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this is my first attempt so here goes anf forgive the spelling this is for my friend on here who likes reading stories, but tour comments would be welcome.


I had just changed jobs and was moving to london having grown up in the country this was a daunting experience for me as i had little knowlage of the size and diversty of a big city and didnt really know my way around I was staying near wimbelton not far from the station I had arived early in the morning and had a long journey Looked at the derections to the guest house I had checked into and found it a few minits walk from the station I had arrived on the saterday morning to give me time to settle for work on monday and to give me a weekend to find my bearings.

after I checked into the guesthouse which was run by a lovely couple who made me feel very welcome,I decided i would have a little snoze as the journey on the train was slow and i felt a little tierd,I dozed for about an hour and then I decided that I should go and have a walk around by now it was in the late afternoon. I was walking around the town center when I saw a man push a lady over and run off with her bag i tried to pursew him but he dissapeared into the side streets.I then went to help the woman who had been robbed she was very distraught and one or two people were trying to comfort her someone had phoned the police and a few minuits later a police car arrivedand talked to te woman there were two police for some reason they always seem to be in pairs I didnt really take much notice untill the femail officer aproched me and asked what i had seen and would i be prepared to make a statement.

As nobody else wanted to I said I was happy to teel her what I saw and what happend .

she was about 5` 7` tall and dressed in her uniform I rember the lovel hazel eyes looking at me from under her hat and i imediattle had though of using her handcuff (as I have always been a bit of a dom and the though of having a police woman in uniform with her own cuffs was very excitng to me) on her as she was taking my statment i remarked and asked if all the police women in london were as good looking as her and if they were they could take my details anytime to which she blushed,i could also see she was a red hear from part of her hair under her hat ,
We seemed to be chatting for a long time and i had told her where i was staying she took my statment there and then and said she would contact me later as i couldent rember to much detail as i was still a little tierd she said that when i had rested i might rember more by now it was early evening and i decided i would go bace to the guest house as the evening meal was set for 7 pm .

i had had my evening meal when the owner of the guest house called me and said there was a call from te police i was very surprised to hear from jilly the policed woman who had taken my statement she asked if i had remmbered anythink more and would it be ok for me to sign the statment now as she was passing where i was staying,I said that would be fine she arrived about 10 minits later but was being driven in a police car as she explined that she had been to a police presentaion just down the road and had a bit to drink she said if i camr to her place we would take the statment there i said fine,i opened the back door for her to get in the car and as i did i could see she had stocking on mm i though this is a nice looking woman I got into the back of the car next to her and we drove to her place , once there she poured me a glass of wine and said i might rember more if i was relaxed.I said all i could really rember was the lovely police woman hat interviewed me with her lovely hazel eyes and her lovely hair ,
She had had a little to drink and was a bit flirty but still was asking if I could rember what happend in the after noon,Being a man and seeing her in her uniform handcuffs hanging from her belt the only thing i could thing of was putting them on here and bending her over I said i couldent really rember so she said she would relax me by now the glass of wine i had d***k was starting to relax me ok i said she then took off her tie and blinfolded me saying it help not to have and disstractions well i was surprised she then said put your hands behind your back i felt the handcuffs go on , which to my surprise quite excited me as i had always been a dom and had never been tied before . now relax she said mmm i though how the fuck am i going to relax as my cock was now starting to stiffen up i will relax u she said
she undid my shirt and licked my nipple i could feel her tonnge teasing my nipple but could not see her really strange felling , i was still stood up and my shirt was now w****d around the handcuffs she sat me down on the sofa

there i was a dom tied and blinfolded helpless and horney as hell i could smell her near me and i leaned forward to try to feel her she put her hand on my chest and suddeny i felt her push one of her breast aginst my lips by now i was solid and i sucked the nipple as it got harde between my lips aw suck she ordered so i sucked even harder my now she had undone my pants and had my member in her hands she layed me on the sofa altough it was difficult with my hands tied behind me and the next think i knew she was above me as i could fell her moving around positiong herself over me then i felt her warm pussey just rub over my face my tounge reached out to feel it as i could not see i felt her pussey lips sink around mine and i licked her wet pussey she was teasing me lifting off ever time i tried to suck her clit then i felt her warm lips lick the end of my now throbbing 8 (when i was younger i always worred about the size but my teacher taught me it not what u got it how you use it which is why i always love to eat whatever pussy am going to fuck before i enter cos i know i can make a woman come with me toung and fingers then if i explode to early she already come and is uaually happy)inches i felt her juice as she thrust her wet pussey right in my face as her come dripped over my chin and ran onto my cheast more and more came out of her but now she had stopped sucking me and was rubbing her hands up and down mt cock with her other hand she gripped my balls and was rubbing her fingers around my ass . suddenly she moved forward on my face so i could no longer reach her pussey i sucked hard on the gap between her pussey and ass ( a lesson i had learn form one of my first ever lover who whan i was only 17 i said to her i wasent very experienced as she was married and had 3 c***dren she said she would teach me how to make a woman come properly we had an affair for over 6 months and the lessons went on ever day as soon as her husband left for work but thats another story )
almost giving a love bite there ,she started to rub her come into my cheast then witout warning move her self so my toung was right below har bun hole i couldent resist as i had never licked ass before my tounge was working with out me thinking another hole to explore as her hand move down over my balle and i felt her finger penertrae into my bum aw another new experience for me never been fingerd there before as i reached with my toung further in her hole im not sure if she was alone as i often wonder how she managed to finger me bum hole and be sucking me at the same time.

But like all men by this time my brain was gone as my errect dick was in charge

i tried to move but she had me pinned down my cock wanting to explode but she keep stoping just at the right moment she suddenly turned around and i could feel her f***e her now soaking wet juicy fanney into my face (I could now really taste her come and knew she was a true redhead as a redheads come always seems to have a tangy taste not like a sweet blond maybee a bit like when u had a drink of vimto leaves that peppery taste on your tounge )

I was so horney now my mind had be blown away she came in my face againe and nearly drowned me which i love anyway this time she screamed eat me your bastard eat me lick me bite me aw i bit into her clit it was almost like a golend shower she gushed all over me face my mouth was full and i almost drowned in her come but my tounge was in over time trying to lick bite suck this lovely pussey I really though she had pissed in me face there was so much of it all over me cheast it was everwhere by now i wat as wet as if i had a shower she slid her wet pussey down now and rubed it up and down my slipery body i wanted to see her lovey pussey which had given me so much pleasure and as her to take blinfold off but she refushed she then slid her soaking wet juicy pussey over my cock restrained and on me back was a bit akward as my fav position is from behind so i can get the full 8 inches right up as far as i can get it for maxaiume penertration , however on this occassin there was no way i was going to get my own way she slid on my cock bt now i was dying to come but still held back ( a lesson i learnt from my teacher as talked of earlier) by now she was dripping and it slid in and out easily just a mass of wet slapping noise and her moaning and come running out of her like a tap had been left on , wow was i horney she lifted herself off of me and i could feel her licking her come off my throbbing hard cock suddenly and without warning she say back on me this time forcing my cock in her ass aw well i had done anunal before but this was unreal her tight ass clung to ever part of my hard cock as she bounce up and down screamin with pleasure saying fuck it baby fuck it as hard as you can come u bastard i want u come fuck me shithole you bastard she came againe it was like a fountain puoring out of her still not sure if it was piss or come but it was lovely . i screamed at her i was ready to fill u now you dirty whore come on bounce on my cock suck that come out of me u cow she imeddley got off and straddled my face and took my coke in her hand and said she was not wasting my come as she slid her mouth over me and sucked as hard as she could i felt it slid right down her throte she leaned forward and put a finger in me ass and then gently bit my cock as i empited into her mouth fuck as she dridbbled more of her come into my face she sucked the juice out of me and made sure she never wasted any well i was well and trully used but i was so happy she left me on the sofa a while and after a few minuits came back with th e key to the cuffs and untied me and took off my blindfold i was amased to see her dressed in a full lengh dreassing gown and asked her to take it off she said that she didnt like people seeing her body and she wouldent i think i`d licke ever part of it and felt it but was not allowed to see it but i was not going to complain. i had to borrow and old t shirt off of her as my shirt was wringing wet she offered to wash it but i said it would be ok as i wanted to keep it with her smell on it

since then I havent been asked to give any statments to the police but keep wishing one day she might come back for another interview.

hope you enjoyed that me first attemp and im sorry about the spelling your comments would be really welcome many thanks jonneyboy
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4 years ago
Nice story you had me jacking off to her every move thanks hope you write somemore thanks
4 years ago
thank you jonneyboy
4 years ago
very bgood nice & hot thank you for sharing
4 years ago
4 years ago
gd story m8