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College with Cindy

During that summer Cindy had taken 3 lovers and had cuckold me normerous times. I was really glad to leave our hometown and start back to college. I was hoping things would return to normal between me and her especially since she had no friends there and school would be keeping us both busy. I had a full schedule (18 hrs) plus i worked a part-time job at nights and on the week-ends. However Cindy decided to take a light schedule at the local community college(tech school) and was done with all her classes by noon. At first things were great, i was allowed to stop wearing panties, allowed to have intercourse 3 or 4 times in the first 2 weeks, she even treated me like a man/husband, no more complaining or nasty committs. But then things turn for the worse, first her mother left her husband and moved close to us. The phone calls started and the name calling from her mother became an everyday thing. Hearing her mother call me a wimp and sissy over the phone was bad enough but the way she talked to me in person was even worst, especially when she called me names in front of Cindy. The second thing that happened was that Cindy met Rick. At first it was just friendship and a little flirting at school but then Rick kept asking her out on dates. By the time we had been in Greensboro for 4 weeks Cindy decided to hang out with Rick. The first time they were together was at our apartment. I came home from school and was getting ready to go to work when Cindy told me she that she had invited Rick over, that she didn't think anything was going to happen but that i probably should take my books with me at study at the libuary. As i was leaving she told me to call before i came home to make shure her "date" with Rick was over, she didn't want me to interupt them so if the phone was off the hook then to wait 30 min and call again. I finished work at 10 and then went to the libuary, my first call was at 10;30 (busy) next call was at 11 (busy) finally at 11;30 she answered telling me i could come home. When i got home my stomach was in knots and my little pecker was hard just thinking about what might have happened. When i walked in there was Cindy in her open robe and no underware, she had a well used satisfied look on her face and i could see hickies on her neck and titties. She smiled and told me to put my books away and get undressed. When i walked into the bedroom it was obvious what had taken place, the bed was a wreck and had a couple of huge wet spots on the sheets. As i undressed Cindy took my clothes, then she took my bowers and through them in the trash saying "you want need these anymore for a while. Smiling she then handed me a pair of pink lace panties saying "this is more your style" and that i needed to start wearing girlie panties all the time again.Cindy sat on the bed and pulled me to her, as she started kissing me i knew that she had suck Rick (i could taste him on her lips) and pulling away i could see dried cum on her neck and titties. Before i knew it i was kissing the hickies and licking the cum of her neck and off her titties, then she told me to be a good little sissy and get down on my knees to please her. As soon as i got between her thighs and started licking i knew that just like Chris and Gilbert that Rick had squirted his seed in her womb. Then as i licked and swallowed their cum Cindy started bragging about how good Rick was, how well he had fucked her with his thick 8" cock, How she had sucked him off the first climax but that he had climaxed in her pussy 3 times and had given her 5 climaxes with his manhood. As i finished licking her clean and stood up Cindy started laughing, pointed at my panties and said " look at the sissy, climaxed in his panties just from eating cum". I didn't realize that i had gotten so excited that i had shot-off while giving her head. Then she told me no intercourse for me for a while since Rick was a better lover than me and had a cock that could satisfy her. That i was back to my old role of her sissy pussy eater, that her mother was right i was a wimp, a sissy and not a man but a little boi with a tiny wiener.That night i slept in the wet cum spots that Cindy and Rick had left on our bed and slept with my pink wet panties on (Cindy insisted on both).
Before long Rick was coming over 3 or 4 times during the week and once or twice a week-end to play with Cindy. Sometimes he would come over for a quick blowjob from my wife before he went to a party, sometimes he would follow her home from school for an afternoon fuck and sometimes he would come over at night while i worked or studied and screw her for 3 or 4 hrs. I always had to leave (if i was home) before he got there and always had to call before returning home to make sure they were finished.For the first 3 months that Rick was screwing Cindy i was not allowed intercourse a single time and only allowed to either masterbate myself or have Cindy jack me off onces or twice a week. I was never given oral since that was reserved for "real men", never allowed to watch or listen but was giving Cindy oral two or three times a day. When she had been with Rick i was required to orally please her and to clean his cum off of her including rimming her ass, i always orally pleased her every morning before school and if she had not been fucking Rick i orally pleased her in the afternoons before going to work.
I suspected that Cindy"s mother knew that she had started cheating on me again because the verbol abuse increased and the name calling was worst than ever before. Now Cindy's mother would openly call me a sissy, a little dick faggot, a limp dick pussy boi and all Cindy would do is turn away. Cindy also call her best friend back in our hometown and told her about Rick and told her that i was back to the "boi/sissy" status and was wearing panties again and eating Rick's cum from her.
So now another first had occurred, Cindy had started using our apartment for sex and had allowed another guy to screw her in our marital bed.

Posted by jojosmallone 2 years ago
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4 months ago
Thanks for sharing
1 year ago
Yeah, when she tells the mother-in-law you have an itsy bitsy pee pee, your marriage has entered a new realm. I think it's cute, keep posting baby, it's good for your soul.
1 year ago
I know it is humiliating to learn your don't have the physical endowment to play the sexual role of a real man, but there's not much you can do about it. I just appreciate you understanding and accepting the biology of it all and continuing to please your wife the best and only way you really can. And me thinks, you are beginning to actually enjoy performing the only sexual role you really can because you keep returning to it and doing more!
1 year ago
Wow, and I thought my ex mother-in-law was a witch. Such a humiliating and arousing story though.
2 years ago
Humiliating...but exciting!