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cuckold/submissive learning my place

i really enjoy being a submissive/cuckold. It all started with my first wife Cindy. We had been married for only a few months when we and some friends went to the Atlanta Pop Festival. She went braless the whole time, took a shower nude in an open shower with both guys and girls and went topless a few times. At night she would often committ about the size of others guys cocks and also make commits about how small mine was compared to the ones she saw swimming or in the shower. On sunday we left the festival and went to a South Carolina beach to camp for a few days with our friends. After getting set-up and build a fire i notice that Cindy and Chris were missing. What i found was both upsetting and exciting. They were hidden in a grove of trees making-out. At first it was fairly tame until suddenly Cindy dropped down to her knees in front of Chris, removed her top, pulled Chris's bathing suit down and started sucking him. I was amazed and humilated by what i saw, first Chris"s cock had to be at least 8" long and really thick (compared to my 5" thin dick)plus Cindy had only sucked me for a few seconds one time and was now sucking Chris like it was the best thing on earth. I had the hardest boner of my life watching her orally please him and was leaking pre-cum in my underware. He was holding her head in place as his large cock went in and out of my beautiful wife's mouth, suddenly he tensed-up and held her still, mouning loudly (sure am glad others were not around). I knew he was filling her mouth with his seed (something i had never done) and she was mouning like she too had climaxed. This was all to much for me and i shot-off without even touching myself. I was so embarrassed by what i had seen and my reaction to it that i hurried back to the camp site and acted like i couldn't find them. When they got back the first thing Cindy did was give me a very nice, wet kiss in front of everybody including Chris. I could taste his cock and cum on my wife's lips and tongue and it embarrested me but made very hard. When we broke the kiss i look over at Chris and he was smiling (kind of an evil,alpha male smerk). That night when we got in our tent i tried to make love to my wife but she said she was to tired and tense. She said that she did want a back rub which turned into me giving her oral both front and back. As she was having her first climax on my tongue she started talking about how good i was with my mouth and how small my dick was compared to the other guys she had seen, the more i licked her the more she talked and described other guys,as she approached her second climax she told me Chris had a big cock and that she saw it it the shower and again swimming. Then she climaxed all over my face and mouth. For the second time i had shot-off in my underwear without even being touched.
This was my first true life experience if interested i will continue to tell all my experiences with Cindy and the girlfriends and wives that came after her.
Posted by jojosmallone 2 years ago
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11 months ago
yes, please write more!!!!!
1 year ago
It's amazing learning one's proper place in the sexual universe, isn't it?
2 years ago
small cocked men r meant 2 b sub sissies
2 years ago
I know the wife sometimes makes me jealous beyond belief vs that humiliation excitement.
2 years ago
Wow. very hot. Keep the writing up.
2 years ago
That is a great story. I have not had quite the experience. But did she my ex being fucked. It was my first experience and the best.
2 years ago
the first time my wife made me shoot off in my underwear with out touching, while she was sucking another guy, was the first time i thought there might be something to this whole cuckold thing.
2 years ago
that is so fucking awesome lets see more
2 years ago
Definitely write more