Transformation into a slut

Before you read my complete, and utter humiliation as a woman, let me give you a mental picture of my situation before I met Master John. I was a 20 year married housewife, with two beautiful daughters, a good husband, and a big house in the suburbs. Everything that a prim and proper college educated woman could ever wish for. Now, I am no longer a woman, just a five-foot, big titted, (40 ddd) fat, (size 14) fuck pig. I don’t even have a Christian name; I am called CUNT, nothing more.

It all started when I was going through some boxes in the attic. I found a vintage BDSM magazine. As I flipped through the pages of women being tied up, spanked, and serving their Masters, I felt my pussy wet it self. To my amazement this turned me on, so in the privacy of my attic, I masturbated to a picture of a woman tied over a chair in a black garter belt and black stockings. Sex with my husband had become dull and routine, and then finally it stopped completely, so I thought I would restart our sex lives by trying something I thought all men would like to do. Our daughters had cheerleading practice that afternoon so I knew that we would be alone for a couple of hours. I rushed out and bought a pair of black stockings and some clothe line rope at my local Wal-Mart, and returned home. My husband found me in nothing but black stockings, the magazine opened up to the page of how I wanted to be tied up, and the rope next to me.
“What the hell are you thinking?” He asked. “ At your age, you’re 48 years old, get your clothes back on.”
I was devastated. I spent the next couple of days trying self-bondage. I would tie my tits up, put clothespins on my nipples, I even tried spanking myself, slapping my tits, and slapping my pussy, but nothing really turned me on the way that picture did. I wanted to be taken sexually. This was only going to happen one way. I was going to have to go outside of my marriage to satisfy my sexual hunger. I went to a friend’s house and used their computer. I typed in BDSM relationships into the browser, and I very popular website came up. I must have browsed hundreds of ads, but one caught my eye. Master John’s personal ad. He was everything I wanted to explore, so I answered it by saying that I only wished to become a dumb cunt. Nothing more. Two days passed. He only responded with this response:
“Call immediately.”
When he answered the phone he spoke very slowly, and commanding.
“You are to strip naked before I say anything more.” He ordered
I tore my clothes off instantly.
“You will leave immediately, unclothed, with the exception of your highest black heels. The only possession you are to have is a rubber dick, and it is to sit on the dashboard of your car.” He ordered.
I was to meet him at a famous dogging park here in St. Louis. He told me that I was to arrive precisely on time, if I was more than 30 seconds late, he would then leave, and there would be no further contact. Fortunately my car was parked in the garage. I owned a compact car at that time, so a lot of people got a good view of me naked and what was sitting on the dashboard. I got several honks, stares and comments at red lights. I arrived at the park and saw his truck in the parking lot and parked next to it. He immediately got out of his truck, without saying a word he opened my door, and d**g my naked ass out of the car by my hair. He then plopped my fat ass down on the asphalt, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his thick, nine and half inch dick out. My mouth started watering, and my pussy wet itself. I opened my mouth, and lunged forward, but he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back. With the other hand, he slapped my tits hard.
“You will have to earn this cock in your mouth. Do you understand cunt?”
“I will do anything for your dick, anything.” I begged.
“When I get done with you, you will have no self respect, no morals, just a dumb fucking cunt.”
“I want to be your cunt.” I answered.
He slapped my face with his dick several times He reached into my car, and pulled out the rubber dick. He told me to open my mouth wide, where he shoved the rubber dick sideways in my mouth. He then pulled out a length of white cotton rope and tied a loop around my left tittie and used the rope as a leash. He led me around the parking lot. All those who were parked got a great look at me being pulled around by my tittie. He finally let me to a grassy area in the middle of the parking lot. He yanked hard on the rope making me yelp.
“Lay on your back, put those legs in the air and fuck yourself, and fuck yourself hard cunt.”
I took the rubber dick out of my mouth, and slid it into my pussy. I started fucking myself. He once again pulled the rope taunt and this time he kicked me in the pussy.
“You dumb fucking cunt, I said fuck yourself hard.”
I jammed the rubber dick into me, and started pumping myself wildly while moaning like a bitch in heat. He kicked me once again in the pussy and told me that it was time to learn that when given an order by him that it was to be done correctly. He pulled me up off the ground by my tittie and started walking me towards my car. At some point the rubber dick fell out of my pussy.
“Pick it up you dumb fucking cunt. No hands.”
He gave me enough slack in the rope so that I could get down on my hands and knees and pick it up with my mouth. I took longer than he expected it to take, and he kicked me in the ass and told me to move it. I stood back up with the rubber dick in my mouth looking like a dog with a bone as he finished leading me to my car. He unleashed my tittie, and tied my hands behind my back. He told me to lean into the window of my car, where he trapped my tits by raising the window, and then shut the door. He went to his truck and brought back a red ball gag, a small plastic pail and a chrome spreader bar. He silenced me with the ball gag, spread my legs wide with the spreader bar, and silenced me with the ball gag.
“ I’m hungry. I’m going to go get something to eat. I may be back in a couple of hours.”
He pulled out a red marker from his pocket and wrote “Free Fuck” across my ass, and placed the plastic bucket on the ground between my legs.
“This gag should muffle your screams. Enjoy cunt.”
As he drove away, my car was suddenly surrounded. When the sun came up the next day, Master John found me passed out and hanging by my bruised tits. I had been fuckedTr over and over again by countless men. They fucked me in ass; they hit me, they fucked my pussy, and some just jacked off and came on me. One of the men brought another woman to the park for a dogging experience. She shoved a beer bottle up my ass and fucked me with it. At some point, I felt my mind slip away and accept that I was nothing more than fuck-meat. When he walked up behind me, he grabbed me by my hair, causing me to jump and start pumping my hips like I was fucking an invisible dick. I was completely exhausted, both mentally and physically. Cum was dripping from my pussy. The plastic pail was about half full of cum and piss. He pulled my head back with my hair, and removed the ball gag. A hard slap to my reddened ass came next.
“What lesson has this dumb cunt learned?
“This cunt has learned that she is a fuck, nothing more.”
He pulled the beer bottle out of my ass and untied my hands. He sat the bottle on the ground.
“Lick it clean cunt.”
I instantly dropped on my hands and knees. I ran my tongue up and down the bottle and did my best to lick it clean.
“Get into my truck, you will kneel on the floorboard with your face in the seat. You will not speak what so ever. From this day on, if you feel you need to speak, you will cup those fat tits of yours while speaking, the only exception will be when you are answering an order. You will use the statement yes Sir.”
I did as I was told without hesitation or question. I couldn’t see where we were going, but when he parked his truck next we were in front of my home. I walked stark ass naked up the sidewalk to my front door. My next-door neighbor stared as we went into the house.
“Fix me something to drink, cunt.”
“Yes Sir.”
I served him iced tea in my husband’s favorite chair.
“ Take a shower, and clean yourself up cunt. Apply your make-up heavy and whorish. I want big hoop ear rings in those fucking ears of yours. Dress yourself like the whore you are. Put on your best slut clothes. I want a mini skirt that shows that fat ass of yours, a top that exposes those fat tits. Cover those legs with stockings, and prop your ass up on high heels.”
I cupped my tits to speak.
“Speak cunt.”
“I do not have any of the things you requested from this cunt. My husband never allows me to wear make-up or jewelry. All my clothes are very conservative.”
He slapped my tits hard.
“ Take a shower cunt, and we will fix that.”
“Yes Sir.”
I went directly to the bathroom and took a shower. When I returned, I found him in my bedroom. He had picked up my purse and dumped it on the bed. He had gone into my wallet and taken all the cash I had and my credit cards out. He pulled out the rope from his pocket and once again leashed my left tittie. He led me naked out the door, and once again, my neighbor got a show. I rode to his house on my knees in the floorboard, and my face down on the seat. We stopped at his house.
“Slap your pussy until I get back. It better be nice and fucking red cunt. If it isn’t I’ll beat your ass.”
He raised his hand as if he was going to hit me…my hand instantly slapped my pussy hard, and I kept slapping my pussy until he returned. He got back into the truck, and threw me a white tank top shirt.
“When we get to the stores, this is what you will wear. I also have something for your tits. Present your tits to me.”
As I cupped my tits, he pulled out two syringes. He emptied each one into my tits. I felt a strange sensation deep in my tits. My nipples turned rock hard to the point of hurting.
“In 48 hours, those fat tits are going to filled with milk. Each morning you will milk yourself like a fucking cow. I have a friend that will pay me for your milk. This and the money I will get for whoring you out will pay for your room and board.”
We drove to a nearby mall. I put the shirt on…it didn’t cover much. My tits hung out the sides, and it barely covered my pussy. As I walked I had to hold the hem down, which made my tits bulge out the sides even more.
We walked into a nail salon first. We walked up to the counter, and the counter girl asked my name. I stood there silent.
“Tell her your name, you dumb bitch.”
The counter girl looked at me as if I was crazy.
“What did you say?”
“My name is cunt, it’s my name, as in dumb fucking cunt.”
She just shook her head and wrote “Cunt” on her list. I was third on the list. Master John pointed to a corner.
“Put your face in that corner until your called.”
To the shock of everyone in the salon I walked directly to the corner he pointed, and put my face in it. As I stood there for about 20 minutes, I heard several disparaging comments. Master John just sat there uncaring and oblivious to their comments. The counter girl walked over to me and tapped me on the shoulder.
“You’re next cunt.”
I took my face out of the corner. Master John jumped up.
“Do you have a bathroom that the cunt can use?”
The counter girl pointed toward the back.
“Move it cunt.”
Everyone watched as we went to the back of the salon and into the bathroom together. About halfway there one of the customers stood up.
“Excuse me Sir, you’re going to discipline her aren’t you?
Master John stopped and turned around.
“Yes, why do you ask?”
Well, Sir. You have already involved us. Why can’t we see the whole show?”
“You’re right…Ok Cunt, kneel, remove my belt, and then bend your dumb fucking ass over that table.”
I knelt in front of him. I reached up and undid his belt buckle. I gently pulled his black leather belt from around his waist. When I stood up, all of the customers, and all of the salon’s staff had made a semi circle around the table. With my knees shaking, I handed him the belt and clumsily bent over the table. The tee shirt rose up more than enough to expose my ass to all that were watching.
“You didn’t learn the first time did you cunt?” I don’t believe I said you could move from the corner. Did I? You want your stupid ass to belong to me don’t you? Legs together, arch your back, stick that ass up in the air.”
I did exactly what I was told. To the excitement of everyone, Master John struck my ass five times, leaving welts across my ass. He turned and walked to the front of the salon, and found an empty seat.
“What does she need done today Sir?
“She isn’t a she, it is a cunt. Nothing more. The cunt needs slut red glamour length fingernails, a matching colored pedicure, and electrolysis to remove the hair from that pussy. Dye that fucking red hair until it’s platinum blonde.”
Three and a half hours and I was finished. The girl walked me to the front. I sat down next to Master John.
“The bill comes to $345 dollars Sir.”
Master John stood up, and paid for it with my credit card. He also added a $20 dollar tip.
“Let’s go cunt.”
I followed him out of the salon. We walked three storefronts down, and entered a full figured store.
We went directly to the lingerie department. We stood there for a few minutes when the salesgirl came over to us.
“May I help you?”
“First, you will curtsy to me in a show of respect, and yes, this cunt needs to be fitted for garter belts, stockings, and bras. She will be wearing one outfit out of the store.
“Yes Sir, any particular style or color?”
“Yes, let’s start with the garter belts. They need to be figure control, and have metal clips only. They need to be in black, red, and white. The cunt will need 7 of each color. She will also need 28 pairs of back seamed stockings. The same colors except she will also need 7 pairs of nude colored stockings, with back seams, and 7 pairs of Cuban style stockings.”
“Yes Sir, and the bras?”
“They will all be lace seamless under wires, in black, red, white, and nude. I want the bras to be two-cup sizes small, so that this cunt’s tits are over flowing and her nipples visible while in a bra. I want her tits in full view.”
“Yes Sir, will you and the cunt follow me please?”
Master John smiled as the sales girl pulled out a yellow tape measure from her pocket, and led us to the back of the store.
“I am a Domme in the lifestyle. I know what the cunt needs. With your permission, why don’t you step into the lounge, make yourself a cup of coffee and relax while I fulfill your cunt’s clothing needs Sir,”
Master John just nodded and walked away. The sales girl motioned me over to her.
“You will call me Ma’am when I decide to speak to your stupid ass. Stand straight, legs together, cunt.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
She measured my hips, and then went to a rack and pulled out a black figure control garter belt. She slapped my pussy hard, making my legs spread. She measured around my inner thighs, and went to a plastic bin and pulled out a queen-sized pair of black Cuban style stockings. She measured my chest. She went over to a rack of different style bras, and pulled a black lace under wire bra.
“I think this will give your master what he is looking for. Follow me cunt.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
I followed her to the changing room. She faced me and pulled off my t-shirt. She opened the pack of Cuban stockings.
“Sit bitch.”
I sat down on the pink couch. She undid and slid my heels off of my feet.
“Leg out straight you fat fucking whore.”
She slid the stockings up each of my legs, making sure she kept the lines straight as they went up the back of my legs. She put my heels back on and did the straps .She took the garter belt off of the hanger.
“ Stand, and keep your legs together, and suck in that fucking gut bitch.”
She wrapped the garter belt around my waist, and cinched it tight. She attached the metal clips to the tops of the stockings. She took the bra off of the hanger, and slapped my tits hard.
“Extend your arms bitch. Time to cage those fat jugs.”
I stuck my arms out straight. She slid the bra up my arms, and fastened the clasps in back. She stuffed my tits into the too small cups, and adjusted the shoulder straps so that my tits stuck straight out. I looked down, and my toes had disappeared.
“Follow me cunt, let’s go see your Master.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
I followed her into the break room. Master John was sitting at a table drinking coffee. She stopped me short of him.
“Model your outfit slut.”
I turned around in a circle slowly. I made sure Master John got a good look.
“From this day on that ass and pussy of yours will be framed by a garter belt and stockings. When you suck a cock, your tits come out of the bra. However, I really think that there should be a strip of lycra stuck between your ass. Girl, go get a minimum coverage g-string in black, and then add to the order g-strings in each color and the numbers I have requested.”
The sales girl disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a black g-string. She handed it to me and told me that belonged above the garter belt. I slipped it on, and turned around so that Master John could view my ass.
“Nothing says class, than a strip of lycra up your ass. I always say. Go finish the order and let me know when you’re done.”
The sales girl curtsied and then disappeared again. Master John pointed to the table in the center of the store.
“Get up on the table, and become a living mannequin. Lay on your back with your legs spread in the air, and your panties pulled to the side so that people can see your pussy.”
I did what I was told and for about 20 minutes everyone in the store got a nice view of me. I got a few comments and stares. The sales girl returned with a four-wheel dolly with several boxes on it. Each box was labeled of what product was in the box.
“Sir, I took the liberty of adding 7 pairs of lace fingerless gloves in each of the colors you have specified, along with 7 garter sets also in the colors you specified. Will you require anything else Sir?”
“Yes, I just thought about it, the cunt is going to need 7 lace open bottom girdles, but only in white and black, she will need an additional 7 pairs of coffee colored back seamed stockings, and 7 pairs of sheer granny panties in white and black.”
“Yes Sir.”
The sales girl curtsied once again, and left us. She came back and added another box to the dolly. She wrote “girdles and stockings” on the box.
“Will there be anything else Sir?”
“No, I think this will do nicely. Cunt, let’s go.”
I climbed down from the table and fixed the g-string so that my pussy was covered. I followed them to the checkout counter.
“Your total is $5265.00. How will you be paying for this? Cash, Check, or Charge Sir”
Master John handed her one of my credit cards.
“Her hubby is paying for this.”
The sales girl swiped the card and the receipt printed out.
“ I see that the cunt has good credit Sir, however I must inform you that the cunt’s card is now at the maximum limit. What shall I do with the card?”
“Sent it to her hubby, I don’t give a fuck, the cunt belongs to me now.”
Master John turned around and looked sternly at me.
“Where in the fuck is your t-shirt. I give you a gift and you fucking lose it?”
I cupped my tits.
“40 ddd.”
“Speak cunt.”
“I left it in the changing room Sir.”
Master John slapped me to the ground.
“You stupid fucking cunt. Get your dumb ass back there and fetch it”
Master John kicked me in the ass, sending me stumbling towards the changing room, where I found the t-shirt. I returned to him as quickly as I could. Master John pulled a knife out of his pocket, and cut the t-shirt into thirds. He threw away the sleeves. He put the bottom half over my head, and slid it down my body to make it a skirt. He did the same thing with the other part, making it a make shift tube top. The color of the lingerie showed clearly through the thin material.
“Let’s go cunt. The boxes will go in my truck, the rest of your clothing will be ordered on the internet. Now it’s time to take the rest of your soccer mom world, and plunge your stupid ass into a world of sex and slavery.”
He pointed to the dolly. I pushed it out the door, and to his truck. His truck had one of those tops that go over the bed, so that everything was secure. I got several looks and stares at my outfit as I loaded his truck. I took my place in his truck. We arrived at my house about 20 minutes later.
“What time does your husband get home cunt?”
I cupped my tits to speak.
“He picks the girls up from cheerleading practice, and gets home about 6 Sir.”

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1 year ago
Love your stransformation story! You should tell us more of how you became a good little slut! You have to have some pictures you could add to give us a good visualization.
2 years ago
Excellent! All women should be transformed into slutty sluts and finally become real women!!! Normal women are worthless bitches! Good and lucky for you!
2 years ago
is there any sequel for this?
2 years ago
I like! I'm in st Louis too! Look up my page.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I think i'm in love xxx
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
great start
2 years ago
very good