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Anal Group Videos

I like videos where a group of people get together for an orgy and focus primarily on anal sex. Any kind of asshole interaction is good: anal, double penetration, double anal, triple penetration, triple anal, but there should be at least 4 participants to be considered an orgy.

The ratio of men to women is not important, it can be a gangbang, an equal number of partners orgy, or a reverse gangbang, as long as they all have one goal: fucking the women's asses long and hard.

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Double Anal DAP Videos

What is better than anal? More anal. Double anal. DAP!

I didn't like double anal even a year ago. I thought it looked weird and a bit gay, watching two guys rubbing dicks together.

It took me a while to figure out that they are not doing this to rub against each other, they are doing it because they are anal addicts and they both want to fuck her asshole. If they were rubbing together in mid air, it would be wrong, but doing it inside a girl's asshole makes it acceptable. The... Continue»
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Anal Only Videos

I'm a huge anal fan and when I watch a movie I always skip over the boring pussy action, so I'm trying to find movies that are anal only, 100% anal.

Don't get me wrong, I love pussy, but I think it's only for making babies and it doesn't belong in porn. Eat the pussy, lick it, finger it, just don't fuck it. If you want to sandwich a girl, do double anal or triple anal, just avoid the wrong hole, cocks belong up assholes. There is no such thing as too much anal, in fact there is ... Continue»
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