A day at the beach

I was on vacation in Gran Canaria staying at a hotel that was on the dunes at Maspolomas. The hotel is actually in the dunes and you have to walk across them to get to the naturist beach. The first few days we walked through the marked route to the naturist beach to sunbathe and had some good nude time, swimming and sunbathing.

On the second evening we got talking to a couple at the hotel, basically general chit chat. When our wives went to the bathroom he asked me whether I had seen any of the couples and singles having sex in the dunes on the way to the beach. I said no but had seen a couple of guys in the distance with partial erections. Apparently he had seen the same, but wanted to see more and asked if I fancied a trip to have a look at what was happening. Not being averse to watching people having sex I said yes.

The girls had been chatting and suggested staying at the pool the next day, which gave us the chance to go to the beach without them. My new friend said he would like to try the naturist beach the next day and asked his wife to go, knowing she would say no. Unbelievably my wife suggested that I went with him to show him the beach and sunbathe at the beach. I agreed and we had a long chat about naturism.

The next day my new friend, Brian, and I set off for the dunes. This time I took all of my clothes off as soon as we were on the dunes. Brian was more cautious as nudity in public was new to him. We went off the marked track and soon passed a couple walking back to the hotel. Both were nude and the guy was semi hard, his wife had a smooth pussy. Being a naturist I was not phased or aroused, but Brian nearly chocked "did you see her bald cunt" he splurted. "Yes that's fairly normal in naturists these days". "Wow I'm not sure I am going to get nude as I will have a hard on" he said. I said we were not looking for naturists, we were looking for swingers and they would be expecting him to be hard.

He asked me loads of questions about naturism and did not get that it was not a sexual activity. I explained it was about freedom and without inhibitions. At this point we saw a group of people as we went over a sand ridge. We knew this was going to be a sexual gathering and headed straight for it. As we got close we saw several guys wanking, watching something in the middle. Some were dressed, others partly dressed or nude, but all with their cocks firmly in hand.
We eased ourselves into the circle of wanking men to see a woman being fucked by her husband with two voyeurs being wanked by her. Both were overweight but the scene was still exciting and I was soon wanking my hard cock. Brian had his hand down his shorts. The woman was starting to orgasm and the husband withdrew his cock shooting over her belly encouraging the guys to shoot over her tits, which they duly did. Some of the wankers also shot their loads as they wanked as they watched. Within a minute the couple got up and walked to the sea, presumably to wash of the fresh cum.

A good start but I was now horny and needed to get my cock satisfied. The group melted away looking for the next event. Brian looked embarrassed and said he didn't know whether this was a good idea, but I persuaded him to carry on. He took his shorts off, removed his trunks and put his shorts back on so he could wank easier. I noticed he was uncut and much larger than me even though he was only slightly engorged. We walked on with my penis pointing the way, half way up!!

Five minutes later we arrived at a point where two guys were masturbating together (no crowd). I stopped and watched and my cock grew to about 3/4. Brian was shocked that I was titillated by watching two guys wanking. I explained I often wanked on the internet, watching others do the same. He was shocked and probably scared. We walked off but I had to give myself a few (well several) long pulls on my erect cock.

The next siting was more to his taste after 30 minutes of searching we saw a beach tent with wind breaks set up for privacy. We wandered close enough to see two couple playing in a foursome. "Mind if we watch and wank" I said as we approached. They didn't tell us to fuck off so we positioned ourselves for a good view and I started to wank. Brian had his hand in his shorts but was not wanking. Suddenly he pulled his shorts down stroked his cock twice and shot a huge load of cum in the air. He closed his eyes and wanked furiously with spunk flying in every direction (I still have a cum stains on my sandals caused by his sperm). The two couples actually stopped and watched his spunk fountain.

I carried on wanking for about 10 minutes and shot my load as one of the couples reached orgasm, the guy splattering his partners face with a small amount of thick sperm. My total spunk output probably was equal to Brian's initial first ejaculation, but the pleasure was immense. After making sure my cock didn't look like I had just cum we headed for the beach and sea to clean up. Brian had managed to get cum on his t-shirt, shorts and trunks, as well as my sandals (the dunes are too hot to walk over without shoes on).

When we got to the nude beach we spread our towels and went for a swim, Brian in his shorts and t-shirt as he wanted to get the spunk washed off. When we had cleaned up we sat nude on the beach and Brian was very worried about what he had done. He thought he had been unfaithful to his wife. I pointed out that all we had done was wank to live sex rather than porn. I said I did that twice a week at home (using the internet) and he admitted to being a regular wanker too

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1 year ago
i know the dunes. was there this year and wanked o lot there
2 years ago
You would love to hang out with us!
2 years ago
i will wank to that
2 years ago
great story