Danny Then Uncle Jack

I'll never forget the first time I ever sucked a cock.

I was upstairs with my bestfriend Daniel; we were playing Extreme Video on Nintendo and my Uncle Jack was downstairs to make sure we didn't get into trouble. Daniel had flipped the computer to a porno site, waving thru a bunch of them actually and mostly we found young girls in school uniforms, looking like they could be are age, sucking on big cocks that were useually there teachers. We watched intensely as the big cocks filled the computer screens and the cute, often Japanes girlsd with pigtails ans lollipops, sucked and licked there tongues round the big cock heads.

Daniel kept sayiing how much he would rub his cock all over theirt faces and let them stroke his cock hard as they did there teachers, said he was so hard he could cum. And he was rubbing his cock thru his undershorts. I seemed to not be ablle to take my eyes soff the cocks, it was the throbbing cocks that made me horny and it was the first time i felt my cock grow stiff. Danny was a little older than me, he was fifteen and i was still just thirteen.

I watched him as he rubbed his cock, and could feel it in my mouth, and my mouth watered the waya the girls did on the computer. He saw me watching him.

'Pull yer cock out, Jonny. c'mon, do it. stroke it like those girls are, it feels real nice, especially - and he spit in hi hands - when you do this, makes it feel like they're sucking you. He rubbed his wets hands around his cock.

I couldn't take my eyes off his cock, and pulled out my own and started stroking it. I kinda fell forwards, on purpose, and my face landed between his legs and i felt his hard, wet rubbery cock on my face and my mouth. I stayed there, my lipa wet on his cock head and my tongue started licking him.

He seemed shocked. Buit he didn't stop me. I grabbed his cock with both my hands and started slowly jerking and stroking him, rubbing his cockhead into my mouth, across my wet lips. He was moaning real loud and the girls sucking on the computer made loud slurping sounds.

I grabbed his balls, stroked his cock between my hands like I knew what i was doing, sucked his cock down my throat and felt him start to fuck his cock into my wide open mouth - i thought then how often people said I had a real cute, girlish face and at that moment I wanted to be a girl.

I heard a sound, looked towards my bedroom door, which was open... there was uncle jack, watching, his huge cock in his hands as he jerked off while i sucked Daniel's boy cock. Now looking at Uncle jack's big, man cock I knew I wanted that one. I squeezed Danny real hard, shoved my fingers up his asshole like the girls did to their teachers and he started shooting hot liquid cock juice in my mouth, down my throat; it dripped all over my face down my chin.

He moaned, saw uncle jack, kinda smirked then layed down on the floor and fell to sl**p. Uncle Jack walked towards me with his big, huge cock...

my mouth watered. He grabbed my hair and rubbed his wet cock head all over my face, the hot cum from Danny still in my mouth...

Yes, UNcle jack was next and many times after that... to this day his long (9 inches of manmeat) is still the best cock I've ever sucked. And sucked. And still suck, fifteen years later.
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1 year ago
yuuuuum yuuuuuum i hope you are going to continue this story, I can see Uncle Jack been a serial interspersed with other encounters
2 years ago
4 years ago
Great story if a bit short, but a terrific theme, thanks.