You make it Mua-Fuckin' Sweat

I would lick the Sweat from up under her Titties, witty emotional thriggy thrashin' pulses pouncin'while ousting your wet warm. Nani probably taste like VeNOM inner in a off vaginal wall.Rip thru when I fully feel fulfilling you, too, two maybe three times.Batch dont act like you dont wont it, like you dont miss it , Ya Silly - Simple Minded Shallow bitch , which brings me to follow your call all ya'll , smell it sweat , , , ,BITCH wet an damp damn ,I cant drink your Lady Lust Must fast enough. I WOULD LICK THE SWEAT FROM UP UNDER HER TITTIES,Your Climax revolution will not be witnessed by you're eye's as I behind rise and spliggy Splish on my hands an ravage them into your Sweat soaked Assets to flex mix Saliva an Sweat.....Shhhhhhhhhit its a mess, nasty to mesh flex blossom regress in your Sour core our sore ""A bLeSSed Soul"" tattoo catch you drippin'in my presence at any estate makes yo PinK Quake . Bitch Tease Me.Bitch Please Yeeeeeee an unlock loops of ghost quivering Orgas-Mass Effect V, Like me like B..........................I.T.C ,its whah , let ya nigga replinish my rageful hunger an H...H..H.H. Hold it up in Oooh, For moments after you do,coo?
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Posted by johnvenomus
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