Shower Erotica

It was a late Friday night, James and his s****r Courtney and her best friend Roxane had gotten back from a baseball game with James’ and Courtney’s parents. His parents had left the house to go stay at a resort hotel theat is being payed for by their work and wouldn’t be back until late Sunday night. James was watching tv in his room. Actually he was watching a XXX porno.
His s****r and her best friend were out in the living room watching a movie with naked people and a lot of sex in it. They were both really horny and rubbing their nipples.
They were fingering each other and making out and tweaking each others nipples then, licking off there fingers.
James is 14 and his s****r and her friend were both 13. James was in his room beating off so hard that his wrist got a major cramp in it and he had to stop. Then he just switched hands. He beat off more then he could feel his balls tighten up as he came close to his orgasm. He gave two more hard pumps and shot off a load of cum right on to his tv. He fell back on his bed, dick throbbing, heart racing, trying to catch his breath.
But what he didn’t know is that his s****rs friend was watching him. She had just finished cleaning herself off after ferociously finger fucking herself from getting hot off the sex on tv. His s****r had already cleaned herself off long before that.
A few seconds after that he heard a noise in the hallway. He jumped up and ducked behind his bed. His s****r walked in, “James? Are you in here?” ‘Oh well’ she thought. She shut the door as she walked out. “ I thought you said he was in there.” he could hear his s****r say to Roxane. he got closer to his door to listen. “He was, I saw him jacking off.” Oh shit his s****rs best friend had seen him jacking-off!
He didn’t know what to say. His s****r told her friend that she was gonna take a shower upstairs and go to bed and to join her when she was ready. Roxane said she would take one downstairs, in James’ hallway shower. He got hard at the thought of seeing Roxane naked. He kept thinking about her nice plump boobs, even though she was only 13 she had a good full a, almost b cup. He thought of seeing her hard tiny little nipples, and her tight virgin pussy. He started slowly stroking his rod. She went to the guest room to change.
James got an idea. He was going to walk out there at the same time she was “claiming” to be going to the shower. When he heard the door open he grabbed his towel and opened his door. She stopped right in her tracks. He looked at her, stiff rod and smile. She looked wide eyed at his cock. He walked into the bathroom. “Are you gonna take a shower or not?” She stood there trying to think of something to say. Finally, “well, if you weren’t in my way.” she said acting like nothing was weird or awkward. “I’ll be right here at the sink brushing my teeth.” he said, “ I won’t be in the way.”
She walked by him brushing her ass along his erect cock. It sent tingles of sensation through her body. Her nipples got hard immediately. He stood there slowly getting his tooth-brush and tooth-paste down from his medicine cabinet. He watched out of the corner of his eye as she pulled down her sweats. Then she slowly lifted up her shirt her nipple clung a little to her shirt, making her boobs bounce after it was off. His dick started throbbing as it got harder. Her underwear was still on. He walked over as she leaned over the tub to turn the shower on “let me help you with those he said,” he reached out, put each thumb un the band of her panties and slowly pulled them down, as he was bent over, her pussy lips were about 3 inches from his face. He could see that they were wet, almost dripping wet. He could smell the sent of her sweet juices. His dick started throbbing even harder.
She stood up, “thanks she said with a small grin on her face.” when James saw that it was like a powerful magnet pulling his dick to her ass, he could barely contain himself. It brushed against her bare smooth skin she jumped a little from the tickle. He got even harder, a little bit of clear liquid came out of the tip of his dick. It wasn’t big enough for her to notice though. She stepped in the shower, turned it on and stood there with the curtain open as cold water fell down her chest and trickled through the crack of her swollen pussy. The cold water made her nipples even harder. “Well, are you gonna brush your teeth or not?” said Roxane. James walked over to the sink and started brushing his teeth really fast. As he did his dick was bouncing a little and Roxane was staring right at it. He was watching out the corner of hie eye as she ran her hands over her body as the water got hotter. The bathroom started to steam up.
James finished and turned around to shut the door, “My mom tells us to keep the door shut so the hallway doesn’t get all moldy.” of course that was a lie. What Roxane didn’t see was that he locked it too. “You know, I need to take a shower too.”
“Well I’m almost done.”

“No worries, I’ll just join you.”

“Um, okay?”

James stepped into the shower. “Can you help me with my back?” said Roxane.


He scrubbed her back softly with a washcloth.

“mmm, that feels good James.”

“I know.”

He moved down and washed her ass. She started squating a bit. He couldn’t resist, he dropped the rag and started massaging her pussy. Juices not from the shower were flooding his hand.

She turned around and pressed her tits on his stomach and rapped her arms around him. He held on to her with one arm and started fingering her with the other. She slightly moaned encouraging him to go deeper and faster. She grabbed his cock and started stroking, first slowly then faster then harder. They both stopped a minute to catch there breath.

Then she got down on her knees and started to lick the underside of his head. His dick twitched as she slowly started gulping the entire thing. It reached the back of her mouth but kept going until it was all the way at the back of her throat. Then she pulled back and did it again, then faster and faster pumping her mouth on his warm throbbing dick. He could feel his balls tense and he knew he was about to cum. He pulled out as she gave him a puzzled look. He just smiled and said, “Lay down on your back.”
She did and he caressed her boobs and tweaked her nipples then as he slowly kissed his way down he fingered her more to get her juices flowing. She lifted her back up as his lips started kissing her pussy lips. He stared licking her softly then licked her like a thirsty dog who wouldn’t see water for another month.

“I’m cuming!” she whispered as her body trembled and released a surge of juices from her pussy. He happily lapped all these juices up too.

Then he laid back and told her to lay on him facing his feet. She did and that second he started lapping away again. She got the hint and started sucking him off again. She cumed again but he made her stop before he did. They rolled over and he turned to face her again.

“Fuck me”said Roxane suddenly.

James hesitated for a moment then said, “okay.”

He laid down, she put her legs on both sides of him then slowly squatted down. As the tip of his dick touched her pussy lips it jerked sending wild sensations through both of there bodies. She slowly went down, then head of his dick protruded her pussy she sat for minute cause it hurt a little then he grabbed her hips and eased her down inch by inch, the smooth rood slid through the very tight walls of her pussy. Finely it was all the way in. She moaned as she played with her nipples. James started slowly to pump in and out of Roxane. She groaned and moved back and forth to match James’ pace the both started going faster and faster she was hitting her climax. She through her head back and let out a long hard moan that sent tingles through James’ body and pushed him to orgasm also. He took on final plunge deeper into her pussy than before and exploded his cum deep inside of her.

They both collapsed onto each other. She lay on him, her head on his chest as they both struggled to catch their breath. They finished showering. They dried each other off and went there separate ways.

Not known to either of them they would get to know each other very well throughout the night.
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3 years ago
Very nice story of first love and exploration. It is the start of more to come hopefully...Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
very good thank you for sharing so please write more
4 years ago
i will definately be writting more. and it might be true with name changes and it might not be. haha. what should i write next? lesbian? group? taboo? first time? let me know what u wanna read.
4 years ago
Very good start! Can't wait to read more!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very first story I ever wrote back in sophmore year of highschool. So forgive me if spelling and grammar are a little off.