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submissive and how i started

if you have read my other stories and blogs you know i'm a cuckold and a submissive. This is how i got started into this lifestyle.
I was very slow at developing, i didn't have any pubic hair until i was 16 or 17, i had a very lttle penis until i was 17, i didn't even start getting hard-ons until i was 16 and the first time i ejaculated (not counting wet dreams) was when i was 16.
My next door neighbor (Bruce) was younger than me but always acted masculline or like an alpha male. Things started with him as normal young boy games, i'll show you mine and you show me yours, strip poker and ect.,. The first time that we played strip poker i noticed he had already started having pubic hair and that his dick was much larger than mine (soft i was 1.5" and he was 3"). After many times of playing strip poker he wanted to take it futher, the loser had to run around the house nude, rub the winner's dick and things like that. Onces when i was losing he decide that the loser had to kiss the winner's dick. Like usual i lost. So with a quick kiss to his dickhead i though that was it, but he want a better kiss. So we continued to play and i continued to lose, this time he want me to french kiss his dick, which i did. Pretty soon all our poker games end-up with the loser (me) having to either french the winner's dick or keep the winner's dick in the losers mouth for a minute. About the 3rd or 4th time we played and after Bruce had won again when i had his dick in my mouth he started to get erect. For some reason i started moving my head back and forth on his dick and even started sucking him. After doing this for the required minute Bruce wanted to play some more, but this time each time i lost it was double or nothing. After a few hands i owed him 10 minutes. With me naked and on my knees Bruce stood-up in front of me and pulled his pants down and told me it was time to pay-up. His dick was already hard (already about 7" long and real thick) and sticking straigh out. When he slid his dick into my mouth i immedatily started sucking and moving my head like before. After about 4 or 5 minutes his dick started getting harder and leaking pre-cum, suddenly with out any warning Bruce started cumming in my mouth. Instead of pulling away or spitting his cum out i just swallowed and keep sucking. I was so surpized but so turn on. When Bruce had finished climaxing, he pulled away and told me i still owed him 5 more minutes. The next 5 or 6 times we spent the night or went camping it was the same routine, me losing and him getting his dick sucked. Then Bruce changed things, he started saying things (you have a little dick, you should always me nude around me when we're alone, how smooth and girlie i was and things like that) and also started calling me names (dicksucker, cocksucker, pussy mouth, cum eater, sissy). He also decide that we no longer needed to waste time playing poker, that from now on when we were together alone i would get naked and do what ever he wanted. Since i was young and feared being exposed for sucking him i went along with his decision. For 3 years i would suck him off anythime he wanted, sometimes it would be a quick blow job in the loft of my garage, sometimes it would be in his bedroom when his parents were gone, sometimes it would be in the tent camping, i even sucked him a few times out doors in a grove of trees near a fishing lake. It had started out being a once a month kind of thing but before it ended i was sucking him off 3 or 4 times a week.
The times we were spending the night and his parents were home he would often make me pull my pjs down and he would hump me and climax between my legs or on my ass, always making me pull my pjs back up when he was finished. He even got part of his dick in my asshole twice and climaxed there.
When we discovered girls and i started driving things stopped. But for those 3 years i was complete submissive to him. Part of it was being afraid of being exposed by him, part of it was that he acted so dom/alpha to me, part of it was that i actually started enjoying sucking his big cock and having him cum in my mouth, part of it was i actually got tun-on when he called me names but the biggest part was that i like being submissive to him and having him take control and use me for his pleasure.
Bruce only told one person about me sucking his cock, his cousin. Bruce tried to get me to suck both of them but i refused.
I didn't suck other guys off only Bruce but i did get into a bit of a compromising situation while camping with Bruce and a group of older guys once. Me and Bruce were camping with this older group, no tents just sl**ping bags on the ground. The oldest guy Chester tolds us to camp with them we had to go through the ritual of joining their group. That we had to kiss the tip of each guys dick to become part of their group. I really didn't want to do this and wanted to leave but when i looked at Bruce he winked and said for me to go head. There was 9 guys including Bruce and me, so i went to Chester (the oldest) and pulled back his sl**ping bag (he already had his dick out) and kissed it. When i crawled to the next guy he was already out of his sl**ping bag with his dick out and so were all the other guys. I crawled to each guy and kissed their dicks until i got to Bruce, thinking he was not a member i started to get in my sl**ping bag but they all told me to do his too. All the other guys were rubbing their cocks while they watched me crawl to Bruce. Everybody had been soft or only semi-hard when i had done them but when i got to Bruce he was complete erect, as i bend down to kiss his cock he push up and f***ed his whole cock into my mouth with everyone watching. It was only i second but everyone laught. Next it was supposed to be Bruces turn but instead he said that it was a dick size issue, that the one with the littlest dick should have to do it, everyone laught and then made me pull down my pants, when they saw my little thing they laught again and told me i was the loser, and that since my dick was so much smaller than Bruce's that if he wanted me to go in his place i would have to. Since i didn't want Bruce to tell all the guys that i sucked him i agreed, they even made me keep my pants down so my little soft dick was exposed to all. This time instead of soft cocks i had 8 hard cocks to kiss, when i bend down to kiss Chester dick two things happened, first i was shocked at the size of his cock (it was about 8 or 9 inches long) and second when i started to kiss it he f***ed it in my mouth just like Bruce had done before and moved it in and out two or three times. Of the 8 guys 6 f***ed the dicks in my mouth and got a few strokes in and they all had bigger dick than me. This all ending with Bruce getting his dick back in my mouth for the second time that night and he even stroked in and out more than Chester (probanly 6 or 7 times). Lucky for me things ended then and nothing was ever said about what happened. The guys might have talked about it behind my back but nothing was said to my face about it (except for Bruce who often committed and threatened to make me finish what i started).
Sometimes i wish he had carried through with his threat but mostly i am glad he didn't. It would have been exciting for me to have had to suck all those guys off but in a small town it would have labeled me and make things difficult. Although i did enjoy being submissive to Bruce and i do still enjoy being a submissive to both males and females i'm glad that things didn't go futher back then, i'm afraid i would not have gotten together with my first wife, afraid i would never experienced the joys of being cuckolded.
Posted by jojosmallone 2 years ago
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6 months ago
It reminds me of my friend when I was young and how he used to give me such great blowjobs.
9 months ago
Love your super hot story! Thrilling how you "grew" into the situation you are in and cherish!
1 year ago
sounds like Boy Scout camp to me, if I remember right!
1 year ago
Very hot! I actually wish I had had youthful experiences like that. I actually didn't start cock until my mid-20's! It really is very understandable and logical that you have ended up the way you are and we really can't help the sexualities we were born with. And turns out, having a small cock doesn't hinder your enjoyment in giving pleasure the only way you can and that's a good thing too.
2 years ago
masturbated as I read this hot autobiography.
2 years ago
We started off in similar situations
2 years ago
Nice story! The joy of being a submissive cock sucker. Wish I was there with you.
2 years ago
Hot start to life of being a sub and a good cuck. The first time Bruce came in your mouth you knew to swallow and not waste a drop of his cum. Very hot.