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where are all the dom female cuckoldress

Been on xhamster for awhile now and really enjoy all the videos, stories and pictures especially the ones involving cuckolds and/or submissive males. I've make some great friends and shared ideas, experiences and fantasies with some of those friends. The thing i noticed is that mostly white males (like me) are the ones into cuckolding. Not many women write about it and even fewer talk about it or share experiences. Where are all the kinky women that would like a submissive male to play with, use or just talk to. Plenty of sub/cuckold white males around, plenty of black and white bulls around, plenty of white women wanting BBC but very few women, either black or white, that want to dominate or use a cuckold, submissive white male. I know you are out there, i know some women out there would like to dominate a sub male, have a sub male clean her after she's had intercourse with another (at try it once), squirt in a sub males face as he gives you oral pleasure OR is this type of kinky fetish play only in the minds of a bunch of white males and a few couples? It would be nice to talk to a few females interested in cuckolding or in femdom.

Posted by jojosmallone 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I know you're looking for female responses, but I thought this was a good question. It does seem there are a lot of white men who have the desire to be cuckolded and dominated. I've thought the same it just a few of us or not something many women are in too. The "kinky" times I've had were with women (and men) where we developed a level of trust, they had dominate traits already and were open about sex. I don't think most women "hunt" for submissive men, but it's something that is developed in a trusting relationship. Just my thoughts.