The Split Second Part 4

Now with my confidence restored and my cock still waiting to explode with just one touch I knew it was now my turn to let my teen lust free and try to make him feel the way he just made me feel. I walked around the opposite side of the bed. One reason was that I could feel I could get away or hide if the boys came back from shopping early and caught us in the act, but mainly because I remembered the view from when I first walked into the room which was the view of a perfectly formed young tanned, toned god like surfer body of a teen guy that was again laying flat on his back. He looked angelic and now I have the same view as before. My semi erect penis stood to attention again, but I dare not touch it for it might explode. So I put my hands to better use. I put my left hand on the bed and my right hand as high up his taught bronzed thigh as I could manage without actually touching his member which was now resting to his left on the top of his pelvis and I knelt down. It was not the first of my friend’s cock’s I had seen but it was the best looking. His dick was also cut like mine but his was really smooth with a nice mushroom head that also had a shimmer of pre cum wiped on the side of it that also meant he wasn’t still joking around. His shaft didn’t have many veins in it like mine but mine wasn’t glowing in the sunlight like his was. It looked as good as a male member could, to a “straight teen boy”. Straight or not, I wanted it on me and in me. I ran my left hand through his short, blonde and sun kissed hair and down the side of his tanned, smooth neck and onto the right side of his chest until my thumb came into contact with his nipple which was small but very much aroused and firm. I’ll try that first I thought to myself, so I lowered my head down with my tongue sticking out just enough to find it and I found it first go. As I tongue flicked it quickly backwards and forwards, around and around. Luke let out a little giggle, which was a little bit embarrassing because I thought I wasn’t doing it right and so I moved on, kissing tenderly as I went. I made it to his stomach which was like kissing a wooden table, bronzed and hard but with velvet like skin on it and curved lumps which made up his six pack. His breathing was starting to speed up, because as my lips and tongue were heading down, my hand was heading up. I looked at his face but I couldn’t see it properly because his head was tilted slightly back and facing the ceiling but I did notice his eyes were closed. Now or never I thought to myself and I looked down towards his feet, directly at his dick, which was now filling with fluid and the eye of it was looking straight at me. Which meant I was on the right track this time? I had to touch it! I moved my hand over his balls which were as tight as mine must have been and I could feel his manhood coming on in the form of short pubic hairs on his balls and I could also noticed the triangle of short pubic hair at the base of his cock on his pelvis. With my head resting on his stomach and my chin resting on the “V” muscle that was going from the top of his hip to deep into his crotch, I decided to go for it. I ever so slightly ran the tips of my fingers from the base of his cock, up the shaft keeping a finger each side of his urethra muscle as I call it, which was more pronounced than mine and up to the “magic mushroom” (being the now swollen head of his cock) and with the tip of my index finger I made circular motions on the head of it where the two sides of his penis head met and made a slight groove up to the eye of his cock. Once again I stuck my tongue out a little bit and moved my head down keeping my eyes on the prize this time.
Direct hit! The tip of my tongue landed directly on the eye of his stiff cock and with no chest muscles stopping my lips this time they kept moving forward and started to envelope his rock hard cock shaft. With my mouth stretching open wider and wider whilst going down his boy pole further and further my tongue had to give way before I choked and so that started moving down too, which made it a lot easier to try and reach the base of his shaft and get my lips to touch his balls. I was trying to see how far down my throat I could get his hard boy muscle. It turned out that I can’t get seven inches of dick all the way down my throat and so my eyes started to water which was a bit disappointing as I wanted it so much to happen. With my eyes watering and trying to stop my gag reflex as much as I could, I must have f***ed my tongue to interact with his magic mushroom…..and wham! Luke gasped in a huge gasp of air and I thought my head was going to hit the ceiling from Luke arching his back like a rocket and also saw seven inches of teen meat starting to leave my mouth. Even with all the suction I had on it. It was going to exit my mouth quickly but then it had no chance to leave because the pressure from two hands that were on the back of my head and that were now in automatic mode would not let my lips past the head on his now twitching shaft. Back down my head and wide open mouth went. With all the f***e placed on the back of my head from Luke’s two hands, my mouth and head had to stay there until Luke finished his thrusting, in and out, in and out. Meanwhile with normal human reaction to such a predicament (a mouth full of food and unable to breathe)…….I had no choice but to swallow and I did. But being as naive as…

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1 year ago
Great, got me really hard.
1 year ago
read all 4 parts. super hot boys exploring
2 years ago
Very beautiful scenario. Nothing like young twinks with smooth bodies and full balls and cock!
2 years ago
great story keep it up