I love Shopping!!!

I’d often come online to watch porn and look at photos of big bouncy tits. I couldn’t get enough and know I was becoming obsessed with them. I’d sit in my office chair and stare at the woman who sat opposite me. She used to wear the most figure hugging tops imaginable. When it got a little chilly her nipples would stand so hard I had to stop myself from reaching over and stroking them. This desire to touch, caress and suck on some gorgeous nipples was becoming too much.
I decided I had to put this behind me and just enjoy the view. It was a cold Saturday in February and I decided to cheer myself up from the winter blues I would treat myself to some new work clothes. Dressed in a long denim skirt, white blouse you could see my lacy bra through and knee high boots, I was off.
Now I am a big girl and of course have to go in to the more specialist shops. Browsing the rails I couldn’t find anything on the downstairs floor so I decided I would go upstairs and look for some new underwear. I waited by the lift for it to arrive. As I was standing there I was joined by a slightly plump lady with the most enormous boobs you have ever seen. I had to stare, when she walked these jiggles and sent shivers right down to my clit. She caught my gaze and gave a little smile. The lift arrived and I enabled her to get in first. It was quite a small lift and two larger ladies were just enough for it. She stood to the side facing me as the doors closed. I was going redder and getting wetter by the minute. She pushed out her boobs to make them stand out in my direction; her nipples could be seen through her light top and cleavage to die for.
I could feel the sensation of my nipples build and soon they were standing to attention. I have large boobs and pierced nipples so they stuck out a mile. She smiled at me and mentioned how cold it was outside. Just then we arrived on the top floor and got out. I thought I was going to pass out, my cunt was hot from desire and I desperately needed my nipples to be sucked.
I went off to look at the new selection of underwear and she went in the other direction. After looking though the rails of bras I was unsure of my actual size, last I knew I was a 44F but my bras were becoming too tight. I was looking at a black Basque when I heard a voice behind me. She asked if I wanted to try it on and I turned to face the person speaking. It was the woman with the huge tits from the lift. I mutter something about not being able to do it up myself and she agreed to help me. We both nervously giggled and made our way to the changing room.
We found the largest changing room and I started to unbutton my blouse. Her hands crept round me and she brushed them over my extremely erect nipples. I sighed in relief thinking I was going to cum instantly. She helped to undo the rest of my buttons slowly and turned me to face her. She could see my straining tits and commented on how big and round they were, like rip melons ready to be eaten. I was astounded and stunned that she was so bold. She stroked the outside of my bra, knowing I was getting more and more turned on. I couldn’t wait to get her tits out and asked her if she liked them to be sucked. She nodded and smiled. She pulled my bra cups down and said I had the biggest and most beautiful nipples she had ever seen. She licked her lips and I held out one of my tits for her to look at closer, just as I did that she clamped her mouth on to it and sucked for all it was worth. She planted little kisses all around and flicked her tongue over my hardened tit. My legs were starting to buckle as my urgency to cum was growing. I stood her up and lifted her top, her tits fell out of her bra and I quickly began to lick and suck, I didn’t think they could get any bigger but they started to grow in my mouth. I was in heaven, this was what I always wanted and I never wanted it to stop.
We were being as quiet as we could but knew there were lots of other people around. As I was sucking she began moaning and I could see a little damp patch form in the seam of her jeans. I unbuttoned them and slide them down her legs; she was not wearing and panties and was clean shaven. I moved my hand down her body still sucking of her sexy tits. I brushed my hand over her cunt lips and started to part them with my fingers. Her clit was hard and protruding so I gently flicked this with my finger, she started to wriggle and I knew she wanted my fingers deep inside her juicy wet cunt. I was about to move my head and taste that sweet juice but she held onto my head and stuck it between her huge fun bags. I sucked, licked and kissed them all I could. Still rubbing her clit with my thumb I pushed two fingers in her wet whole. I couldn’t believe how wet she was, I thought I got wet but this was nothing in comparison. I pushed them in deeper and harder as I her moans and sighs indicated. After this pace quickened she told me she was going to cum and exploded all over my hand. It was amazing, she stood there, me still sucking her tits and Cumming over and over again, I could feel her cunt tighten around my fingers as gush after gush filled my hand.
I allowed her to get her breath before I slowly removed my fingers. She explained she had never been so turned on. I said that we had been in here a long time and ought to think about moving. I cunt was still desperate for some attention, she told me to take my knickers off and give them to her so she could smell my pussy juice on them. She also told me to keep my tits out of my bra so everyone could see they were out and my erect nipples. I did this and she put them in her handbag.
I’d never felt so naughty. We decided we would go for coffee.
I was soaking and eager to be touched. We paid for our goods and made out way to a little coffee shop, we chose a table away from everyone in corner. She whispered to me that everyone was staring at my tits which made my nipples get even harder. As we were waiting to pay for our coffee she stroked them over the top of the material. I’d never been to this coffee shop before but she said it was always nice and quiet. I went to sit at the table and she came to join me. She sat next to me and we started chatting, it was amazing how much in common we had. We were just giggling about the changing room when I felt her hand on my leg pulling my skirt up. I was worried we would be seen but she said not to worry. My juice was oozing out of me making my legs all sticky. She dropped something on the floor but instead of bending down to get it she actually got down on her hands and knees. She opened my legs and ran her tongue all the way up to my greedy wet cunt. She pulled open my lips and eagerly feasted on my clit, this was unbelievable. I was so horny I ground my cunt on her face, not caring who saw me, until I was Cumming all over her. She licked, sucked and nibbled my clit; I was Cumming for what felt like ages. She got up and licked her lips, I was still in shock and she smiled.
We drank our coffee quickly and I drove us back to mine...fun continued all night long. From that day I can’t seem to go shopping without her!
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3 years ago
Great story and really fun to read. Could use more editing in the future, but I understand and relate to just wanting to get it written. Huge thanks for sharing and hope to read more in the future :)
4 years ago
very good a new friend, shopping partner, & fuck buddy all rolled inti 1
4 years ago
wow great story
4 years ago
holy shit that was good
4 years ago
That was hot!
4 years ago
just one question. rememeber wild bill on the silence of the lambs saying" is she a great big fat person?" jk it was ok
4 years ago
wow thats was great i loved it