Max Adventures, Part 1: The Edge.

It had been a few months since Max and I first had sex. We were closer than ever to each other, and we might as well have been dating, if we didn't both agree to not cross that line with each other. We had an amazing friendship (with some amazing benefits. We didn't wanna ruin that by letting romantic feelings get involved. We just wanted to be best buds...who fuck on a regular basis. So we were. ;)

Anyways, Max and I were invited to a costume party, as it was around Halloween. We were going to go as the Men In Black. So we had tuxes left over from previous school dances, got some all black sunglasses, and we were good to go. I was heading over to Max's to pick him up, and waited in his driveway for about 20 mins before I impatiently stormed up to his door and barged in. We were gonna be late!

I heard a slight moan from his room, and instantly knew what was taking him so long. He had discovered "edging" on a porn site not too long before that day, and he was driving himself crazy by not letting himself cum. We had been texting earlier that day, and he had told me that he hadn't shot a load in over two weeks. It seemed like he was pretty desperate to cum, the way he was moaning. So, naturally I peeked into his room. He was apparently in the middle of getting ready when the urge struck him to edge, because he was wearing a button down white shirt, with a black tie loose around his neck, his boxer briefs, and long, black, otc socks. He honestly looked REALLY sexy like that, legs spread open, cock and balls poking through the fly in his undies.

I caught him at good time, too. I walked in just as his eyes were closing, and he said out loud, "I'm gonna do it. I need to cum." Well- he sort of whispered/moaned it? It's hard to describe, but it was hot as hell anyways.

"Are you sure about that, sir?" I asked him. He gasped and made moves to cover up, but once he saw it was me he relaxed and laughed. He tried to fake a mad voice and told me, "Ah, fuck off! My balls are killing me, I need to get off before we go to this party. Two weeks without shooting isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"Well...maybe I can help with that? Fuck the party, let's have our own. Just one rule. I make the rules." A little smile appeared on his face, and his cock twitched a bit. "What's the first rule dude?" "The first rule is: you call me Sir."

Not gonna lie, this is kinda when I realized how intense my dominant side is. :) It's been growing ever since.

Anyways, we got things started with tying the tie around his eyes, so he couldn't see anything. Then I went and found some rope in his garage. I came back to him stroking his nice cock and said, "No touching unless I say so." He chuckled and started stroking faster. I grabbed his balls while they were bouncing and gave them a little squeeze. Nothing to hurt, just a little taste. "I wouldn't disobey me if I were in your position. We're all alone, and no one's gonna care if you don't manage to cum tonight." He literally gulped and his heart sped up. "...Yes, sir."

I tied his wrists to the bedposts, and left his legs free. Turned the ceiling fan on, shut the door, and got to work.

His bedside stand was where he kept his condoms, as any normal teenager would, but a little shoebox in the far corner of his closet was where he kept his lube. I opened the familiar box to a nice surprise. Taking it out, i held it to his nice asshole and asked, "How long have you had this?" As the dildo threatened to make an entrance, he moaned, "It was a gag gift from Randy. (A mutual friend of ours, who's name has been changed. ;) ) He didn't think I would actually use it, but I've had to change the batteries twice already." "Batteries? You mean it does tricks?!" I was nearly as excited as Max was. I twisted the knob at the base and sure enough, the vibrations started buzzing through the 6.5 inch cock toy. His moans got twice as loud.

I put the vibrator aside and grabbed the lube, and started slowly stroking his cock, focusing mainly on the head. He had been close to cumming now for about 15 minutes, so to say he was sensitive would be an understatement. After about three minutes of this, he told me he was close, and I got him as close to release as possible before I slid my hand off his cock and gave him a kiss. "This is gonna be loooots of fun." I grinned. He groaned.

After about half an hour, and four more close edges, he was already begging to cum. "Please just let me shoot already. I'm exhausted...and horny. You can't treat your best friend this way!" Even though his eyes were covered, I could tell he was giving me his signature sad eyes, the ones that made all the girls (and some of the guys) melt. He has these amazing green eyes, when shaped the right way, can make you do nearly anything. But, since they were blindfolded, all he got was another, "Not just yet, b*o." ;)

I warned him not to clench too much, as he, like me, doesn't partake in many anal activities, but loves some anal attention. I lubed up a finger, and slid it inside him, and found the sweet spot rather quickly. He took the warning rather well, and pushed his hips up to meet my hand, driving my finger in deeper. His moaning was the loudest it had been, and I had to shush him before I put the second one in. THEN I started stroking his cock again. He started begging again immediately, but to no avail. Once I thought he was loosened up enough for his nicely sized vibrator, I slid that right in.

As his cock was in my hand, I felt the twitch, like he was cumming, right away. He had been that close ever since we started. As the dildo started to move inside of him, he moaned and groaned and begged, but I just remained silent. I was enjoying this waaay too much. His hips were thrusting back and forth, basically fucking himself at this point, and I hadn't even turned the vibration on. Once I did, his back arched, and his hips went into overdrive. We had been at this slow, torturous edging for a little over an hour now, and I was starting to feel bad. His cock was turning more and more red, and his balls were even darker. He needed to cum, badly.

I asked him, rather ironically, "So, are you ready to cum dude?" He laughed and groaned back at me, "Ugh, I've been ready for the past two weeks. Please just finish me off?" He was exhausted, horny, and needed release, or his cock and balls were going to be purple the next day. So, I presented him a challenge. "Alright. 5 more minutes. If you can take 5 more minutes of this without begging, I'll make you cum. If you make more than a moan and you beg, you won't cum until tomorrow morning. Got it?" He nodded his head so fast, it made him dizzy.

The first 4 minutes were routine, dildo fucking, slow stroking. The last minute, however, he got a 1 minute warning and a nice surprise. I slipped my lips over his cockhead. He moaned almost like it hurt, but told me not to stop. He fucked more into my mouth, in turn fucking the dildo deeper, since I was holding it steady in my hand. Just as the minute was over, he announced he was about to cum. I pulled my mouth back, till it was just my lips around the head, no tongue, no mouth, not anything. I could have been kissing his dick. He thought it was another edge. Nope. :)

As soon as he started to say, "What the fuck?-" I pushed my mouth down, wrapping my tongue around wherever I could. He shot so hard, and so much, that I couldn't keep the whole load in my mouth. So, naturally, I kept stroking while I kissed the remnants of his cum back into his mouth. If you never have, kissing someone while they're, (or you're) cumming is immensely satisfying. It adds something romantic, something sweet to it.

After the initial burst, the post-orgasmic torture started. He was sensitive to the point of pain, and with every stroke, he spasmed more into the kiss, fucked the vibrating dildo deeper into himself, and actually dug the rope into his wrists. He had been begging me to keep stroking the entire he begged me to stop.

Soon, he was able to breathe normally and said, "We gotta do that again sometime....that was fucking amazing. You were right, that was a party..." I laughed and said, "Yep. We throw a pretty good party. Can I crash here tonight? I don't feel like driving home, and my parents think I'm staying here anyways. They don't know about the ACTUAL party." "No problem."

We made out in our underwear and socks until we fell asl**p.

Thanks for reading! Believe it or not, this is true! "Max" found the first story, and he loved it! Comments are always welcome, let me know if you want to read more!
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5 months ago
HOT Story, but you have let max shoot that huge load into your ass.
5 months ago
Max has the best of friends. We should all be so lucky.
5 months ago
good story