Giving advice

Part of my job is giving advice to groups of around 40 people; the reason for the small numbers is in my field of work and a lot of individuals need to ask many questions and you could be their all night.
Last Monday I was in Harrogate doing a talk. In the front row, smack in the middle were this good looking couple in their 40s, he had a very expensive suit on and she had this wonderful short dress showing quite a lot of leg extenuating her figure with a nice pair of black and red high heels. As I was talking the woman kept crossing her legs one way then the other and this caused her dress to ride up showing her black holdups.
During the break the couple came up and complimenting me on my talk and asked if I could meet straight after the lecture. I agreed but told them I didn’t have a room at the hotel as I had to travel back in the evening and suggested we meet in the bar later, they looked at each other and said we live round the corner, could we go there as it was a delicate matter and didn’t want to be overheard, so agreed.
Anyway once the talk was over and questions answered I met up with Alison and John and we walked to their house. I can’t go into detail but after telling me their situation, they had worried about nothing and in 10 minutes resolved the issues of concern. Alison started to cry with relief saying they had been worrying for 6 months, after composing herself she asked how much did they owe me. I said it was a simple situation and to forget it. John started to insist on payment but I told them it’s part of my days expenses for doing the talk and I’m not going to charge for 10 minutes.
Alison then said well, will you have a meal with us before you travel back and suggested an Indian’s It was agreed and I found out John couldn’t drive so she had to collect it. While she was away I complimented John on their house as well as saying he was a lucky man having such a beautiful wife. It was then he mentioned he wished he could satisfy her as he was diagnosed with diabetes and with other medical problems couldn’t drive or give her much pleasure in the sex department. He said he had tried to get his wife to have some fun by taking a lover, but she had refused. I made a flippant remark saying if she ever changes her mind put my name forward. Just then Alison came back, we had a great meal and had a good laugh which I hadn’t done for quite a while, and it was if we had been friends for so long. Suddenly out of the blue John said to her I told him about taking a lover and if you change your mind he would like to be put forward. She went red as a beetroot and rushed upstairs to compose herself. When she came back I was in the middle of telling John how embarrassed I was and it was men’s talk and you will never get a woman to do anything if you keep pushing her like that. Alison returned saying sorry for rushing away and then said you seem to be able to give advice on other matters apart from work. It was then my turn to say I had met a couple where the husband wanted to watch due to health reasons. John looked at Alison and both of them more or less in stereo asked me to tell more, I told them about a husband wanted to watch as it turned him on so much hearing and watching her enjoy herself, sometimes having the momentum to make love to her afterwards.

Alison looked at John and there was a silent’s as if they were trying to be telepathic, I at that moment asked where the little boys room was and proceeded to leave the room, as I went up the stairs I heard Alison say it would be better this way as I couldn’t do it with someone by myself and we do owe him for his advice. When I returned, Alison said would you help us? We have a similar problem. It was then I said they shouldn’t rush into this and talk it through about the consequences and their relationship as a man although thinks it’s a great idea but might find he feels even worse watching another man fucking his wife and feel inferior. Alison whispered something to him and he said are you sure? Alison looked at me and said will you teach us? John said please mate. She moved off the chair sat beside me and said how do these things start? I leaned over and kissed her gently and said like this but anything you don’t like just say no. We were in a full snog and she started moaning, I moved my arm around her slowly moving my hand down to the hem of her skirt touching her leg, she moaned as we kept kissing, we stopped for air and looked over to John who was rubbing his cock through his trousers. She then said is this getting you turned on love? Do you want me to go further? As if we continue we won’t stop. John looked at me and said do what you want with her she likes to be taken charge of. I kissed her again then moved down to kiss her neck whispering to her do you want me to go further? She just said take me but be gentle as I have not had sex for a very long time, make it last. I kissed her again and moved round to squeeze her breasts, another moan came as I reached for the zip around her back, she said ‘O’ my god this is turning me on. As the dress came down over her breasts I moved to unhook her bra and started to kiss each breast in turn while rubbing my fingers lightly over her thong which was by now soaking wet, she was raising herself to try to gain pressure on her clit. I asked if they wanted to go to the bedroom or remain in the lounge, as it was a cold night they suggested we stayed where we are. I pulled her up from the settee as I removed her dress leaving her holdups on as well as her high heels, as I started to get undressed I told her to go over to her husband and kiss him and thank him for letting you do this. She did as I asked and when I was down to my boxers looked over to see Alison showing her arse to me as she was bending over kissing him. I moved behind her and placed my cock over the crack of her arse sliding it up and down and brought my hand around her waist to start fingering her clit, she was still kissing John as she started to moan and push back against me as well as opening her legs so that I could have better access to push a few fingers inside her. It was then that I decided my cock needed some more pleasure and pulled the thong to one side and pushed my cock slowly inch by inch into her. She arched her back raising her head back as she started to shake and came violently as John kissed her neck holding her head asking was it nice enjoying a cock inside you instead of a plastic toy? She kept saying yes ‘O’ god yes as she came again thanking him, saying are you ok about this my love, he said feel what it’s done to my cock! I then said to him why don’t you fuck her seeing you have a hard on, they moved on to the floor and he was on top of her like a flash, they forgot I was there for a while and it was nice to see the passion between them talking to each other, it didn’t last long as he came inside her. As they calmed down John rolled to the side and was fingering her pussy and saying now you need a good seeing to. Alison replied are you sure about this? He waved me onto the floor and I lay on the other side of her and stroked her breasts she was saying this is so nice having you here beside me my love, well I can now watch you let go and enjoy it without any guilt. He looked at me and said make love to her, I kissed her neck gradually moving down to her pussy, she tried to stop me from licking her pussy saying there was spunk inside her but I just dived my tongue between her lips, she arched her back and held on to Johns hand as she came again, he was saying how lovely it was to see her in her full height of arousal as he kissed her deeply. John then said I think it’s time someone put his big cock right up you as he winked at me. I got into position lifting her legs above my shoulders and started to tease my cock through her lips, she was begging me to put it inside her then suddenly in one slow continuous stroke sank my cock until it stopped, resting my balls on her arse, I held it there so she could get used to it then started to fuck her slowly, she started to match my strokes by pushing against me starting to scream with pleasure. We fucked for a long time until John said do you want him to cum inside you? She said Christ yes and told me to fuck her hard. I did just that and then told them I was coming, there was a sound of moisture leaking from her pussy as I came she screamed she was coming and shook her head from side to side squirting her love juice out. It was fantastic watching her shake as she calmed down as well as seeing John kiss her as well as crying saying you’re a wonderful, I love you so much its lovely to allow this to give you so much pleasure and I was able to fuck you myself which I haven’t been able to do for 11 months.
I felt I was intruding on their time and got ready, just popping off to the loo before saying my good by’s. They were still in the same place when I came back in the lounge still kissing and holding hands, as they got up to hug me and thanked me for what we had done, Alison looked at me and said I can’t believe after all this time that we have done this on the spur of the moment. I don’t want to play around with different men and would I visit again soon to teach them more on a regular basis?
I felt honored and told them it would be my pleasure.
We have arranged to meet between Christmas & New Year. I will let you know what happens.

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3 years ago
What a gentleman. Nice story.
3 years ago
Good story - thanks for sharing
3 years ago
nice of you to help