The Best Concert Ever


I've never been a huge fan of Britney Spears. I voted for her as the sexiest women but her music never gripped me. She sure is hot enough. This particular night I got given a free ticket and dragged to one of her concerts by a friend. He soon disappeared with the first slut he saw and left me alone.

It was full of teenagers and definitely not my standard. But there were some very fine looking young ladies there. Standing close to the front and getting rubbed by loads of screaming hot teenage girls really got me in a horny state. I was looking to get laid for sure, hopefully by someone old enough.

I noticed on particular girl, with long blonde hair in pigtails dressed in her copy cat Britney schoolgirl outfit. She had on long white socks and her tartan skirt looked shorter than it should be. She was slightly taller than me at 5 ft 9 and her white schoolgirl shirt decorated with a red tie that was loose on her neck, and resting over her delicious, pert breasts.

I could feel my cock grow instantly as she raised her arms and gyrated her hips. She looked at me and caught me looking at her lustfully. Was that a smile? I took my chance and made my way up behind her. Dancing and trying to pretend I was enjoying the music. I got close enough for her to notice I was there. She danced her way backwards and thrust her ass backwards, right against my now rather hard dick.

I reached forward and put my arms around her in an effort to dance together. She leaned her whole body back into me, treating me like a pole at a strip club. Her hands fell onto mine at her side gripping them by locking our fingers together. She pulled them further around her onto her tummy. I had my head on her shoulder and started laying kisses on her neck.

I boldly moved my hands up to her breasts under her shirt. She had no bra on, she didn't need any. She had such smooth skin it was gloriously milky and soft to the touch. I circled her nipples as I felt her hands exploring my zipper, gripping around to get my dick out.

I dropped a hand to her crotch, lifting the skirt slightly to have access to her pussy. I rubbed around her panties that were wet from her snatch and pulled them aside to finger her dripping pussy. There was very little hair and I could tell she groomed herself well. My cock was now out my pants and being massaged expertly by her hand, while her other hand f***ed her panties down her legs.

Without having spoken a word or even faced me she bent forward and guided my dick into her wet cunt. It entered her wetness very easily. I couldn't believe I was fucking a hot girl in a crowd at a Britney concert. She stood up again so I started nibbling her ear as I thrust most of my cock into her from behind, feeling the wetness open up for me and close as I pulled out slowly again. It was then that I noticed the crowd again. They were cheering as Britney was doing a pole dance routine. Oblivious to us fucking in their midst they pressed forward and up against the two of us as I pumped faster into her. I grabbed at her tits and pinched her nipples in my fingers, rolling them around as if I were tuning into her inner slut. She thrust her head back into me as I felt her tense up allowing an orgasm to come over her. With her pussy tightening on my cock I felt close to coming inside her.

To my disappointment she pulled off me, leaving my dick pointing at the stage. She bent down, giving a small suck on my dick but not enough to finish me off. I guess she wanted to taste her own come. She stood up and kissed me, then said into my ear," here's something to remember me by." And thrust her panties into my hands. I put them up to my face so I could sniff them as I watched her disappear into the crowd, grabbing another girl by the hand and laughing as they went off.

Shit I still needed to finish off. I put my cock back in my pants; thrust the panties into my pocket and pushed closer to the front to meet up with my friend.

He would never believe me if I told him. Frankly I was too frustrated to care, I needed to shoot my load badly.

As I was making my way to the front, Britney appeared to be looking for someone in the crowd. She spotted me in my forward movement and proclaimed to the whole audience,"Him!" I froze. My face was on the big screen. The whole crowd started cheering. I started to think I was caught out for fucking a minor when she said again, "come here and join me."

Shit, what now? There was an odd looking chair on stage with all the dancers eying me out. I filtered to the front and was helped over the barrier by the guards. They led me round the front of the stage and up onto it.

The dancers thrust me into the chair, pulling my hands behind me and tying me in with leather belts. "You've been a very bad boy," exclaimed Britney. Oh fuck I was busted. Any minute now the cops would rush out and make an example of me. I was still stressing about getting a dirty fat guy trying to fuck me in the ass in jail when Britney had begun to sing again. I looked around and everything seemed to be going slow, her dancers moving around, bending over in front of me. What gorgeous asses they have. Britney danced up to the chair and faced me. Her back was facing the crowd and she put on leg up on the chair next to my leg. My head was spinning. I couldn't make out what song she was singing. I looked into her eyes and we connected. She then looked down. I followed her eyes down her gorgeous body, over her delicious breasts and her tight stomach. Down further when I stopped shocked. Was that? Is she not wearing underwear? I looked up to see her eyes light up to my realisation. In all my years of perving at any women, none of my fantasies had led to this moment. Me staring at Britney's shaved snatch and nobody else knows about it. If I had a free hand I would have pulled the panties out my pocket but you should never look a gift pussy in the mouth...

She moved away dancing around and her backup dancers started dancing around me. Then one by one they sat on my lap giving me a lap dance in front of the whole crowd. One got off and the next got on, facing me and grinding her pussy into my now very hard cock.

The song suddenly ended and I was wheeled off in the chair by two of the dancers, still tied into the chair.

In the wings of the stage I figured they'd untie me. Instead one of the dancers, a short Mexican looking girl with long black hair leaned in and kissed me, her tongue darting in my mouth and swirling around. I felt the other dancer's hands feeling around my chest sliding down and taking my dick out of my pants. I was still making out with the Mexican girl as I felt my swollen member entering a soft mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Fucking in front of the stage at the concert and now getting blown backstage....

"Is he ready?" I heard a familiar voice ask. The kiss was broken. So was the blowjob. What now? It was Britney. She straddled me and leaned up real close to my face, tempting me to kiss her. As I tried she moved back, shaking her head at me and putting her finger to my lips. My cock was straining to grow another inch and penetrate her right there.

Then a feeling came over me. Ecstasy Like I'd never felt before. I felt my dick get warm as it was accepted into the most heavenly and silky smooth pussies I've ever felt. I felt all the bl**d rush from my head down my body and the rest came up from my toes and it felt like my whole body was trying to suck itself to be my penis. To feel the pleasure as it slid further in. I became aware of so much more as my whole world slowed down. I felt her thighs aside mine; her hand brushing past my shoulder as she braced herself on the chair; the slow roar of the crowd; the dancer's holding their breath as they watched. Then the most beautiful sound I ever heard entered my ears. As more of her thighs touched mine, and as I felt the base of her groin hit mine and my full penis was inside her, Britney let out a small gasp. It was a gasp of pure passion and lust. But it was also as if in that moment we had fallen in complete love and that nobody else in the world mattered.

The slow-motion passion came screeching back to reality as we were gazing into each other's eyes and one of the dancer's interrupted," We're on."

Suddenly the chair was thrust out on stage again, my throbbing dick still stuffed deep in Britney's heavenly snatch. It was all a blur, she was singing then it looked like she was meant to be simulating sex with me. My back was facing the crowd. They couldn't see that it was real. She was riding me, bucking up and down. Moaning into the headset microphone she was wearing. She was riding up slowly, then quickly down ramming me into her. The crowd was going nuts for this. She wrapped her hands around my neck and leaned back, circling her hips and fucking me for all it was worth. Then she came forward again. The feeling of her silky cunt was becoming too much for me. I heard her last gasp echo around the stadium as I felt her pussy tighten around me and she fell down onto me in one final silky smooth fucking movement. Her shaking was to much for me and I thrust upward and shooting my load deep into her. What I had been waiting for out in the crowd had happened on the stage, with the girl who had been my fantasy for many wanks and many fat girl fucks. This must be a dream...

She slumped down onto me, hiding her face from the crowd, as if catching her breath. Then as she got off me, she was looking lovingly into my eyes. She started singing again and saying her thank you's to the crowd while I was again wheeled off stage where I was finally untied. I didn't get up though. I just sat there watching Britney on stage. I was mesmerised by the fact that I had just been fucked by a goddess. Best of all I got to come inside her in front of thousands of people who had no clue what was happening.

When she got off stage she came to thank me and we got to talking in her dressing room. "So do you do this every show?" I asked.

"No," She said," We do the lap dance thing but I have never." She paused. "You know." She finished, rubbing my chest and leaning into me, kissing my lips like a long lost lover. "So why me?"

"I saw you in the crowd fucking a friend of mine." I was horribly embarrassed.

"Shit." I exclaimed," She is over 18, right?"

"Yes, in fact here she is now. You might like her."

The same woman who left me erect in the crowd entered the door," I believe you have some of my underwear." She said, "Hi, I'm Paris..."

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