Boycock on boycock for summer vacation

When I was young I was an athletic and adventurous boy. I had dark hair blue eyes and a nice tan because it was about halfway threw summer vacation. Climbing trees, riding my bike, and exploring were at the top of my list for fun activities, not much is different today. This is the story of a small piece of my sexual awakening, the first time I shared myself with another person, what it was like and how it felt.

A month before school got out for summer vacation a boy named Chris moved to Massachusetts from Texas. Chris was slightly taller than me with a skinny build and fair skin. We were on the same bus ride home and quickly became best friends. Chris had slightly long blond hair, and light blue eyes hidden under his thick rimmed glasses that rested on high cheek bones spotted with freckles the sun had made more noticeable. We did just about everything together: slept over each others houses, built forts in the woods, went fishing, and we shared all our secrets with each other.

It was early August and the weather in Massachusetts was perfect for two young boys to be out riding bikes and enjoying their summer vacation. We spent the day at the pond swimming and fishing. It was a couple hours before dinner and the sun was still out as we left the beach heading home. Along the way we were talking about the things that happened at the pond when out of nowhere Chris asked me "Jonny has your dick ever gotten hard?" I thought it was a strange question, stranger still it turned me on a lot when he asked me. Nobody had ever asked about my dick before the idea that somebody was thinking about my dick made it so hard. I paused then quickly responded in a funny shrug “It gets hard a lot!” We both started laughing our asses off. After a brief calm I continued “…it actually is right now.” This time instead of laughing we both started blushing. There was a semi awkward silence.

As we rode the quiet suburban streets wearing smiles we couldn’t wipe off our faces the thrill of sharing such a personal moment resonated in the air. We were both wearing gym shorts from swimming at the pond earlier. The shorts were silky and had almost dried from the warm summer sunlight. A pleasant wind kept blowing up my leg, I could feel the soft material gently caressing my hard cock in waves and rapping around the shaft as I rode on. The bike was vibrating from the road under my tires. I could feel the seat shake on my balls, and deep in my ass like somebody humming the quivering plastic seat tickled my tight little hole. I caught Chris looking back at my dick, I figured to see if I was k**ding or not about having a hard on. Well I defiantly wasn’t joking and there was no way to hide my boner either. Worried about what he was thinking I rode up along side him; to my surprise I could see his cock was hard too! With rosy cheeks I asked him if he wanted to make a pit stop at the brook on the way home. I was excited. I had never had a sexual conversation with anyone and I was so curious.

We arrived about five minutes later. There were cars driving by and the brook was just off the road. The stone landing next to where the stream went under the street was our usual spot. Our spot could be seen from the road. If you were looking at the landing it was visible from the street above although being partially covered by bushes. The small shrubs were enough to convince us at the time our spot was a secret. Both of us still had raging hard ons, it was obvious and we couldn’t ignore it. After placing our bikes in the brush like we always did to keep our cover Chris asked me half giggling “Do you have sperm yet?” I said I didn’t know and asked him if he ever saw a pussy, the banter continued for a while getting more detailed as we grew more Horney. Clearly very misinformed about most things sexual being young and inexperienced, we laughed at how clueless we both were. Then Chris asked me in a non threatening way “Jonny can I see your pubic hair?” I felt comfortable showing him knowing we were in a safe place despite the occasional car going by.

I started to take my shorts down. My heart raced as I felt the slightly cooler air brushing against my increasingly bare pelvis. I caressed my silky shorts down across my stiff cock all the way to my knees to reveal it to him. I didn’t have any body hair yet, what little was on me grew just above my 6 1/2 inches of stiff uncut boycock. I stood in the glowing sun exposed for the first time with my throbbing manhood out. I leaned my exposed little ass against the rock wall on the landing and lifted my shirt up a bit to further expose my area and rocked my body side to side slowly to show it off for him. To my surprise he came over for a closer look. Chris leaned next to me on the wall I could see the intrigue on his face. I could feel his breath brushing across my neck as he leaned in to look. After a minute he asked “Why does it look like that?” Chris had never seen an uncircumcised dick before. I asked “What does yours look like?” Chris “I don’t know, different.” I told him to just take it out and show me.

Chris slid his shorts down slowly first standing upright next to me this made his hard little 5 ½ inch cock bounce up and down from getting caught on the band in his shorts. He was bare not a single blond hair. We stood there for about a minute with our pulsating cock’s just inches from each other. He then asked me. “Can I touch it?” I said ya and he rapped his warm hand around my cock. It jumped, his grip was firmer than I expeccted and he started sliding his hand up and down my pole milking it. I saw a little pre-cum at the tip, he let go and we both got a little freaked out. “What is it?” Chris asked, I said “I think its sperm.” lol I touched it and it was sticky and warm so I knew it wasn’t pee. Then Chris bent over to take off his shorts. I couldn’t stop starring at his smooth ass and perfect little hole as he slipped his shorts off over his sneakers.

Chris stuck his hard cock out and rubbed it on mine I grabbed onto his and mine at the same time and stroked them both like he had before. Chris wore braces that made his lips puff out more than usual. I couldn’t help focusing on his pouty pink lips and think about them kissing them and him kissing me all over. Cars were driving by above the brook and we didn’t notice or care if anyone saw us. So many emotions came rushing out of us as we tuned in to each other and what we had just discovered. I took off my shorts too and we spent the rest of the afternoon grinding our cocks on each other as we held each other close kissing each others necks innocently.

We played till we had to go home. We were home late for dinner and got grounded from hanging out together for a week. After that week Chris and I spent the rest of our summer riding our bikes around town looking for secret spots to make love and begging our parent to have as many sl**povers as we could. We had many more adventures and lots of fun. I hope you enjoyed this true story from my sexual awakening.

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1 year ago
Missed the great times! Damn, love to read about them.. thanks
3 years ago
Had similar experiences with my cousin growing up. Like CMHONN, if it's legal, shakes, wiggles, smooth and hairless or spreads his/her legs, it is all good!s
3 years ago
fantastic story... I favorited it!
3 years ago
It seemed so innocent :)
3 years ago
Much like my first experience I was 10 he was 9, but he had a cousin that had taught him how to Jack off, he shared the secrete! I have never looked back, Boys, girls, some small farm animals (Just Kidding about the animals) Now my moto is "anything that wiggles 18 to 80 blind, crippled, or crazy!

Keep the great stories coming ~ Craig
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Hot story, just love hearing about first time adventures.
3 years ago
i enjoyed it and cant wait for many more!