Masturbation in front of my boss

Masturbation in front of the boss

She always liked to brief me when I came to work,of my duties she wanted done and I had to be at work on time,and although she was demanding to work for I needed the money so I had to go the extra distance for her.
I didn't realise how much extra I would have to provide until one day the phone rang and it was her.

She was a powerful woman,successful about 50 years old and ran her own business,well dressed and straight talking, I must admit she was intimidating but I always felt a swell in my groin when I was near her,and today was no exception as I stood in front of her desk,her eyes looked me up and down with disapproval.
I now stood in front of her in my dirty work clothes.
''I came from straight over when you called Mrs. Willows'' I apologised for no reason at all.
'' I called you because I've been receiving complaints from my neighbours''
'' well..I don't know why''
'' well I do,and quite frankly I'm not happy,what are you going to do about it''

I was confused as all my work had been OK except one time,and I'm sure she didn't know about that,did she?
I looked down as she Sat behind her large organised desk, her tight black skirt stretched over her thighs and expensive shoes with metal spike heels arousing me,her blouse was loosely unbuttoned and her ample tits were opening it up further.
She wore black hosiery ,she coldly regarded me over her expensive glasses.

She rolled back her office chair and smoothed her skirt.
''I've been told you've been behaving in an obscene manner behind my outbuildings,it that true?''
One time I got really turned on and had to bring myself off, I can't understand how anyone could have seen me.
'' There must be a mistake''
'' They have a description of your privates,now show them to me so I can make my mind up ...come on I haven't got all day'' she snapped.

I fumbled at my flies and my cock flopped out for her to inspect,it was already rising and as she rolled her chair nearer it grew and stood proudly towards her.
'' I'm not sure if this is the one...''

She took my knob between her thumb and finger and squeezed the eye until a drop of pre cum came to the eye.
''take your filthy trousers down''
As I did this she slipped my cock into her mouth until my pubes brushed her red lips,her hands reached round and grabbed my arse so I could not pull away.

After a few deep plunges of my cock she withdrew her mouth..
''Right wank you cock for me ,like you did it now...or you won't get paid''
I gripped my cock with my left hand and groaned as I quickly rubbed the delicate skin around my twitching shaft.
'' quicker ...faster...''
there was a gleam of excitement in her eyes, as she rolled back her chair she pulled aside the front of her skirt and pulled aside her knickers..
I moaned as I saw she was wearing old style stockings with thick straps and large metal clips.

''you like to look at me don't you Mr. Kingdom? Watch me as I walk around the garden, in my tight skirt and stilettoes, wank your cock for me and watch me spread my cunt for you''
She pulled her cunt lips apart and dipped a finger into her wet hole.
My cock was near to bursting ,and now I slowed down my rubbing and Mrs. Willows unbuttoned her blouse to show me her cleavage.
Her eyes were glued to my cock as she rubbed her clitty, and then started to moan quietly as her hips moved back and forth so that her fingers could go deeper into her.

''Come to me,now wank your cock by my tit's''
I hobbled over as my trousers were around my knees.
She moaned louder now as my dripping cock leaked onto her bra.
''Yes rub your fat cock for can't cum in me though,I'm married you know''
Pre cum dribbled down between her tits she pulled open her blouse to let her floppy tits free.
Her nipples were large and brown.
I moaned and she knew I would come over her tits and she new this and snapped
'' not there..cum on my desk...'' she demanded,pointing a sticky finger to the desk top.

She rolled back her chair and put her feet on the desk,I glanced down at her stilettoes
And I looked at her with her thighs spread and her fingering her wet cunt.
'' Shoot your cum, let me see it''.

My cock twitched in my hand as I shot a huge load in front of her ,she grunted and gripped the chair,she was cuming ,then a twitch an another squirt , and one more squirt coated the desk in front of her.
She gasped with each squirt my cock made as it decorated her desk with my spunk.

She rubbed the spunk around her desk top with her fingers and then wiped some on my belly.

''Right, pull up your trousers and get out,I knew it was you all along ,and when you wanked your cock with your left hand , it confirmed it.''
Now she had let me go I hoped I would be back again.
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3 years ago
Good story. Shame you couldn't fuck her too
4 years ago
4 years ago
love masturbating and being watched
4 years ago