Step s****r Feminisation part 1

My parents were away for a week so I was left at home with my step s****r Jodie to be in charge. I felt nervous and self conscious with her elegant beauty, sophisticated fashion and her slim dark body opposed to my pale White one. She had always been kind since my dad married her mum but there was a large age gap between us and often we didn't talk so it was to great shock when she said she wanted a word with me in her room, the first thing I noticed was her astounding beauty, large breasts and slim petite legs which gave off a radiant, ebony glow. She wore black doc martens and a short skirt.
"Sit down sweetie" she said
Where on the floor? I asked curiously.
"Yes!" she responded angrily "I'm not exactly sitting in bed with you".
I sat down curiously awaiting whatever was in store for me.
"So as you know I'm in charge for the next week which means you need to obey everything I tell you. Everything."
I nodded obediently, ok I said.
"Ok what??? Your going to address me as Mistress from bow on, for too long you've been treating me as your s****r, I'm a class higher than you. Understand?"
Yes mistress I stammered.
"Like my new boots slut, nice sexy doc martens. Do you know what you're going to do to them birch?"
I shook my head. No mistress.
"Your going to polish them" she handed me a cloth and polish. I stared bewildered at her, but soon enough I was rubbing the cloth against the rubber of the boots, it felt degrading and embarrassing.
"Missed a spot" She would say occasionally but mostly she left me to my work , texting on her phone as I polished and polished.
"now then, that's enough. Kiss each Boot"
But, but mistress.. I replied stunned
"Fucking Do it!!" she yelled.
Nervously I bent my head down and started kissing the boots over , I saw my reflection in them as I kissed and I slowly started enjoying it, licking them eagerly. My s****r laughed, then suddenly lifter her foot back and caught me on the face. I shrank back as she chuckled.
" Not getting too excited I hope?"
No mistress I responded.
" I want you to understand how worthless and pathetic you are, these boots are more important to me than you"
I sat there ashamed.
"In fact Bitch you kissed those boots now you can ask them out on a date, go on.
My face turned crimson. Will you go out with me? I said to the boots. Jodie cried in hysterics.
"OMG pathetic aha"
I blushed even more.
" Your lucky today though because I have a present for you" she pulled something out from under her duvet and my heart sank when I saw it. It was a steel chastity belt.
"Put that on" she demanded.
"Don't want you to be having dirty thoughts this holiday do we?"
I shook my head nervously. She handed me a piece of string and I began to tie it around my erect penis.
"tighter!" she yelled. I pulled the string and winced, then assembled the cage over my dick. I handed her the key, which she then put down her top.
" Oh my, you do realise you are completely mine now, you do realise that I am your mistress now, and I do or turn you into whatever I want".
I nodded , yes mistress.
"turn around" she ordered. I could hear her pull on a rubber glove, and I felt searing pain as she pulled down my boxers and spanked my bottom, she did this two or three times and I cried out in pain each time.
" Haha you scream like a girl" she said maliciously,I then heard a squirt as if someone squished something on their hand, then I felt her gloves pulling my ass cheeks. Words cannot describe the humiliation I felt as she stuck her finger deep inside my asshole, then 2, then 3. Then finally she inserted the butt plug, I winced and cried in pain as it entered my hole, I heard laughter from behind me. After 2 more slaps I heard the words "stand up", to much pain I did and saw my s****r hold the inflator to my buttplug, " I think we will leave this hanging out like a little tail to remind you you are mine, go on say it, say I am mistresses slut".
I repeated and I felt the plug grow inside me , I began chanting ugliness and louder to please my mistress. I needed to please her, it was then I realised my life should be devoted to serving a woman Like herself.

I stood naked and helpless, chastity on and buttplug inserted awaiting my fate.
"You're going to be my sissy maid for the next week, isn't that exciting?" she asked. Yes Mistress I responded. She pulled a pair of White satin panties from her bag and demmanded me to put them on, I complied and felt a thriving pain as my penis tried to get erect inside it's cage, next I put on a pair of silk White stockings from her bag, I was enjoying the experience intensely. After that mistress put my garter belt and stuffed bra on. I felt utterly ridiculous, yet looking into her mirror, I felt I looked sexy, like a hot sissy almost. Next came the most humiliating part Mistress pulled out 2 petticoats and a a small black maids dress. I pulled on the petticoats then put on the tight-fitting maids dress feeling Girly and gay, then mistress tied my apron on and commanded me to twirl, I did as she asked feeling very feminine. Next the satin gloves went on , then the black cosplay wig, I began to be looking very girlish and ( weirdly to say) sexy. Mistress then sat down and applied makeup to me, smearing me face in makeup and applying a huge amount of deep red lip gloss. After that she gave me a pair of black stiletto heels, I pulled these on and mistress laughed at my attempts to walk.

"Oh my, I have done some good work here, I want you to say I am mistresses slutty little maid, go on, keep saying it" she held out a video camera. And as I said those words I felt my masculinity and innocence slip away, I knew I could never go back. I was a sissy now and the strange thing was I was happy
45% (9/10)
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1 year ago
good start:-)
1 year ago
Thanks x I will. Any ideas?
1 year ago
This is fabulous! Hope you keep going with this! :)