JoJo Get Out!

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Hopeless, utterly hopeless is the way I felt staring at the televison. Untill I saw her I hadn’t really been paying attention to the T.V. She was beautiful about 5’4″ long brown hair 110lbs. Nices breasts, and when she spoke she had that cute new york accent. Of course the biggest problem I was having is that I want this girl she’s got a slamming body, but she was only 14 years old so here’s where my story begains

I thought it wasn’t posiable for the hot summer day to get anymore boring. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in quite sometime now, and of course my friends being my friends
being my friends told me i was good looking and that there was nothing wrong with me. I am 6’0″ to 6′ 1″ and a slim 150 but I used to be alot skinner in the past year I really bulked up I actually have a nice chest now and a 4 pack working my way to a 6 pack. Brown hair and deep blue eyes, so I had more confindence then I did in the past. However if I was such a good looking guy where were the ladies? Actions speak louder then words at times and it’s hard when your only recieving words about how great you are and what a funny guy you are. I am sure other guys can relate to wanting to be more then just “cute” and being “handsome”.

The kind of guy the ladies turn their head and double back for. Recently the VMA awards happened, and for any of those people living under a rock or who choose not to watch MTV it’s only the biggest award cermony next to the grammys. VMA stands for Video music awards, and I busted my butt during the summer to pay for a plan ticket to the great state of florida. That’s right I was going to the VMA’s because for the frist time it was being held in flordia and I wasn’t gonig to miss out on that. I arrived and let me tell you the plane flight from California to Flordia is long but it seemed short; My mind was on meeting the stars. I quickly found my hotel and got all dressed up, my polo shirt my axe body spray I was ready to roll. All of a sudden a a angel appeared in front of me and smiled, he handed me a pill and said.

” You were sent to Miami for a reason you are on a long journy. We are tired of seeing people like Justin Timerlake getting all the girls. You mission is to get with as many celebrites women as you can. I cannot do everything for you but I can help you! Are you up to the task? ” I blinked ” Yes ” I was about to live every guys dream or I just hand’t gotten enough sl**p on the plane ride over. I was tired of living the calm life all of the time, what the heck lets live a little. I agreed and was on my way down the hall of my hotel when a small girl bumped into me. She was visably upset, tears streaming down her beautiful face. Oh my god I thought it’s Jo Jo, her latest single ” Get out ” had raised her to a superstar level and the poor girl was only 13 years old so it was hard for her to deal with that burden.

I stroked her hair out of her face and pulled a tissue out of my pocket wiping away a few of her tears as well as alittle of her make up. I smiled at her my heart racing a million miles per hour. “Hey what’s the matter?” I said “My manger doesb’t believe that I am going to win the award I am nominated for tonight.” she said “Well I think you are a winner either way, Jo Jo if you were 18 girl I would so ask you to be my girl.” I smiled at her of course, then the angel spoke softly and of course only I could hear it. ” the pill “. Jo Jo was blushing, she hadn’t had much guy who had the balls to talk to her since she became famous. “Here this might make you feel better ” I handed her the pill which cleverly looked like an advil. Before my eyes she transformed into an 18 year old girl, and it seems that if it were possible she grew more beautiful. She took my hand into hers and I brushed my free hand against her cheek. I loved playing with her hair, and the feel of her skin it was the romantic side of me coming out. Now most guys would have wanted to try and jump her bones right then and there.

I won’t lie part of me did, but the other part wanted her to make love to me not cause she was on the rebound so to peak. But because she really liked me for who I was. Jojo smiled, and asked in a soft and sexy tone ” So does this meen I have a boyfriend? ” I grinned and nodded. ” As long as you’ll put up with me at least. “. She just leaned in a kissed me softly, some of her lipstick rubbed off on my lips. ” Well then Marshel I guess your going to be with me for a long time.” It occured to me I had not told her my name, and I was wondering how she knew it and I remembered for my 18th birthday my grandma made me a shirt with my name sewed into the front; It rested on my right peck. ” So you know my name, what’s your real name or is it really jo jo?” I asked she cuddled closer to me and gave me a smile that would make any man’s heart melt.

” It’s Jessica, but my friends call me Jo Jo. It’s sort of a pet name. ” Well, the shy timid guy from California had just landed himself a superstar girlfriend after being single for up to a year now. It was one of those times were I had to pinch myself, it’s not an every day thing. It was real, I reached over and flirtously pinched jessica and grinned she smacked my arm playfully. “Hey what was tha..” She found herself being interupted mid speech with a soft kiss as my right arm wrapped around her back and i held her hand with my left hand. It was a playfully struggle and she relaxed as the warmth of her lips sent shock waves throughout both of our bodies; Starting at our toes and quickly my eyes closed as did hers. It was like the sealing the deal. She was one for pet names, she liked giving them and recieving them she would break the kiss as the rest of her lipstick would come off on my lips.

Then and there we locked eyes and she would give me my first nickname “My marshmellow”. A stiff hug was given to me it was if I was going to just say ” Sorry I made a mistake “. Uhm, yeah right I felt like it should have been the other way around. “Jo do me a favor no more sad tears, only happy tears you get it.” She giggled a few whimpers and sniffles from her cring earlier on; I loved everything about this the fact that she would be able to formulate her own idea of who I am if my past girlfriends felt I was to skinny well she was catching me in my prime. I wasn’t ripped or anything but I had a boxers build to me so I was toned. She’d leveled out to abou 5’6″ and developed into about a C cup. Also turning 18 developed all of the curves, now I didn’t know this but this was a pertinate thing her age change, She remembered the ages leading up to 18, and so did the world. So here I was freaking out because she wanted to take me to the VMA’s VIP style and I thought no one would know who she was because as far as I knew Jo Jo the last time they saw her was 14 years old.

“Baby, will you come with me to the VMA’s?” Of course just like any good looking girl would do when she wanted something from her man, she pressed her hard little body into me and tucked her head underneth my chin. What came next was the word any boyfriend dreads to hear from his girlfriend, ” Pleeeeeease… ” of course it was alittle muffled because her lips were pressing against my chest. ” Of course hon. ” Yeah, let’s just say I thought I was going to crap myself I figured, great they aren’t going to let us in she’s going to hate me for the rest of her life. We got in the boat, amazingly enough. Because it was in miami they had the whole water/boat theme all the stars arrived in boats to the VMA’s.We stepped out I looked out of place, she looked drop dead stunning, and he I was looking alright I meen at least I was wearing name brand stuff otherwise I would have felt like a homeless guy at a rich people covention.

The camrea’s flashed and a T.V. camrea caught us, and carson daily walked over to us, and smiled the fake hollywood smile. Up came the mic and hear I am sweating bullets thinking ” Oh god, I am caught they aren’t going to know who she it and we are going to go to jail. ” Of course my fears were silenced when carson chimmed in and said. ” I am here with the VMA nominee for best new artist JOJO, you are looking very lovely tonight. At 18 how does it feel to gain so much fame at such a young age. ” Her hand tightly gripped mine, and she smiled and said. ” It’s been hard for me to deal with finding people who like me for me and not for my fame has been the biggest issue. But it’s very flattering to get this nomination. ” Carson nodded, and glanced at me and then quickly turned back to me and asked ” May I ask who this gentleman is? ” Jojo nodded and brushed her hair out of her face.

“This is my boyfriend Marshel, he’s great.” Of course I was on the hot seat now, carson turned and asked me. ” Wow very ambious how does it feel to be dating Jo Jo. ” Of course now not only were the people at home watching me now but now I had my new found girlfriends beautiful eyes resting on my for my answer. With alittle bit of pressure releved about the fact I wasn’t going to be thrown in jail for boarding the boat. ” I feel like I am the luckest guy in the world. If you can believe it she is even more beautiful on the inside then on the out.” Of course that gained me an unexpected response. She held up her hand and carassed my face standing up on her tippy toes her full lips brushed mine. She got of her toes flushed, the kiss wasn’t long but it was amazing. A small tear was wiped from her eye she took my hand and dragged me off camrea I had been just made to look like a cassinova on national T.V. and all I could think about was that kiss… I think I was in love. I sort of knew it the frist time I laid eyes on her.

She and I were both nervous as we sat down into the fluffy chairs, we were in the VMA’s. But most of all I was sitting next to Jo Jo and she was my girlfriend, not a bad day at all. Stars were all around us P.diddy, Justin Timerlake, Bruce Willis the list goes on. I drew myself closer to Jojo and wrapped my arm around her waist she laid her head on my shoulders it was a very weird feeling; Almost like being on a rollercoster the bottom of my stomach dropped out and I felt like I had just hit a brickwall. As a man it’s hard to stay that just a girls head laying on my shoulder makes me act that way I can only imagine what would happen if something more serious would have happened. It finally got to the best new artist award and she won, it took a few mintues for it to set it. Her and I got up out of our chairs, I did to allow her to get by me and to give her a standing ovation.

She giggled and by was it cute, she leaned in a kissed me softly and headed for the stage. Taking the mike from Britney Spears was odd for her, I could see it. But she smiled and started talking; That cute new york accent making itself present. “Wow, this is amazing I just want to thank my friends and fans. It’s crazy that my frist year here I got an award, most of all this is the best nite of my life, I got my boyfriend here and my frist award. Thank you all. ” She held the award in the air and walked back down the red carpet. She ran into my arms after peeling off her highheels. Smiling she softly asked, ” Babe can we go I wanna spend sometime with you?” I nodded and took her hand and walked her out to the limo.

Grinning I opened the door for her and she stepped inside, I didn’t need to be asked twice to get in after her swiftly closing the door I sat down and glanced over at her. She planted her feet in my lap, rubbing the ball of her bare foot against my crotch was certainly getting my attention; She spoke her voice full of lust. ” You have been nothing but a gentleman to me, I have never been treated this good and I feel like I must repay you honey. ” Of course now I was alittle nervous, I nodded and glanced down shyly. “You being my girl is payment enough. ” Of course I had no idea that statement would only turn her on more. She took my zipper inbetween her big toe and 2nd toe and unzipped my pants.

Leaning her head down her butt stayed firmly placed on the leather of the limo. She pulled my 9 inch cock into view, and let me tell you it was at full attention staring up at her beautiful face. She told me to keep her hair our of her face and I did as I was told scooping her hair up in my hands. Placing both of mt hands on the back of her head I watched as my penis slowly sank into the depths of her mouth. I was in heaven my eyes closed and a soft moan came out, which in a chain reaction made Jo Jo moan though it was muffled because her mouth was full. Running the entire length in her mouth my hands continued to play with her hair. I fused a few strands around my fingers; She started gagging as she attempted to deepthroat me, but as time went on she got used to it a got better.

She rolled those beautiful brown eyes up to meet mine which had just opened. We stared at eachother, her had came down to play with my balls. Taking them in her hand she rolled them around abit, and brought her tounge along the bottom just underneath the penis head. Making circluar motions with her tounge on the tender flesh I couldn’t help but moan alittle louder. She started humming a verse from her song, the viberations sent me insane. I guess hitting those high notes wouldn’t have me lastin g very long I burst in her warm mouth; A few gushes of semen flooded into her mouth. Dribbles making it out of her mouth she swallowed it all. Grinning she looked up, and said with a wink ” I really like the taste and I want to be perfect for you. So I am going to need to practice a whole lot..” She giggled and kissed the head as she put it back in my pants. Quickly I lifted her head up as my finger went under her chin to level her to eye contact level.

“Jessica I think I love you…. ” it shocked me alittle when I said it, and it brought her to tears she sat on my lap her dress rode up her legs, exposing her thong. The only thing that was keeping me out of her right now was her panties. She pressed her forehead against mine and made quick work of the thong moving it aside. The head of my penis rubbed against her entrance we would have plenty of time for foreplay later my girlfriend wanted me to make love to her. Who am I to disapoint her? My semi-limp penis found it’s way into her she moaned alittle. It didn’t take long for me to get fully hard again. She bit my shoulder because my size stretched her, and it hurt alittle. She was extremely tight. The moaning was now clear if the driver didnt’t know it before he knew it now. We were having sex in the back of his limo.

Her cheek was now resting on my shoulder as little whimpers came out, she bounced slowly up and down on my lap as she attempted to meet my pace. She whispered in my ear ” I think I love you to baby..” I grinned and comforted her as she lifted her head up and nibbled on my chin. Giving me a few pecks on the lips she capsured my bottom lip with her teeth and tugged on it abit. It was difficult to remain fully focused due to the fact that i was just about to cum, well it didn’t take long we both came at the exact same time; Her nails dug into my back and she sloughed alittle in my lap she smiled and kissed me lightly. We pulled up to her house, and I spent the night, sl**ping next to a wonderful girl. For the frist time in a year I had a girlfriend she was a serious one. I felt to comfort of having a warm body next to me…I was completely happy.

-to be contniued-

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