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my first dark meat

sucked my first black cock today and i really liked it. Now i know why alot of white women like black cock. I like the contrast, the kinky pubic hair, the strong masculine thighs and build and i liked the fact that he enjoyed using a white submissive for his cucksucking boi.....
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questions for little dick guys

since i've joined xhamster i've been surprized by how many guys have small dicks. To start with what is "little". From what i've gathered an average dick is 6" give or take a half inch, so let's say little is 5" or less (erect). Of course exceptions are made for guys with really thick 5" dicks. The other part of "little" dick is the thickness. If you buy a medium cockring (cockrings usually come in 4 sizes, x-large, large, medium and small) and it easily slips over you dick then that means you have a thin dick.
So if you are 5" or less (like me) long and less than 4" around (again like me)... Continue»
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submissive to Tom

My high school buddy Tom was going through a bad time. He had just broken up with his girlfriend (the love of his life and the gal he wanted to marry), dropped out of college, lost his apartment and wrecked his car. I was a foreman on a construction crew and living alone (recently divorced from my first wife Cindy) so i offered him a place to stay and a job till he could get on his feet again and the use of my truck. Everything was normal and really good for the first few months, he was a strong, good worker, a great roommate and we had a good time talking about high school, girls and such.
... Continue»
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[Story] submissive to bbc

it started out simple enough, i was working as a construction foreman and redoing a school gym. The company re-finishing the floors was an all black crew. It was about 7 or 8 at night when they finish coating the gym floor. They wanted to party after work and suggested that i go with them. I don't know if it was the fumes or the pot or the beer but i did end up riding around with them in their van, one white guy with 4 black studs, i was feeling strange and it was making me real nervious. I had long hair at the time and they kept making committs about how soft my hair was and how fem i looked... Continue»
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submissive and how i started

if you have read my other stories and blogs you know i'm a cuckold and a submissive. This is how i got started into this lifestyle.
I was very slow at developing, i didn't have any pubic hair until i was 16 or 17, i had a very lttle penis until i was 17, i didn't even start getting hard-ons until i was 16 and the first time i ejaculated (not counting wet dreams) was when i was 16.
My next door neighbor (Bruce) was younger than me but always acted masculline or like an alpha male. Things started with him as normal young boy games, i'll show you mine and you show me yours, strip poker and ect... Continue»
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cuckold and hot-wife questions

After visiting many sites, chatting with many friends, reading many stories (on xhamster and literotica) and watching many videos i have a few questions i wish others would answer.
1- do most cuckolds have small or below average penises?
2- are most cuckolds also submissives?
3- do most cuckolds suck cocks? if so did sucking other men start after the cuckolding or before?
4- do most cuckolds enjoy eating their wives/girlfriends after they have been fucked by others (cream-pies)?
5- do most cuckolding couples and cuckolds use protection or perfer bareback?
6- do most cuckolding couples an... Continue»
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where are all the dom female cuckoldress

Been on xhamster for awhile now and really enjoy all the videos, stories and pictures especially the ones involving cuckolds and/or submissive males. I've make some great friends and shared ideas, experiences and fantasies with some of those friends. The thing i noticed is that mostly white males (like me) are the ones into cuckolding. Not many women write about it and even fewer talk about it or share experiences. Where are all the kinky women that would like a submissive male to play with, use or just talk to. Plenty of sub/cuckold white males around, plenty of black and white bulls around, ... Continue»
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College with Cindy

During that summer Cindy had taken 3 lovers and had cuckold me normerous times. I was really glad to leave our hometown and start back to college. I was hoping things would return to normal between me and her especially since she had no friends there and school would be keeping us both busy. I had a full schedule (18 hrs) plus i worked a part-time job at nights and on the week-ends. However Cindy decided to take a light schedule at the local community college(tech school) and was done with all her classes by noon. At first things were great, i was allowed to stop wearing panties, allowed to ha... Continue»
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[Story] cuckold submissive learning my place part 3

Cindy my wife was cuckolding me with Chris (our friend) two or three times a week. At first she tried to hide the fact that they were having sex but after awhile she knew i knew and i would do nothing to stop her. After she had me wear her panties the first time while i ate her and tongued her ass things really changed. Cindy really started taking control, first she bought female panties for me and threw away all my boxers, always making committs about my small pecker, then her committs started about how manly Chris was and how big his cock was. The verbal abuse was daily and the more she said... Continue»
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cuckold submissive learning my place part 2

In part one i described my experience with Cindy being with another guy. When we returned hope from our trip i was hoping things would return to normal but all i could think about was Cindy sucking Chris and wondering if that was all that happened. Every time i kissed my wife i would see Chris's large cock in her mouth and the way she seemed to enjoy giving him head. Every time i kissed her i would hear her committs about his and other guys cock size and how small mine was compaired to others. I started trying to get her to suck me but the most she would do is take it in her mouth for a second... Continue»
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cuckold/submissive learning my place

i really enjoy being a submissive/cuckold. It all started with my first wife Cindy. We had been married for only a few months when we and some friends went to the Atlanta Pop Festival. She went braless the whole time, took a shower nude in an open shower with both guys and girls and went topless a few times. At night she would often committ about the size of others guys cocks and also make commits about how small mine was compared to the ones she saw swimming or in the shower. On sunday we left the festival and went to a South Carolina beach to camp for a few days with our friends. After getti... Continue»
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