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Double Anal DAP Videos

What is better than anal? More anal. Double anal. DAP!

I didn't like double anal even a year ago. I thought it looked weird and a bit gay, watching two guys rubbing dicks together.

It took me a while to figure out that they are not doing this to rub against each other, they are doing it because they are anal addicts and they both want to fuck her asshole. If they were rubbing together in mid air, it would be wrong, but doing it inside a girl's asshole makes it acceptable. There is nothing gay about fucking a girl in the ass!

Rather than taking turns one at a time up the girl's ass and settling with other holes, they decided to share that asshole since there is enough room for both. And the gapes DAP makes is sure worth the trouble.

In order to be a double anal fan you first have to be a huge anal fanatic. You must be very passionate about her ass and have the willpower to forgo her empty pussy, in order to squeeze inside her shithole next to another cock.
You can't achieve DAP without letting go of the pussy, otherwise it's just DP.

So' let's see, how much double anal is out there? Post your links below!
You can also check out my double anal list on xVideos:

There are some great members around here that frequently post DAP videos: Craxxx and doudou.

Also, what is your opinion on DAP? Do you like it or hate it, and why?

Anal forever!

Posted by johnywest 2 years ago
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10 days ago
awesome fuck videos, luv the dbl cocks, so yummy
14 days ago
this one is really good
15 days ago
A small contribution. The first time I stumbled across Oliver Strelly. The aggression is written all over his face in parts.
1 month ago
DAP is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the XVIDEOS link
1 month ago
Alysa Killed the game then changed the game now its Linda Sweet turn omg shes such a babe man like i would take her out to dinner then a movie and try to make things work haha!
1 month ago
Well said my perverted brother!
1 month ago
To really set the tone. When I say i'm an Anal Addict I purely mean that because my last girl I had we were in an exclusive anal only relationship! We broke up because her best friend was gay and she didn't like the fact that the way we fucked was the same way he had sex Lol so after a month we broke up (she had a skin diamond vibe about her). Sooo any fucking way! I've always liked anal in porn and I would always skip to the scenes with the ass fucking or id get pissed when a video said Anal and had none lol. So after awhile of really owning being an ass/anal addict, I saw a post on here talking about how sharing ass with your bros is the ultimate male bonding, and it made me rethink the whole double penetration thing from a freaky kinky point of view instead of what I've been told or followed (you, the Norm) so right then and there I rewrote my brain on two dicks penetrating the same hole and seriously just like that it was no longer weird or kind of gay to me. Alysa Gangland 72 is a game changer for me.

Ive shared a girl before but not like in porn. I was in her pussy while my homie was kissing her and playing with her tits in the back of a SUV. That was high school like 6 - 7 years im 24 now.
1 month ago
One of the best anal, double anal and triple anal scenes out there!
2 months ago
Nothing beats DAP. A true anal addict doesn't care about sharing an ass. He enjoys it. There isn't a better way for two testosterone fuelled ass-freaks to bond.
2 months ago
Awesome clips! They get me so hard!
2 months ago
2 months ago
I love this too