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cuckold submissive learning my place part 2

In part one i described my experience with Cindy being with another guy. When we returned hope from our trip i was hoping things would return to normal but all i could think about was Cindy sucking Chris and wondering if that was all that happened. Every time i kissed my wife i would see Chris's large cock in her mouth and the way she seemed to enjoy giving him head. Every time i kissed her i would hear her committs about his and other guys cock size and how small mine was compaired to others. I started trying to get her to suck me but the most she would do is take it in her mouth for a second then kiss the end of my penis and tell me she didn't like to taste it. However i was giving her head two and three times a day but only getting to have intercourse once or twice a week.
Two weeks after we returned Chris had a big party. At first things were fun and everyone was getting high. Around 11;00 i noticed Cindy was missing, thinking she got to high i went looking for her. When i went to the back of the house and looked into one of the bedroom i saw Chris dogging fucking a big tittied girl. I was again amazed at the size of his cock and how hard he was fucking her. I closed the door and continued to look for Cindy. About 30min later i got curious about the girl Chris was screwing and decided to set down where i could watch the hall way. In a few min. Chris emerged from the bedroom looked at me and laughed, a few min. later Cindy emerged from the same bedroom, her hair was a mess and she was braless (you could clearly see her titties through the top she was wearing. I was shocked and stuned but my little pecker started get hard. She walk up to me and gave me a wet sloppy kiss and again i could taste Chris on her mouth and tongue. When we broke the kiss i looked up to see Chris smiling that evil smile.
I was humilated and embarrassed but excited yet i didn't know what to say or do. Cindy and Chris continued to act normal and everyone continued to party. Around 2;00 i was d***k, high, horny and ready to leave but i could not find my wife. I decided to go outside for fresh air and take a piss around the corner of the house. Standing near a basement bedroom i heard moaning and slapping sounds being d***k and curious i peeped in the window. There was Cindy riding Chris cowgirl style. I tried to turn away but it was so erotic and got me so excited watching Chris's big dick going in and out of my wife that i shot off in my underwear with-out touching myself. I was so humiliated that i went to the car to wait on Cindy, telling everyone to tell her i was ready to leave. Soon Cindy and Chris appear walking toward me.When they approached the car they stop in front of me and frenched kissed. Laughing Chris thanked me for comming and said good night, again with that evil, superior, smirk.
Once home i tried to talk to my wife but she got pissed off at me and said i was to d***k and stoned. When i tried to question about her and Chris she laught in my face and told me i was imagining things. When i tried to get her to have sex she said she was tired for intercourse and i was to d***k but that if i was really horny i could eat her and masterbate myself. When i got between her legs and got ready to start licking her i realized there was dried cum down both her thighs and cum on her pussy lips and in her pubic hair. Even with all the cum on her i knew i had to lick her to reclaim my wife. The more i sucked her clit and licked her pussy the more vocal she became. The closer to climaxing she started telling how good of a cuntlicker i was, how much she liked it and then she started talking about other guys big cocks and how small mine was, that it was good that i like to give her head because she couldn't climax with my little peewee. After she climaxed for the third time she stopped me and ask me if i wanted to lick her ass while i masterbated. I said yes but when she looked down she noticed how wet my underwear was and started laughing, then she told me i could still tongue her ass but i had to change undrewear because mine was soooo messy. She got out of bed walked to her draw and pulled out a pair of "her" pink panties. I tried to object but she told me if i wanted to eat her pussy and ass ever again i need to wear them. I pulled my underwear off started to put hers own when she pointed at my penis and laugh saying that i had a little bois penis and how stupid i look with a minature dick that could even stay hard, could satisfy her and was even a premature ejackulator. I finished pulling her panties up and she got back in bed laying on her stomach. When i started licking her ass i realized there was cum on the outside of her anus and when i push my tongue i realized there was cum there also. As i licked and tongued Cindy she committed that she like have well i treated her, how much she loved me and how she wanted me to always be her pussy and ass licker.
Well that night was many first for me, the first time i had a cream pie and licked cum off my wife, the first time i watch another guy screw my wife, the first time an alpha kiss my wife in front of me and showed that he knew that knew that he had had my wife, the first time i felt like a complete submissive to another male around my wife, the first time my wife started dominating me and the first time i wore female/girlie panties. I was really starting to learn my role in my marrige to Cindy and realizing the control she had over me.
Posted by jojosmallone 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Your wife was right that it is a good thing you are a good cunt and asslicker because with your endowment or lack thereof, you couldn't please her as a real man, which her putting you in panties communicated to you very clearly too. You were learning to please with the assets you have and you are to be commended for that and accepting the truth. At least you can still be good for something! Something that is embarrassing and humiliating, but at least you are doing the best you can with what you were born with.
2 years ago
Great story. I came in my hand at the end