May I Cum by JoJoforu

"Mistress! May I cum?" I begged

Mistress smiled. "No, Bitch. Don't cum yet!" she pumped her hips slowly, and loved the feel of his desperate and hard cock trying to cum in her.

He was bound to the bed. She was on top, propped up on her elbows, her naked legs alongside his, her face close to his. She laughed as always. Her red hair and wide eyes, combined with her regal nature, painted a picture of dominant sensuality. She kept pumping just allowing his hard cock to penetrate her slightly.

She tried to keep herself from crossing the line into orgasm. She wanted to experience his desperate hardness for a longer time - and test his self-control. She had teased him for several minutes before taking his full length inside her then pulling back quickly. Even being as small as it is it still made her feel hot.

"Mistress! Please! I can't last much longer!" May I cum, Please?

"No, Bitch!"

The mental trip from his valiant attempt to please her - along with the urgency of his pleading - got her feverishly aroused, and she wished it could last forever.

Her evil smile alone could send Bitch into a convulsive ejaculation when they first got together sexually. She bestowed that same sensual, teasing smile on him as she asserted her dominance.


"Think of the consequences, Bitch. I don't want you to cum yet!"

He had been thinking of the consequences, which was the only reason that he held out so far.

Mistress considered the consequences. She made the rules, and enf***ed them. As she pumped, she recalled the last time Bitch had ejaculated inside her before she granted permission. It was almost humorous the way he repeatedly tried to avoid her pussy on his mouth - her pussy full of his fresh ejaculate after days of saving up. She pushed her cunt to his face until he opened his mouth to breathe. Then she settled in and he submitted. Under her encouragement and direction, he finally extracted and swallowed every drop, and gave her several intense orgasms while doing so. That was his first experience of creampie dessert, but was not to be his last. He now would beg her over and over to taste his cum, pleading to have her feed it to him.

He panted heavily. Mistress slowed her pumping. She realized that her Bitch truly was close to the end of his endurance. She wanted more, though. She wanted to give him a spirited ride, and experience several orgasms from intercourse before allowing him to cum.

"Mistress, I'm - I can't - Please, Mistress! May I cum? PLEASE!"

"Not yet, Bitch," she said while rocking her hips and feeling Bitch's full length. "


She knew he had crossed the line. He bucked as hard as his bonds allowed, and tossed his head from side to side as he spurted uncontrollably. Mistress held on throughout his contractions pushing his ejaculation into her and enjoyed the sweet moment of his passion.

At last, Bitch opened his eyes and saw Mistress's sensual smile. Neither one said anything until his heavy breathing subsided. Mistress gave him a few sweet nuzzling kisses, and whispered, "Bitch - I want you to eat my pussy now. You can give me some pleasure. I want to hear you say that you'll do it willingly or else." This is what you want RIGHT. Bitch shook his head YES and she untied him.

Bitch obviously struggled to assume his position between her legs as Mistress waited to see how fast he would obey. After a moment he said, "Mistress," in a trembling whisper, and paused. Another moment and he spoke again. " Mistress can I eat your pussy?"

That was all she needed to hear, "Lick it, Bitch. Clean the outside first. I'll tell you when to tongue it."

He started to lick her with all the energy he could find until he realized she had reached over and picked up her whip. She laughed and then started to strike his back while telling him to tongue her, remove all his useless cum from her.

Her body started to push against his face until finally she started to scream and came over and over. She knew the whipping she was giving him would push her over the edge as it made her hotter than anything her Bitch could ever do to her. Her Bitch finally cleaned her of all that useless cum.

She told him that he was a bad Bitch who came in his Mistress and needed to be punished.

He knew what to do and handed Mistress her paddle and got across the bed. He was totally naked, but she had put on spiked shoes, panties and nylons covering her painted toes

"Ten swats, Bitch, and you will lose touching that small useless cock for three days. Or, for twenty-five swats and you can touch yourself in the morning begging me to allow you to touch me. What shall it be Bitch

He knew from experience that twenty-five swats would not be easy but not being able to touch his useless cock for three days was an enormous punishment. Then he thought of Mistress's sensual, pussy, and the sweet feeling of being inside her and begging her to allow him to touch it.

"Twenty five," he said, and braced himself for the discipline she had convinced him was richly deserved. He knew he belonged to her and anything she did was what he deserved.

As she started to beat him again he could hear her breathing starting to become faster, he knew she would come again just by using him as her Bitch.

WHACK over and over until she screamed YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

His ass now red he knew he satisfied her and could again beg her to allow him to touch himself and her in the morning.

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