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was sweet talking some girl on instant messenger one night and she asked if we could maybe go do something. I took her out on a date and I have to admit I wasn't attracted to her, and to be honest she wasn't much fun to talk to either. The date went by and I dropped her off at her house. She called up a few days later asking to do something again. I had been in a sexual rut so I figured 'what the hell'. I told her to come to my house b/c it was too late to do anything else and that we would just watch a movie. Of course I had other plans. We kissed a little during the movie and by the end I had her lying down on the couch. I started to reach under her clothes and she shied away. To my dismay I figured she wasn't going to let me get anything for a few more dates. Surprisingly though, after a little more kissing and light touching she reached for my clothes and wanted them on the floor. I of course got naked as quick as I could, and she proceeded to kiss every part of me except the one part I was hoping for. I finally got her clothes off as well and proceeded to lick her from head to toe. I could tell she was really getting into it and I knew I had it made. Finally she couldn't take any more and got up, saying, "Let's go upstairs."

I followed her upstairs and noticed that I was still not that attracted to this naked chick walking towards my room. I did notice that her ass was fairly nice and I decided to let that be my driving f***e. We made it onto my bed and I gave her a few more kisses before she finally started creeping down my body to put her quivering wet lips around my cock. I could tell she either had only done this a few times or maybe not at all. She did manage to keep her teeth away. I wasn't getting anywhere with this total beginner, so I flipped her over onto her back and rubbed her down. I took it easy on her pussy at first, but by the end I had her moaning and grabbing for more. I finished her off and lay back down, asking her to suck me dry. I think she learned a little bit about intensity she came back doing much better, twisting her little mouth around my head and licking up and down the shaft. She was still not quite good enough to get me going and she was getting frustrated. She asked what to do and I put my hand on her head and told her to just let her tongue and lips do the work. I bobbed her head up and down on my dick. She suctioned around it and I asked her to pull on my balls a little. She replied with a moan and all of a sudden I was in a whole new world. I was face-fucking this internet chick.

I continued for a few minutes and she just held onto my sack trying not to gag as I moved her head up and down more and more f***efully. Finally I had reached it and I told her I was about to cum. With a horrified look she pulled her head and my hand away. Realizing that she didn't want to swallow I told her to jack me off. She pounded away with her hand as I blew my first shot high enough to hit her lips, only a few inches away. She went ahead and put her head back down and continued to suck even though I was still coming. She just let it run out down my cock. Finally after I had stopped she continued to rub and lick at my dick for another few minutes. For someone who didn't swallow she had no quarrels with 'clean-up' duties. I got her a few other times in the mouth a few weeks after that, but never got the chance to fuck her.
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