milf next door

I has seen this sexy milf at the local shops, she has long blonde hair and often wears long black boots.
You can imagine my surprise when I found out she had moved in next door.Obviously I soon found the opportunity to introduce myself, naturally she invited me in for tea.
I was looking her up and down as she made the tea and I soon had a bulge in my trousers, she smiled I came over to feel my bulge and unzipped my flies and my cock was soon slipping inside her mouth.
Thats good I said but what about your fellar?
He won't be back for awhile
I love sucking your cock.
I pushed my cock into her mouth and she took every inch.
Fuck me over the table she said moving to th large kitchen table.
She pulled up her skirt and I pulled down her panties,I quickly a pushed my cock into her wet hole,I was fucking her from behind and she loved it
Oh yeah fuck my cunt hard..
I fucked her her juice soon coated my rod and I knew I would love to fuck her for as long as possible.
She gripped the table with her hands and met my thursts.
Hold mt tits as you fuck me.
She pulled up her jumper and I grabbed her floppy tits and tweeked her nipples.
God that feels good,bang my cunt.
I 'm gonna come in you.
No pull it out,come in my mouth.
She quickly turned round and wrapped her hand around my stiff cock.
Wank me off I commanded.
She wanked me off her lips inches from my pulsing knob.
Oh yeah Im coming .
She increased her hand speed and opened her mouth as I squirted my spunk into her open mouth,several thick loads pasted her tongue.

That was great she said smiling, why not come around tomorrow.
I sure will.

95% (15/1)
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3 years ago
like it but more details on her
3 years ago
nice story mate - got me a nice hardon