A lady Police Officer comes home from work

Or a Copper cums home

She comes home from work and she knows there is something wrong. As she goes through the house from room to room opening each door in turn she suddenly hears a noise in her bedroom, she is scared and her heart is racing. As she pushes back door she sees me standing there. Her underwear drawer is open and I have a pair of her panties in one hand and my cock in the other. I am turned on even more at suddenly being discovered.

I just wanted to wank over your panties, I say. But then I stop to look at her and notice what she is wearing. She has just come from work, she is wearing a uniform, a police officer’s uniform. Wow, you look so fucking hot in that outfit I say. She replies ‘thanks, but you’re fucking nicked’.

Her training kicks in and she tries to arrest me but as she gets her hands on me and we begin to struggle I tear the top of her blouse and I suddenly see her black bra. It is not regulation issue, it is almost sheer and has lace around the top. She sees my eyes and knows what I am thinking, but I see something in her eyes too. I push my hands down to her arse and my cock just goes huge because I can feel that she is wearing stockings under her skirt.

The tables are now turning and she can see that I am getting heated. She also feels my cock pressing against her and she begins to struggle to get away but I can tell that she is not struggling as much as she could and she gives me the faint hint of a smile. However, she has to put up a show because she’s a copper. ‘Get fucking off me you twat, she shouts. But she is a total babe and she’s a copper and I can’t stop’.

‘You need a good fucking’ I shout and push her backwards and under my weight she falls to the floor. The top of she blouse is already torn and although she has her hands around my wrists I tear open the top of her blouse and reveal the sexiest black lace bra I have ever seen, but better than that the tits inside them look totally awesome. The flesh is smooth but in the struggle the fabulous bunnies are trying to escape and I have to help them.

I rip her bra off with such f***e that the straps bite into her shoulders. My cock is now extra huge and I rub it against her thigh. Stand up I say, ‘fuck off’ is what she says but she begins to stand up anyway. Her tits are perfect and I can tell that even now she is proud of them. ‘What are you going to do’ she asks. My reply does not shock her but she has to keep up the pretence. I’m going to fuck you, shove Your night stick up your arse’ and you’re going to swallow my cum. She looks down at the night stick still hanging from her belt. I grab it and hold the cold steel against her, ‘stand still and don’t fucking move’ I threaten. I tear off her skirt and her panties are even sexier than the ones I found in her underwear drawer. ‘

‘Fuck me’ I exclaim, I’ve never seen a sexier copper. ‘Take my cock out now’ I hiss and she does it. The touch of her hands on my cock drives me fucking wild and I grab her by the hair and bend she over the back of the settee. ‘Put your fucking hands behind your fucking back’ I gasp and she does. The cuffs are in her belt clip and I snatch them and cuff her hands behind her.

Her arse is stuck in the air but I go for her cunt first and thrust my cock straight in. She gasps but I can feel that she is wet, fucking wet. I bang away for what seems like hours to her, then I pull out and bend her head towards my cock and she has to open her mouth wide. She can taste both of us as she sucks my cock. I f***e my cock in deeper than she’s ever had it before but then I pull out my cock and shove the night stick in her mouth and she has to suck it. ‘Now get fucking back over the settee’ I shout and she puts her head down and her arse up. What an arse it is, fucking yummie!

I begin to push the night stick in her ass and it slides in easily, she groans as it goes in deeper and deeper. As I work it in and out she struggles but I can’t wait any longer cos her ass is fucking gorgeous. I drag out the night stick and shove my cock straight in. She feels the contrast between the cold steel and my hot cock which is now banging, thrusting, slipping and sliding in and out of her tight arse. I grab hold of the handcuffs around her wrists and with my cock going in and out of she arse I ride her like a fucking police horse.

The groans coming out of her just get louder and I’m sure I hear her whinny like a horse. Suddenly the groans turn to gasps and it is obvious that she has just cum. I’m still banging away and I pant and groan and yelp. ‘get your fucking mouth over hear’ I gasp and she bends her head towards me just in fucking time and as I stick my cock in her mouth she sucks it hard and I cum. ‘Fucking hell’ I exclaim, ‘fucking hell’!

I watch as she shows me the white cock juice in her mouth. ‘Swallow it’ I demand and she does. ‘Ahhh’ she breathes softly. ‘Don’t think that’s the fucking end of it’ I say, ‘get on the fucking bed’. I push her down and demand that she opens her legs wide, she obliges with a smile. I take off her stockings and tie each ankle to the end of the bed.

I can see how wet her pussy is, but most of all I can see her swollen clit just poking out under its hood. ‘That’s what I wanted’ I exclaim, ‘this is my favourite bit, that clit belongs to me’. I begin to lick and suck and move my tongue around that lovely, tender clit. ‘Ummmph’ I say, and I keep my head down for the long haul. I just keep tonguing that fabulous little bump and she cums and cums, and cums, and cums, and cums…………………..

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