The Split Second Part 2

As I started staring out of those French doors that I started my whole innocent journey from my bedroom to look out, I hoped that the small wave I was staring at waiting to break would swallow me up so it would hide me from the world after my slightly embarrassing moment with my apparently “hot looking” mate Luke. It must have worked because I could not even feel his hand starting to slide up the back of my leg until he was well into my inner thigh territory. I awoke from my third daydream of the morning from being stuck in a wave only to look down and seen his golden tanned fingers sliding closer to the top of my inner thigh and the bottom of my briefs where my package was keep safe and hidden from the world. Though not hidden well enough at this point in time. I also noticed my own shaft trying to escape the material fortress they were housed in again and this time the head was touching the French doors through my briefs and as I pulled back to see how close his hands were to my young love eggs, I noticed that I was still attached to those French doors by a glistening string of a young teens morning pre cum perfectly in line with the indent between my tanned, toned, teen six pack. I turned my head to look at him. We didn’t make eye contact at that point because his big blue eyes were fixed on the future path that his hands were ultimately going to take, which to me, looked to be the crotch of his now “golden friend”. It was my turn in the golden sunlight of the morning which obviously had some kind of magical power of turning two normally straight teenage boys looking at a normal morning sunrise into two teen boys noticing every muscle, vein, tendon and tiny white hair on each others taut and very athletic young tanned surfer bodies. But whatever was happening I automatically thought that Luke was making a joke out of the embarrassing situation we were both just in. Our eyes finally met, his hand had stopped mid journey of its intended, or not intended? destination. I think he thought I was going to laugh a brush him away, but I don’t think I really wanted to and from that “experimentation moment” that pursued, I don’t think he wanted his hand to be brushed away either.
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