged for a guy off a swinging site to come and meet us, what I didnt know was that the 2 of them had been talking for a few days before the meet.
When he arrived, he was tall very good looking, and very very sexy, just the vibe he gave off was that he was relaxed and chilled out. he came in to the hallway and gave me a kiss on the cheek and handed me a bottle of wine, and said a gift for allowing me to meet you. I was a bit shocked to be given a bottle of wine but never the less we opened it and after what seamed like 5 minutes he had d***k half a glass, i had d***k almost a bottle, it turned out we had been chatting away for nearly 45 minutes, he got up and went to the toilet and i turned to my hubby and said that i was wet already, and couldn't believe how much this guy was turning me on with out me even knowing. When he came back down, he walked into the living room grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the seat and kissed me, well i'd d***k almost a bottle of wine,and needed no encouragment to continue and asked if we could have a kiss and cwtch on the settee, his reply was simply would you like that, i said yes, and we sat straight down, at which point he put he arms around me and kissed me.
I melted and he sensed it, his hand moved down to my jeans and he began rubbing my pussy through my jeans,his tongue gently flicking off my earlobe, I undid the buttons on my jeans and he started to rub my clit, then slowly started to finger my already wet pussy, which made me cum, he sat up and stood in front of me, grabbed the bottoms of my jeans and in one fast movement my jeans and knickers were on the floor, he then went down on me and made me cum again and again.
Then i led him into the other room where he continued to lick my pussy making me cum over and over, when he stood back up he had already taken his tousers off and was standing there in just a t-shirt, as I looked down i got the shock of my life, I thought my hubby was big, he's 8" but this, OMG!!!! This had to be at least 11" long and as thick as a Lynx deoderant can!!!
He put a condom on, and with me on my back, he gently slid his huge black cock into my soaking wet but tight pussy, slowly fucking me and edging in inch by inch with every thrust, making me moan with delight with every thrust, until i came again, he turned me on my side, and lifted one leg in the air and fucked me hard and deep, OMG it felt amazing to be stretched that much, he then pulled me up and bent me over the settee, and rubbed his big cock over my pussy and ass, then slowly slid his cock into my pussy, I've never had a cock that big before and it felt amazing i came after only about 10 seconds as his cock was hitting my g-spot with every thrust, this time when i came my legs gave way and i was helpless as he held me round the waist and continued fucking me, he then lay me back down on the settee and lifted my legs up and again fucked me hard and fast until he came, then without any warnig he pulled his cock out of me and ripped the condom off and hit my tits with much more cum than i've ever seen in my life, he covered bot my tits,it was all over my neck, my belly it was everywhere, with that he collapsed on top of me.
The next thing i remeber was the feeling of pleasure, and being full, i opened my eyes to find my big black man slowly sliding his cock back into me, and my hubby's cock right next to my face,the next 3-4 hours were so amazing too. Natrually i fucked them both even had DP, till they couldn't take any more and neither could I, I lost count the number of time i came that night, but the quilt i put on the settee was soaking wet xxxxxxxx
80% (10/2)
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