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I'm a huge anal fan and when I watch a movie I always skip over the boring pussy action, so I'm trying to find movies that are anal only, 100% anal.

Don't get me wrong, I love pussy, but I think it's only for making babies and it doesn't belong in porn. Eat the pussy, lick it, finger it, just don't fuck it. If you want to sandwich a girl, do double anal or triple anal, just avoid the wrong hole, cocks belong up assholes. There is no such thing as too much anal, in fact there is never enough anal!

Humans were designed for anal sex, just look at it from a technical point of view. The rectum has the same circular shape as the penis and it fits around it tightly. There is no risk of pregnancy, it's the natural birth control form. More pleasure for both partners, it's God's gift to mankind!

So, straight to the ass, followed only by anal, anal, and more anal. Bonus points awarded for anal and double anal only scenes.

If you know of such anal only videos, please post the links below!
You can also check out my anal only list on xVideos:

Also, what is your opinion on anal? What about anal only?

Anal forever!

Posted by johnywest 2 years ago
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1 month ago
I love to fuck anal! If I can bareback it, I will! Just love it!
1 month ago
It's great that you found your way here. This blog is my way of giving back to the anal fans community! :D
I also enjoy that anal only lifestyle forum, a lot of openminded people over there that have all my respect!
1 month ago
I agree completely... I wish there was more anal-only porn.
I followed this link to get here...

You have fans there!
1 month ago
great post!
2 months ago
great stuff, couldn't agree more! pussy fucking is boring. the only time a pussy should be fucked is if they are doing a DP. otherwise, straight to the ass!! and if a porn star doesn't do anal, she shouldn't even be in the business in the first place!