My ex gf. recently found pics of her on this site.

I'd like to think I've been an honest person. Trustworthy. Reliable. A one-woman kind of guy. I've never hidden anything from the girls i had the two deepest/longest relationships with.

By my age (20) most people claim they've fallen in love with almost everyone they've been in a relationship that lasted over 2 months. I'm not that way. If you spread your heart out to everyone you date too soon there wont be much left for youself or the person you marry. Ya i watch porn and read these stories but i still have some traditions id like to uphold. sex after marriage isnt one lol. But HONESTY definately is.

Now I dated this girl named.... hmmmm... idk if i should say. i mean when i first came across the pics i was pissed. but id probably be sinking below her disgusting level if i put her name in this so we'll go with her innitials. PVC. ya haha i know everyone thinks of pipes when they hear or see her innitials.

She was the first girl I fell in love with. So of corse i was naive and ready to hand out everything i had right off the bat. so it was like one month when i told her i loved her. ya know IN LOVE not just love as a persone. hey i was young dumb and full of cum. and a virgin at the time too. that changed shortly after in a green water retention feild by my house in broad daylight. we dated for 11 months.

everything was great until about 7 months in. then she flipped. like she went bipolar. she is but then hadnt shown it. so i figured hey i love the girl ill work it out with her. but when month 11 came it was over. i was heartbroken she acted like nothing had happend. shes very cold hearted on the outside and NO hearted on the inside.

BTW sorry if there are any grammer or spelling errors. its late and im tired and with that i leave you with the links to the pics of PVC. found right here on this site.

Make her famous lads
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4 years ago
Sorry. I dont know what happened with the first link.
4 years ago
Ya she was a crazy bitch.
4 years ago
sounds like a prozac queen to me. you had 2-3 days of tranquility a month. good story
4 years ago