cuckold submissive learning my place part 3

Cindy my wife was cuckolding me with Chris (our friend) two or three times a week. At first she tried to hide the fact that they were having sex but after awhile she knew i knew and i would do nothing to stop her. After she had me wear her panties the first time while i ate her and tongued her ass things really changed. Cindy really started taking control, first she bought female panties for me and threw away all my boxers, always making committs about my small pecker, then her committs started about how manly Chris was and how big his cock was. The verbal abuse was daily and the more she said the more submissive i became to her. She started call me a sissy and a little boi. Cindy also started telling me about sex with Chris, how she enjoyed sucking his masculine cock, that she would never suck my little pecker again, that i could never satisfy her with my little thing while Chris always made her climax, that i could only make her climax with my mouth, that my little pecker was useless. To futher humiliate me Cindy decided that i should start shaving my pubic hair, underarms and legs her commit was that since i had a little boy's peter than i might as well look like a little boi, smooth and hairless. She also decided around this time that she love me but didn't want to make love with me, that she would still want me to oral please her when she was horny but she would only allow me intercourse once a month and hand-jobs once a week. When we did have intercourse she always made wear a rubber (while Chris never had to use protection) and would make me pull out right before i climaxed. Other people started noticing our car at Chris's house and making commits, but Cindy didn't seem to care i even suspect that she enjoyed others suspecting and some of the committs they made.
Near the end of the summer before we moved to my college two things happened that really made life difficult for me. The first the was that Gilbert (Cindy's ex-boyfriend) can to town for 10 days. Cindy had not had sex with Gilbert while they dated but as soon as she found out he was it town she went to see him. At a pool party with alot of our friends Cindy flitered with him and even made-out with him in front of everyone. During the party Cindy when and gave Gilbert a blow-job and after the pool party was over she stayed and had sex with him. She didn't get home till 2 in the morning. She was not embarrassed or shy about thhe fact that she had been with him and that others knew, all she wanted to do was talk about how masculine he was, how his cock was big like Chris's and how good he was in bed. As soon as she kissed me i could taste his cock and cum on my wife's mouth and instantly got hard in my panties, Cindy noticed this and ask me if my little dicky was excited and did i want to have sex. I knew then that not only was i going to eat her i knew i would be eating Gilbert's sperm out of her. The entire time i was licking her she continued to humiliate me by comparing me to him and by telling me to lick her good or she might get pregant. For 5 days straight Cindy had sex with him until finially her mother found out what was going on. The confrontation between mother and daughter was bad, lots of yelling and crying and i thought i was out of it until Cindy's mother suddenly started blaming me. She yell that i was not a man to let me wife screw around, that since i did nothing to stop this that i must he a sissy or a queer. She also told me that everyone knew Cindy was cheating on me and that i was a fool, a laughing-stock and a wimp. After her mother left Cindy cried in my arms till she went to sl**p. I thought this would end things and let things go back to normal but a few days later she was back at Chris's house.
The second thing that happened was a black girl that worked with Cindy want to have a good-by get-together. They decided to do this after work on sat. afternoon. Cindy rode with Charlene to her house straight from work and i was to pick her up when i got off work at6:00. When i got there Cindy, Charlene and 2 black guys were on the porch. Cindy look tired, stone and disheveled. As she got in the car i could smell sex and booze, when she leaned over and kissed me i knew, the taste and smell was of cum and cock, when i pulled back from her a slight smile was on her lips and Charlene and the guys were laughing. As i drove away with Cindy still hugging me and kissing me she made the committs "did i like her kisses" and "now she knew the stories were true about black guys". As soon as we got home Cindy undressed lay down on the couch and told me to use my mouth to pleasure her and to clean-up the black guy's mess. Then she bragged about how big and black his cock was, how sore she was from all the sex and how soothing my tongue was. All i could do was lick her pussy and ass as i came in my panties thinking about the large black cock that had just been inside her pussy, ass and mouth.
As i think back, Cindy only had 3 lovers that summer but they had had intercourse with my wife more than i would in a year. Chris had srcewed Cindy about 30 times (not counting the blow-jobs), Ronald (the black guy) had screw 4 times that one day and Gilbert had fucked her 6 times in those short few days. Not only that but i had only been allowed intercourse with my own wife 3 times after her experience with a guy with a big cock. And to make matters worse not only had her mother and some of our friends found out that she was cheating on me Cindy had started telling some of her girlfriends and a few others that i was o.k. with her sl**ping with others since i had a little dick. She also told some of her girlfriends that not only was i small, i came in like two or three strokes, i was shaved smooth and that i wore panties, she even told her best friend that i would eat her after she had been off with Chris and Gilbert.
So leaving to go to college was the best thing that could have happened for me. But the worst part was the looks i got from friends, the knowing smiles, the talking and laughter behind my back and the phone calls and committs i recieved from her mother. Now her mother never called me by my name, it was always sissy, loser or wimp even a couple of time she called me faggott and queer.
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1 year ago
Nothing tastes as hot as a slut wife
1 year ago
Very honest, raw story. Know it was painful, but still somehow proud of you for realizing that you only did what you could do to please since your small dick couldn't and that Cindy deserved some real cock now and then too -- just biology.
2 years ago
Lucky guy. thanks for sharing